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A 33 AD Crucifixion of Christ Bibliography1

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Vol III, ed. by Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter (2011; posthumous to H.W.H.), pgs 2315-

This bibliography lists references that are in some way supportive of an April 3, 33 AD date for
the crucifixion of Christ. The cited references may or may not reflect the doctrine of Grace Bible
Fellowship, and some references are indeed purely secular. The listings are roughly
chronological and generally grouped by author(s) or topic. This bibliography, though detailed, is
not exhaustive. Many of these references are available in various formats, in whole or in part,
over the Internet, in some cases free of charge. Please feel free to discuss these references with
the speakers, which references might be recommended, and how they are available.
Grace Bible Fellowship – April 13, 2019
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US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Significant Earthquakes database,
2150 BC to the present; https://data.noaa.gov/dataset/dataset/ncei-wds-global-significant-
earthquake-database-2150-bc-to-presentVVerified by email on April 1, 2019, with Nicolás
Arcos, Natural Hazards Data Manager, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental
Sciences (CIRES) University of Colorado at Boulder and NOAA National Centers for
Environmental Information (NCEI).

Grace Bible Fellowship – April 13, 2019

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