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06 Astina Selatan
Address Candi Baru
Gianyar, Bali
14th February 2019
My Lovely Irda, Salutation & Name

How are you ? I hope you still remember me. In this letter I want to say thank you.
Maybe you don’t know what yo’re doing so I say thank you. But I still remember the
beginning of my meeting with you. It was during the sports league at scholl. Where at that
time I felt so lonely. Then I tried to entertain myself by watching a volleyball match and
that’s where my meeting began with you.
The content/body of the letter

I see you are very cool there. Soothing my heart. I immediately fell in love. Then the
remaining sports league days, I always watch your matches, especially you enter the final
match. And the end result is you get the overall champion and became the most popular
player. Wow I’m very proud of you. Yes, even thoughduring that time I never spoke
directly with you. But, I feel yo’re a good person. I followed you on Instagram and you
followed me back. Wow I’m really happy because of that. That means yo’re not arrogant.
At school, I always try to see you, because you are like filling my spirit. Everytime
I see you, I immediately get excited again and my heart humble hm I mean rumbles.
Recently it has rarely seen you. Yes, you are in the 3rd grade. So, you already busy about
exam and thingking about university. Enthusiasm, I hope you succeed and get a collage as
you wish.
Thank you for making me fall in love I don’t regret having ever liked you secretly.
And don’t forget I say
Happy Valentine Day to you Closure

Lots of love Closing

Esti Utami Signature & Name

So, from the identification of the personal letter above, I can conclude that :
Personal letter is a part of informal letter. Informal letter are written to close acquaintances of
the writer. The generic structure of personal letter are :
Address Place where you are writing from (top right)

Date Date when the letter is written (top left)

Salutation & Name Greeting and the person’s name you are writting to

Introduction The opening of the letter

Content/body The main part of the letter. It includes what you want
to write to the other person

Closure The part indicates the letter is gong to end

Closing Short expressions
Signature & Name Signature or initial of the writer

Compiled by :

Name : Ni Putu Esti Utami Barsua

Absent Number : 31
Class : XI MIPA 5


TAHUN AJARAN 2018/2019