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When we say a refrigerant is anhydrous, we

A. water is present

B. water is absent

C. it is aqua ammonia

D. it has ammonia

30. Lithium bromide is ideal for absorption

system. Which statement about lithium bromide is false?

A. It is nontoxic

B. It has a high affinity for water

C. It has a high boiling point

D. It is non-corrosive

31. The counterflow heat exchanger in an

absorption system is normally located between


A. condenser and liquid cooler

B. absorber and rectifier

C. generator and absorber

D. absorber and pump

32. In an ammonia compression system, the evaporator becomes oil-logged. The direct result

would be:

A. low suction pressure

B. increase in discharge pressure

C. increase in suction pressure

D. loss of refrigeration
33, The of strong liquor in an absorption system decreases as the:

A expansion valve is opened

B. condenser pressure decreases

C. evaporator load increases

D. evaporator load decreases

34. What is refrigerant R-718?

A. propane

B. ammonia

C. methyl chloride

D. water

35. The Freezing point of brine is:

A. 2 F


C. -59 F

D. 10 to 15 F below the lowest prevailing refrigerant saturation temperature

36. In a horizontal ammonia liquid receiver

Equipped with a liquid seal, the receiver:

A does not have a safety valve

B. usually does not have a gauge glass

C. will pass only liquid ammonia into the liquid line

D. is never large enough to store the entire ammonia

37. The principal operating difference between a lithium bromide water absorption cycle and an
ammonia water absorption cycle is the:

A. thermodynamic cycle

B. pressure range of the cycle

C. type of evaporator used

D. control of the generator and absorber

38. The evaporator absorbs heat from the air or brine because the liquid refrigerant entering it:

A. has a lower temperature than the air or brine

B. has a higher temperature than the air or brine

C. boils to a low-pressure gas

D. boils to a high-pressure gas

39. Which statement is most accurate?

A. The efficiency of an evaporator coil decreases as frost thickness increases

B. The efficiency of an absorber depends on and varies directly with the compressor speed

C. To lubricate the inside of an evaporator coil 10 drops of machine oil per minute should be

pumped into it

D. none of the above

40. What is the fastest way to defrost an old ammonia direct-expansion coil in a cold-storage


A. Spray water on the frost

B. Turn the coil off and let the frost melt

C. Chop and scrape the frost off

D. Run a hot-gas line to the coil

41. The ammonia in a shell-and-tube condenser

A the shell (water is in the tubes)

B. the tubes (water is in the shell)

C. both the shell and the tubes

D. neither the shell and the tubes

42. In an ammonia compression system, calcium chloride brine is the cooling medium for an ice field.
The evaporator leaks and ammonia mixes with the brine. As operating engineer, you should:

A test the brine with Nessler solution

B, pump out the brine and run it through a condenser until test samples show afl ammonia is gone

C. dump the brine and make a new batch

D. use sulphur solution

43. The generator in an absorption system


A. strong liquor

B. weak liquor

C. pure water

D. pure ammonia

44. In the evaporator chilling brine, the greatest cooling effects is caused by:

A low temperature refrigerant entering the

expansion valve

B. transfer of heat to the low pressure gas

C. heat absorption of the flash gas

D. effect of boiling a low-pressure liquid

45. In an ammonia absorption system, a rectifier is a device used to:

A. transfer heat and remove water

B. transfer heat and remove ammonia

C. change strong liquor into weak liquor and remove

D. remove water condensation

46. In a refrigeration system, the refrigerant is cooled before it reaches the evaporator to:

A. remove the refrigerant gas

Be remove moisture form the refrigerant

C. improve the refrigeration effect

D. help return the coil to the compressor

47. If the strong- and weak-liquor heat exchanger were disconnected in an absorption system, it would
be wise to:

A. close the weak-liquor valve

B. shut down the strong-liquor pump

C. increase the steam pressure

D. none of the above

48. To pack ammonia flanges, the gaskets should

be made of:

A. rubber

B. asbestos sheet

C. neopine

D. lead
49. The primary function of the heat exchanger in an absorption system is to allow the:

A. stream condensate from the generator to heat the strong liquor from the absorber

B. weak liquor to heat the strong liquor

C. steam condensate from the generator to

heat the weak liquor from the absorber

D. strong liquor to heat the weak liquor

50. Ammonia vapor is:

A. nontoxic

B. lighter than air

C. heavier than air

D. nonpoisonous

51. On a vertical ammonia compressor with

popet-type valves, the valves are opened by:

A. an eccentric and a rod

B. a valve linkage

C. the piston rod

D a pressure differential

52. With the same compressor displacement,

discharge pressure, and suction pressure, which refrigerant will give the most effect per pound?

