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Welcome to KettleWorx!! First, I want to thank you for choosing KettleWorx – Thank You!
You’ve now taken the first step in a program that’s guaranteed to produce amazing results,
faster than you ever thought possible! But it’s only the first step. Take the next step and start
your KettleWorx program today. Then, give me just one hour per week – and KettleWorx will
change your body. And it will forever change the way you think about fitness. In each Kettle-
Worx session you’ll get a whole body workout that incorporates cardio, core and resistance
training – all in one 20 minute workout! I guarantee you’ll find KettleWorx to be the fastest,
most effective and most enjoyable fitness program ever – so let’s get started!
To your success! Ryan Shanahan
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Warm-Ups, Cool Downs, Two or Three Sets - With Instruction Along the Way
Each 20 minute workout begins with a warm-up, includes two or three sets of exercises, then ends with a cool down. Instruction is provided along the
way, so while you can begin with the Introductory DVD, once you’ve reviewed these instructions you may elect to go straight to the actual workouts.
Six Week Body Transformation – Cardio, Core & Resistance
Each of the three basic DVDs (Cardio, Core, Resistance) contains six workouts – one for each week for six weeks. We recommend choosing a set day of
the week for each DVD. For example, Wednesday might be your “Cardio day.” Then each Wednesday just pop in the Cardio DVD and do that week’s
workout. Simple! Note that regardless of the title, every KettleWorx workout combines all three critical elements of fitness in each 20-minute workout.
Workouts on the individual DVDs do, however, include greater emphasis on one of the three key elements: Cardio, Core, and Resistance.
Supplemental Workouts
KettleWorx offers a variety of optional (supplemental) workouts. If you have purchased these DVDs, the workouts they contain can be incorporated into
your six week program or used as stand-alone training sessions. When used as stand-alone sessions, we recommend that only one or two quick
workouts (10 or 20 minutes each) be performed on any one day, with a full recovery day between workouts.
Days Between Workouts: Recovery
You are likely to derive the greatest benefit from your KettleWorx program if you allow a full day for recovery between workouts, especially during the
first several weeks of your KettleWorx program. It is during this recovery period that your muscles actually gain most of their added strength and tone.
However, if you begin with a more advanced fitness level or feel comfortable doing so after several weeks, you may elect to add supplemental workouts
between days. You can use one of the supplemental KettleWorx routines or repeat an earlier workout.
Missing or Extending a Workout
You can stop or slow down at any time during a workout session, and should do so if you feel yourself becoming overly tired or feel any pain during the
workout. You may wish to pause the DVD at times, especially when encountering an exercise that you have not previously learned. Be certain to master
each exercise to the best of your ability. You may also wish to perform an exercise more slowly than demonstrated, or for a longer or shorter period of
time than demonstrated. You should not feel that you always need to keep up with the demonstration, especially during the first several weeks of your
KettleWorx workouts. It is essential that you proceed only at a pace which is comfortable and safe for you. It is not essential that you complete each
workout in 20 minutes or that you adhere to the weekly schedule. Take an extra day off or go back and repeat a workout whenever needed. For optimal
results, go at the pace that best suits your fitness level!
KettleWorx Advanced
KettleWorx Advanced is for those users who have successfully completed the basic six week program and want to enjoy the benefits of an additional six
weeks of personal training. More challenging than the basic KettleWorx program, KettleWorx Advanced is for those users who have experienced the
transforming power of KettleWorx and want to take their fitness to the next level.

Our Most Frequently Asked Question: What Size KettleBell Should I Be Using?
We recommend that anyone not currently active in a physical fitness program begin with a 5-pound kettlebell, with most women later
advancing to a 10-pound kettlebell and most men later advancing to a 10 and then a 20-pound kettlebell. Those who are currently active
and physically fit may elect to begin with a 10 or 20 pound kettlebell.
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