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Kisorkumar Varadarajan


Adaptable result driven Analyst skilled in business analysis, quantitative analysis, data modeling, statistical & predictive models and reporting.

Currently working as Senior analyst with Barclays US involved in time series forecasting, analytics, strategic planning for fraud operations.

3+ years of financial data analysis, budgeting, business analysis, reporting experience in data warehousing project of Bank of America.

1+ year work experience in data collection, data interpretation as Graduate Research Data Analyst in Financial Aid, Oklahoma State University.

Highly skilled in SAS, SAS Macros, Tableau, Micro strategy, SQL, Excel, Excel Macros, VBA, Cognos, Oracle, Teradata

Adequate knowledge in GLM, logistic regression, time series forecasting, clustering, decision trees, market basket analysis, understanding and implementing business requirements, good communication skills and ability to manage multiple simultaneous tasks with stringent deadlines.


Master of Science in Business Analytics

May 2017

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Coursework: Predictive Modeling, Advanced Data Mining, Advanced Database Management, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research, Data Visualization, Finance, Descriptive Analysis, Project Management

GPA: 3.40


Senior Forecasting & Planning Analyst (Fraud) Barclays US

August 2017 Present

Focuses: Time series modelling, Predictive modelling, Management, Fraud - Workforce planning, SQL, Visualization & Reporting, Automation

Planned and executed strategic location changes in fraud ops network resulting in annualized save of $1.2 Million

Integral part of Fraud planning and forecasting team employed in short- and long-term Fraud call volume projection and operations planning

Manages and supervises two fraud analysts, interview potential candidates and train new hires

Works closely and maintains a good relationship with Fraud strategy, operations, MI and scheduling team to achieve a synergetic association

Enhanced current Fraud call forecasting model by introducing external variables influencing the model improved forecasting accuracy by 15%

Migrated Fraud Investigations call and case volume projection models from MS Excel to SAS which minimized the monthly variance

Cluster analysis on call center agent performance over tenure and impact of their productivity in the blended environment

Led and automated diagnostics monthly report in Tableau which saved ~5 hours of manual work, the logics/codes are reused in other divisions

Currently working on SLA optimization of Fraud inbound calls which will aims at minimizing fraud loss with adequate workforce

Graduate Research Data Analyst, Financial Aid Department - Oklahoma State University

May 2016 May 2017

Focuses: ETL, Data Manipulation, Documentation, Data Analysis, Ad hoc Analysis, database management, SQL querying, Business Intelligence

Analyzed and queried complex data, performing ad-hoc analysis and data interpretation

Worked on Cognos and Tableau daily reporting used by the financial counsellors and run descriptive statistics on the data

Assist with systems development and maintenance activities and worked with other staff on systems processing issues

Data Warehouse Analyst - Tata Consultancy Service, Client: Bank of America

Focuses: Time series modelling, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Data manipulation, validation,

November 2012 August 2015

Involved in business analysis of customer’s new requirements and deploying it as projects.

Acted as a liaison between clients and senior management in finance, accounting, reporting and headed weekly cross-functional team meetings.

Developed database forecast usage model in production platform and automated health report using Excel VBA saving 2 hours of daily work.

Implemented multiple projects on remediating and testing production SQL queries resulting in reduction of 16% of CPU utilization.

Creation of dashboards in Tableau and Cognos to track data flow, data purged in Teradata platforms handled by our team.


Prediction of readmission trend in cardiac diseasepresented at South Central SAS User Conference 2016

Focuses: Data Manipulation, Time Series Analysis, Logistic Regression, Stepwise Regression, Gradient boosting, Predictive modeling, HIPAA training

Predictive model was built based on stepwise regression, gradient boosting to determine factors leading to readmission of cardiac patients.

Time series models like Exponential Smoothing, Multiplicative, Varmax were built to identify the seasonality, trend in the readmitted patients.

Useful insights were derived by linking the above two results and steps for remediation was suggested.


Identification of Prospect customers & product recommendation

Focuses: Weight of Evidence, Predictive Modelling, Decision trees, Propensity Modeling, Gains Chart, Classification, Financial Analysis models

Designed propensity models to calculate the probability of a person converting to customer, profiling, scoring them and suggesting a product mix. The net lift concept was used to calculate the effectiveness of the built models. The improvement of ROI was the goal of this project.


Google Analytics

SAS Statistical Business Analyst

Base SAS Programming

SAS Predictive modeler

Python certification in Udemy


Programming and software: SAS, Tableau, SQL, Micro Strategy, Python - SciPy, Numpy, Pandas Packages, Teradata, Microsoft Excel / VBA, Advanced Excel Operations, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast studio