A. ammonia

B. sulphur dioxide

C. methyl chloride

D. F-12
53. The flow of refrigerant in an ammonia

A. compressor to evaporator to condenser

B. compressor to evaporator to metering device

C. compressor to condenser to metering device

D. compressor to evaporator to receiver

54. What is the correct flow for NH3 through the compression cycle?

A. compressor, oil trap, analyzer

B. compressor, oil trap, receiver

C. compressor, oil trap, condenser

D. compressor, absorber, generator

55. In a double-coil, direct-system shell-and-tube condenser, water is in the ammonia. How would you
remove it?

A. regenerate

B. drain from the high-pressure side

C. pump it out

D. none of the above

56. Oil in an ammonia compressor should:

A. not have a viscosity over 150

B. be dehydrated

C. not have a flash point over 300 F

D not have a pH under 8

57. You can ventilate an old ammonia machine room by deluge cooling, which is:

A. venting to the atmosphere

B. using a fire department mixer

C. spraying water over equipment

D. none of the above

The answer is: C

58. During winter operation, an ammonia plant with an atmospheric condenser should have its:

A. water supply increased

B. water heated by steam to prevent freezing

C. water pressure reduced

D water shut off

59. A lantern ring used on an ammonia

compressor is:

A. placed in the center of the gland between the packing

B. directly under the oil line to the gland

C. eliminated if the system is changed to Freon

D. lighted while the compressor is running

60. The primary function of an absorption system is to:

A. absorb the low-pressure refrigerant in the


B. generate strong liquor in the system

C. pump strong liquor to the generator

D. force weak liquor under pressure to the absorber

61. If Purging does not occur in a refrigerating

system, what Is the result?

A. high-head pressure

B. low-condenser pressure

C. low-head pressure

D. none of the above

62. The purger has a refrigerated coil in it. This


A. prevents operator injury

B. reclaims refrigerant usually lost

C. saves the operator from manually purging

D. removes the water

63. The main reason for purging a Freon

centrifugal refrigerating system is to remove:

A. water lubricating oil

B gaseous lubricating oil

C. non-condensable gas

D. water vapor

64. What reclaims refrigerant after is

condensed in an automatic purger?

A. aqua ammonia

B. anhydrous ammonia

C. cold brine

D. none of the above

65. In some ammonia plants, purged gases are

refrigerated before they are bled into a water

bottle. This refrigerating is done too.

A. increase the purging rate

B. condense and recover any ammonia gases which

may be mixed in with the gases being Purged

C. save the operator the trouble of manually purging

the plant

D. none of the above

66. The best time to purge an ammonia plant with 250 pounds of ammonia is:

A. during shut-down, because you will lose ammonia

B. while charging the plant

C, during operation

D. none of the above

67. When an automatic purger unit operates in an ammonia compression system, the ammonia carried
with the non-condensables is generally condensed and recovered by:

A. chilled air

B. cold brine

C. aqueous ammonia

D. ammonia

68. Purging a double-pipe condenser should be done from the:

A. bottom, near the liquid refrigerant outlet

B. middle, on one of the bands

C. top, near the gas inlet

D, relief valve by the outlet of the liquid line

69. The liquid in the bottle Of an ammonia purger is:

A water

B. weak liquor

C. anhydrous ammonia

D. strong liquor

70. Soft copper tubing containing other than Group 1 refrigerants must:

A. have straps every 10 feet

B. have a rigid or flexible metal enclosure

C. use approved clamps

D. all of the above

71. In a refrigeration system, cast-iron pipe may be used only with:

A. nonvolatile brines

B. volatile refrigerants

C. flammable refrigerants

D. toxic refrigerants

72. Of the following piping materials, which is

suitable for use with methyl chloride?

A. magnesium

B. zinc

C. aluminum

D. copper

73. Freon should never contact:

A. magnesium

B copper

C. cast iron

D. aluminum

74. Copper alloys should never contact:

A. R-11

B. R-290

C. R-718

D. R-717

75. The liquid receiver must not be overloaded

beyond what percentage of liquid refrigerant?

