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Puri Mega Chayani (D75216113)

Research Proposal Seminar – D class

Online Assessment through Schoology: Students’ Challenges in Using It

Wide variety of methods or tools that teachers use to evaluate and measure students

readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition or educational needs are refer to the term of

assessment. It can also means activities to assist students to learn or determine students’

understanding of prior knowledge. To measure the understanding of the students, there are two

key factors that can be used. Claria and Wallace (2002) sought to confirm the key factors which

influence paper-based and computer-based assessment of the academic performances of university

undergraduates. This could be through common assessment that usually used by the teachers such

as sit-in class with paper-based assessment delivery (internal), online (external) or mixed

(blended). Paper-based assessment delivery usually used because some teachers think this mode

is easier to use. Besides, there is also online assessment using technology which more efficient for

both the teachers and the students in learning progress.

According to Egbert (2009), teachers can lead students to the effective use of technology

in the interest of creating something innovative in the classroom. One of the famous learning

management system nowadays in field of blended or online learning is Schoology. It is a platform

of online learning, classroom management and social networking that contains innovative

approaches and tool to support both teachers and students to build a collaborative community in

order to support the educational goals in the 21st century. Consider to the following three design

criteria from technology supported instruction by Cummins et al. (2007) the review of Schoology

website are provide cognitive challenge and opportunities for deep processing of meaning,
promote self-regulated activity for collaborative inquiry, and focus on multiliteracies in the 21st

century need. Consequently, students will be motivated express their ideas and thoughts in


Flexible learning are increasing and available for university students especially in era

where everything are used technology as now. As Gregory and Salmon (2013) stated that

universities increasingly move towards fully online and blended teaching modes. Online mode

adapts and utilizes from face-to-face contact mode. No doubt, online as a mode to deliver

assessment also raises some challenges for teachers and students in learning activity. As stated by

Jaques and Salmon (2007) and Kirkwood and Price (2014) that adapt an online environment can

be a challenge for both facilitators and students alike. For the teacher who unfamiliar with the

online environment, less proficiency or confidence in navigating digital technologies will not be

able to provide suitable and beneficial learning experiences. With significant of recognition that

described by Jaques and Salmon (2007), it is important to understand students’ capability as

comparable to choosing what technologies to use. Besides, the teachers also need to have an ability

to facilitate and develop students’ interest through technology and use online mode such as

learning management system. This research offers strategies to support for both teachers and

students to face the challenges in doing online-assessment through learning management system

which is Schoology and develop good grades in the assessment.