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Communication Skills

The Aristotle’s five proofs are objects convenient for people who wish to outwit their

audiences and still obscure their primary objectives. The audience of an open speech comprises

of ordinary individuals who may not understand addresses founded on doctrines of science.

Therefore, applying the five proofs helps the individual who is communicating to the people

reduce flattery and increase the listeners’ advantage of understanding. Aristotle’s five proofs thus

affect decisions of both juries and assemblies persuasively but not in the form of exact

knowledge. They are the objects that give public speakers a method to discover a means of

persuasion in any tabled topic.

Employers rank communication skills first among other abilities when hiring. Employers

state that communication is an essential part of performing daily tasks in any given workplace.

Therefore, employers will search for candidates who can convey messages to their leaders,

colleagues and other people effectively. Business leaders require to have convincing and

compelling communication skills as it provides them with the necessary ability to take charge,

encourage, direct, and stimulate employees. Practical communication skills help leaders develop

an attitude of convincing which makes employees follow the goals that they set. Communication

skills is a vital course for students to learn as it affects their future, especially in their workplace.

Communication skills are one of the most sought skills by employers. Typically, excellent
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communication skills will enable an individual to meet the employer’s needs. A student who

learns communication skills can listen, act, and explain their actions. Communication skills thus

transfer from the primary setting of a classroom to the world of business.