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Notice for Summer Internship - 2Ot9

(Undergroduote Engineering Student's)

Technicol Troining Centre, Diesel Locomotive Works, Vqronosi- 22tOO4

Notice No.: TTCIDLWVoc./19 . Dote: 05.03.2019

1. Technicol Troining Centre (TTC), Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Voronosi will conduct
Vocotionof Troining f or the Undergroduotes of Engineering (Degree / Diplorno) students.
The durotion of the internship shqll 04 or 06 weeks.
2. The opplicotion forms sholl be filled online by website www.dlw.indionroilwoys.gov.in storts
from 13.03.2Ot9 ond closing for online registrotion is 18.03 .2A9.
3. Lost dqte of submission of hord copy of form is 29.O3.2Ot9.
4. List of eligible condidotes will be uplooded on DLW website up to Ist week of April - t9.
5. illing the online form, students must hove the sconned copy (soft copy) in jpeg
Bef ore f
formot of documents os detoiled below:
5N Document iAoximum Size
1. Student's Photo (Studio Token) Upto 20 kb
2. Student's Signoture Upto 10 kb
3. Student's Aodhor Cord Upto 100 kb
College Reguest Letter
4. (Address to : Principol, Technicol Troining Centre, Upto 100 kb
D iesel Locomotive Works, Voranos i, 22tOO 4, UP)

6. Student must submit fully f illed form ot oddress given below by post/courier/by hqnd :
Technicol Troining Centre,
Diesel LocomotiveWorks, Voronosi - 22t004 (UP)
7. Troining dote ond troining oreo sholl be ollotted by TTC ot the time of reporttng for
troining. ,

8. The troining is imported moinly in bronch group of Mechqnicol, Electricol, Electronics,

Computer / fT ond Civil engineering.
9. The normol troining period sholl be 4 & 6 weeks, which moy be extended up to 8 weeks on
speciol reguest from institute qnd with opprovol of Principol, TTC, DLW, Voronasi. The
duration of the internship more than I weeks should not opply .
10. It is odvised to students to keep the photocopy of oll popers ond bring ot the time of
r eporting for troining.

1. Focilities of internships will be offered to only those students who ore still studying ot
Undergroduate level in Technical / Engineering oreas. The internship will be provided for:
o. Diplomo Students : ffnd Yeor (ofter 4th semester) Only
b. B.E. & B.Tech. Students : ffnd(ofter 4th semester) & fff'd Yeor (ofter 6th semester) Only

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1 . Totol seots f or engineering bronches group month wise ore 1500. Detqils ore cs under:
Month wise Seot Totol
5N Bronch Name Distribution No. of
Moy June Julv Seots
Mechon i co I Engineering
Mechonicol Engineering (Production)
Mechonicol Engineering (Automobi le)
A utomob i le Engineer ing
I Mechonicol 200 400 400 1000
Monufacturing Technology
Mechani col Engineering (Mointenonce)
fndustriol Engineering & Manogement
Mechonicol & Automotion Engineering
Electricol Engineering
Electrical & Electroni cs Engineering
2 Electricol fnstrumentation Eng ineering 60 r20 r20 300
Electricol Engineering (I.C.)
Instrumentotion & Control Engineering
Electronics & Communicotion Engineering
E I ectroni cs Engineering
3 Electronics E lectronics & fnstrumentoti on Engineering 20 40 40 100
Ef ectroni cs & Telecommunicotion Engineering
Ef ectronics and Comput ers Engineering
Computer Science

/ Computer Science Enjineering
t2 24 24 60
fnf ormation Techno logy
Computer Science & fnformotion Technology
5 Civil Civil Engineering 08 t6 t6 40
Totol 300 600 600 1500
2. Seots moy be increosed or decreased by the competent outhority (Principol/TTC).
3. No fee would be chorged from troinees.

1. On successful completion of internship with minimum 80% ottendonce of working troining
doys and on submission of project report by trainees, o certificote will be issued to them
by TTCIDLW, Voronosi.
2. TTCIDLW moy instruct on intern to terminate the troining programme of ony time, os
deemed fit, without ossigning ony reoson. The decision of the Principol, TTC/DLW sholl be
finol in this regord. Also on intern conleovetheprogramme, if he/shedesires,giving prior
notice of seven (07) working doys to the controlling officer. No certificate sholl be
oworded to such on intern.
3. Students hqve to collect their certificote within 01 month from completion of troining. No
certificate will be provided after 01 month.

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1. No remunerotion in the form of stipend, solory or ollowonc es of any kind will be poid to the
troinees by the DLW odministrotion. No posses or PTOs will be issued to them.
2. The troinees will hove to conform to oll General rules and regulotions of discipline ond
conduct during Vocotionol Troining / Tnternship ot the DLW Administrotion.
3. Any loss or domage to eguipment ond f ittings thot mcy be coused by the trainee during
the course of troining in workshop etc. should be indemnif ied by the Porent /Guardian of
the student.
4. The troinees will not be treated os employees of the DLW ond os such will not be entitled
to ony compensation or domoges from the DLW for ony injury to them or to their property
5. The troinees will be under the odministrotive control and discipline of the Principal,TTC/
DLW, Vqronosi.
6. The internship course sholl not confer ony cloim / right for ony employment in ony office /
estobf ishment under the odministrotive control of the Ministry of Roilwoys / PSUs.

7. Vocotionol troinees sholl obide by cll the stotutory norms of Quolity, Environment, Heolth
ond Sofety Monogement Systems. fn cqse of ony accident or resultont casuolties
whotsoever during the troining period, DLW connot be held responsible under ony
circumstqnces. No trainee shqll be ollowed inside the workshop without Sofety Shoes,
Helmets and PPE's.
8. Photogrophy in workshop premises is strictly prohibited.
9. The TTC/DLW odministrotion's decision regarding enlisting the students for troining will
be finql ond binding. Any subseguent correspondence from students or Engineering
College will not be entertoined.

10. The troinees have to moke their own omongement for lodging ond boording.
tt. Troining Schedule ond durotion is conditionol ond subj ective. TTCIDLW Administrotion
mqy prepone, postpone, curtoil and/or cancel the troining on odministrotive grounds. All
rights on the subject ore reserved by TTCIDLW Administrotion.
12. No troinee sholl be ollowed inside the workshop troinin g orea or TTC compus except the
time ollotted in the Admit f orm / gote poss.
13. For further enguiries on the subject, Sri Ashok Kumor / CWT (Vocotionol Troining Cell) of
TTC con be contocted on following number from Mondoy to Fridoy between 09.30 to 13.00
Telephone no. : 0542-2642642

Dote: 05.03.2019
(s6lrRsi E)
TTC, DLW, Voronosi

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