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Academic Background:
I am Anayat Ullah recently completed my MA in economics in 2017. I have good
experience of learning Physics. In this long period of study I have learned different
courses related to economics, which put a solid foundation for me in social science,
which able me to do work in any financial institution. The pleasure I got from studying
and doing research made me to pursue my Master study and make a career in
Economics. I was an active and broad-minded student among the others during my
undergraduate and graduate studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-
curricular activities. In fact, I was up to the mark and honored in the top students of my
undergraduate and graduate class. If observed my efforts I remain very competent and I
have passed all entrance tests conducted by the academic institution of my education
with high achievements and secured overall best place in institution.
My Personality:
As a person, I am an active, high-energetic peaceful, responsible with friendly nature
and a good communicator indeed who is blessed with many friends.
I keep a keen view to the reality of life thus approach people with positive mind and
attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest efforts and true dedication. Besides
that I always feel very joyous and fortunate to meet and greet people belonging to
different backgrounds and cultures. As such meetings are always important because
they prove to be beneficial in future also it makes things easy to cope whether one works
or studies in his own country or outside the country.
Why choose to Study in china, Zhejiang University :
I would like to pursue my Master study in the area Economics. My aim is to work with an
international financial organization. Therefore, I would like to gain deep knowledge in
starting and managing, solve new economical problems. During my studies, with great
hidden abilities in myself. I will try to come up with the best of every thing, to accompany
the professor and university colleagues in carrying out research and exploring new areas
of Economics.
I selected Lanzhou Zhejiang University in China for the Master studies because its
research focused mainly on Economic. My choice was made after comparing and
contrasting carefully several different Economic schools.
Additionally, I am attracted to the fact that the faculty of Economics holds strong ties with
organizations and the Faculty partners provide substantial funding, advanced facilities
and suitable test environments for research, which indicate that experts with extensive
and pioneering knowledge will appropriately guide my research.I additionally must
acquire a broad education regarding the theory and application of Economics. I hope
that I can gain more experience in dealing with situations, people, system and demands
which will be of a great help in my future career.

Reason to Study in China:

I am really impressed by the way that Chinese have proved themselves to be dedicated
to their work and with true efforts they have set China as a successful example for other
third world or Underdeveloped countries.
The fast growing economy, technological advancement and the global ranking education
institutes of China with high reputation makes a great aspiration to the students and
professionals for the better career perspectives. Thus such kind of positivity has boosted
my confidence further and I am highly satisfied with the decision I have taken.
The academic environment in China is highly competitive. Chinese take education -
particularly higher education - very seriously. Academics in China are very competitive;
students treat their teachers with respect and are extremely serious about their studies.
China has a number of prestigious universities and many of them are listed in the world
top ranked universities, which are located in different Province of China. Attending one of
the universities is seen as a prerequisite for success in China society.