A. 75%

B. 80%

c. 90%

D. 100%

76. The minimum field leak tests pressure for R- 12 on the high-pressure side is:

A. 235 psig

B. 185 psig

C. 150 psig

D. 95 psig

77. After repairing a refrigeration circuit, you

pressurize it to test for leaks. Which of the

following should not be used for pressurizing?

A. oxygen

B. nitrogen

C. carbon dioxide

D. refrigerant

78. In a booster refrigeration design serving a

two temperature load, the low-compressor suction comes from the:

A. low-temperature load

B. high-temperature load

C. liquid and gas cooler

D. primary compressor discharge

79. In charging a compression system with vapor, it is customary to charge into the:

A. discharge side of the compressor

B. discharge side of the condenser

C. suctions side of the compressor

D. charging valve on the liquid line

80. To minimize down-time with a Freon system while connecting a rigid copper pipe to a cast- iron pipe,
you would:

A. electric weld

B. resistance weld

C. braze

D. soft solder

81. A booster compressor should be:

A. on the high side

B. on the low side

C. for Freon II only

D. for C02 only

82, When drawing refrigerant from a system into a container with a capacity of 80 lbs., you Would
infuse a maximum of:

A. 40 lbs.

B. 20 lbs.

C. 60 lbs.,

D. 80 lbs.

83. The setting of a fusible plug is:

A. 280 F

B. 300 F

C. 280 psig

D. 300 psig

84. The minimum field leak-test pressure for

piping on the high side of a methyl chloride

system is:

A. 30 psig

B. 95 psig

C. 130 psig

D. 210 psig

85. What is the minimum waiting time when

testing refrigerant piping for leaks?

A. 5 minutes

B. 10 minutes

C. 20 minutes

D. 30 minutes

86. Assume that a refrigeration system is normally Charged With 150 pounds Of refrigerant. The total
refrigerant that can be stored in the machine room is:

A 15 lbs

B. 30 lbs.

C. 45 lbs

D. 60 lbs.

87. Of the following piping materials, which one cannot be used with methyl chloride?

A. cast iron and steel

B. copper or steel

C. aluminum or zinc

D. muntz or admiralty metal

88. Brine piping is usually made of:

A. brass

B. stainless steel

C. standard-weight steel
D. copper

89. Soft copper tubing used for refrigerant piping erected on premises and containing other than Group
I refrigerant must be protected by:

A. supporting it by approved clamps

B. a rigid of flexible metal enclosure

C. limiting its length between supports to 10 feet

D. wrapping it with cotton tape throughout its length

90. A fuse or circuit breaker in an air-conditioning system does not protect against:

A. short circuit

B. motor burnout

C. high temperature

D. all of the above

91. To evacuate an S02 system, you would dump it into:

A. water

B. absorptive brine

C calcium chloride

D. sodium chloride

92. In a Freon refrigerating system in which all

piping is made up of hard copper fittings and

streamlined "wrought"-type fittings, the joints

should be:

A screwed

B. soldered or brazed

C. flanged with ground faces

D. flanged with lined rubber gaskets

93. If any piece of equipment can be isolated as a separate unit:

A. a gauge must be present

B. a safety valve must be installed

C. valves must be locked

D system must be able to run without it

94. A pressure or temperature response

mechanism for automatically stopping the

operation of the pressure-imposing element is

A. pressure-limiting device

B. pressure-relief valve

C. pressure-imposing device

D. pressure-relief device

95. When used in parallel with a relief valve,

rupture members:

A. operate at 30% of the designed working pressure

B. should not exceed 20% above the designed

working pressure

C. operate at 10% above the designed working


D. should not exceed 25% below the designed

working pressure

96. Assuming all other conditions remain

constant, a decrease in evaporator load causes:

A. high head pressure

B. low suction pressure

C. high suction pressure

D. loss of oil pressure

97. In a flooded evaporator using an accumulator

and float valve, flash gas:

A. passes directly into the evaporator

B. passes directly into the suction line

C. does not occur

D. stays in the receiver

98. What controls the operation of a high side


A. the condenser

B. the evaporator

C. the condenser and receiver

D. the evaporator and condenser

99. When suction pressure decreases compressor capacity:

A. increases

B. decreases

C. rises

D. slightly increases

100. Cooling-tower water should be maintained at



C. 7.8

D. 10

The answer is: C