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Business Efficiency.

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What is CRMnext?
CRMnext is a comprehensive, easy-to-use,
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution
that is fast to implement. Using CRMnext, companies
can efficiently manage and improve all customer facing
operations like sales,marketing & customer service.

It enables companies to manage and seamlessly share

information, across departments, by centralizing all
customer data.

CRMnext offers integrated reporting and analytical

capabilities to enable companies to benefit from
actionable business intelligence, that can lead to
better revenues. The solution is powerful, yet simple
to use.

Why do I need it?

CRMnext manages growth strategically by providing As a tool, CRMnext lets everyone focus on
a single platform to effectively roll-out processes and the single truth.
measure its performance across multiple locations.
ü View complete customer information including
documents at one place, across departments.

ü Manage geographically dispersed teams and


ü Improve pipeline visibility and sales

ü Deliver consistent world class service

ü Enforce profitable ways to do business,

including world’s best practices.

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Business Efficiency. On Demand

Features & Benefits

What is Sales Force Automation?

The Sales Force Automation module offers an end- gain efficiency and effectiveness, required to meet
to-end solution to manage the sales team. It helps the aggressive targets in today’s business world.
Key Features
ü Lead Management
ü Account & Contact Management Key Benefits
ü Opportunity Management 1. Global Pipeline Visibility
ü Competition Management 2. Centralized Customer Information
ü Product & Services Management 3. Sales Process Coaching
ü Territory Management 4. Shorter/Optimized Sales-Cycle
ü Multiple Team Management 5. Increased Forecast Accuracy
ü Calendar & Activity Management 6. Boost Revenues
ü Sales Management Coach 7. Pursue All Opportunities
ü Customized Reporting & Analytics 8. Identify Market Trends
ü Email Integration

What is Customer Service & Support?

The Customer Service & Support module helps drive customer experience. Companies can handle more
customer satisfaction by enabling support teams to customers with a smaller support team, by deploying
handle calls more effectively and provide a consistent advance automation features.
Key Features
ü Case Management Key Benefits
ü Knowledge Management
1. Driver Customer Satisfaction
ü Queue & Case Assignment
2. Identify Crucial Issues
ü Escalation & Notification
3. Reduce Call Transfers
ü Account & Contact Management
4. Enforce Service Level Agreements
ü Asset Management
5. Increase Productivity & Efficiency
ü Service To Sales Process
6. Identify Revenue Opportunities
ü Customized Reporting & Analytics
7. Communicate Consistently
ü CTI/ACD Integration
8. Reduce Incoming Call Volume
ü Outlook Case Integration
ü Multi-Channel Syndication

What is Document Management System?

CRMnext provides a powerful centralized Document in one central location for any time access. CRMnext
Management System to ensure that all the sales, disaster recovery and continuity programs ensure that
service and marketing related documents are available all documents are safe.

Key Features
Key Benefits
ü Document Repository
1. Centralized Repository
ü Access Rights Management
2. Anytime, Anywhere Access
ü Source Versioning
3. Eliminate Communication Inaccuracy
ü Document Search
4. Disaster Recovery
ü Binding Management

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Business Efficiency. On Demand

What is Marketing Automation?

The Marketing Automation module offers easy and customer communication across departments.
integrated tool to manage campaigns and measure Companies can better manage customer segmentation
their effectiveness. It helps achieve uniform and ensure targeted communication

Key Features
Key Benefits
ü Campaign Execution
1. Measure Campaign ROI
ü Mailing List Management
ü Campaign Response Tracking 2. Maximize Campaign Effectiveness
ü Lead Management 3. Generate Quality Leads
ü Account & Contact Management 4. Better Your Market Segmentation
ü Email Marketing 5. Deliver Consistent Message
ü Customized Reporting & Analytics 6. Maintain Online Product Content
ü Centralized Content Management

What is Business Process Automation?

The Business Process Automation module helps global best practices. Processes can be easily enforced
companies design customized processes and adopt to gain greater business efficiency and multiply profits.

Key Features
Key Benefits
ü Process Designing
1. Enforce Business Processes
ü Process Management
2. Drive Business Efficiency
ü Sales Process Coaching
3. Drive Quality
ü Customized Reporting & Analytics
4. Smoothen Inter-Departmental
ü Document Management
ü Collateral Management
5. Employ “Value Drivers”
ü Workflow Automation
6. Standardize Measurement
ü Activity Standardization Management

What kind of Reports & Analytics can I get?

CRMnext offers industry leading business analytics. territory and product axis. An easy to use report
The solution is the only CRM to offer integrated multi- designer enables corporate executives to create reports
dimensional analysis engine that enables businesses they need, on demand, without requiring them to
to analyze data on a combination of time, team, understand technology.

Key Features Key Benefits

ü Multi-Dimensional Analytics 1. Actionable Business Intelligence
ü Drill-down Reporting 2. Identify & Eliminate Bottlenecks
ü Report Designer 3. Spot Market Trends
ü Matrix Reporting 4. Chart Business Performance
ü Relational OLAP Analysis 5. Pro-active Decision Making Ability

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Business Efficiency. On Demand

Frequently Ask Questions KEY BENEFITS

I have an ERP, do I still need CRM? A track record of success
Yes. ERP solutions focus on optimizing resources of a company, like
ü Fast to implement
manufacturing, inventory, finance or human capital. CRMnext focuses
on helping companies manage their customers, related issues, activities ü Easy to Use
and retaining knowledge associated with them, for example pre-sales
ü Tried & tested results
& pipeline information. Typically this information is captured on
spreadsheets that are lost with time, damaging revenue potential.

Can it integrate with my Financial System, ERP or GREAT FOR BUSINESS

our in-house built applications? Boost efficiency, cut waste
CRMnext has been especially designed to ensure easy and fast inte- ü Easy to Change
gration. It provides multiple ways to integrate data and enable orga-
ü Streamline processes
nizations to collate information across systems.
ü Standardize practices
My company works in multiple countries, can ü Anywhere, anytime access
CRMnext manage it?
Many companies use CRMnext to manage their global operations.
CRMnext supports multiple currencies and is multilingual. It also of- EASY ON IT
fers one level of financial consolidation to facilitate single currency For complete peace of mind
reporting. Since CRMnext is web based, it enables seamless roll-out
across continents. ü Hassle Free Ownership
ü Rock-Solid Stability
How can CRMnext improve my productivity? ü Unparallel Availability
To start with, CRMnext streamlines processes & practices. It
ü Zero Client Footprint
automates repetitive work saving considerable time yet enforcing
standards. It boosts interdepartmental coordination, eliminating waste ü Low Cost of Ownership
& increasing organizational efficiency. It ensures effective actions
by providing single click access to relevant data.
Does CRMnext provides CTI/ACD integration? Empowerment to achive results
Yes, CRMnext comes pre-integrated with leading dialer and IVR solu- ü Automate repeated tasks
tions. The agent machines simply needs a plug-in installation to sup-
ü Organize work effort
port automatic pop-ups for relevant screens like leads, cases, etc.
ü Structure information access
Integration works both for inbound & outbound calls.
ü Improve coordination

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Business Efficiency. On Demand

About Us

Acidaes Solutions is a specialized Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

solution company. CRMnext is the flagship product of Acidaes, available
across multiple countries through a network of direct presence and partners.
CRMnext has been implemented across various industry verticals like Banking,
Financial Services, Insurance, Power, Steel, Paper, Electronics, Software
Technology, Electronic-Media, Print-Media, Entertainment, Telecom,
Manufacturing etc.
Acidaes works closely with its customers, leveraging its extensive domain
expertise to enhance their business efficiency by improving processes and
practices. This combination of competency and commitment to results are
key to the company’s success in the global market.

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