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CDD Presentation 2014

Introduction to CDD Ltd

CDD was established in 2011 by Chris Younger and Duncan Malins, although, Chris and
Duncan have been working together for more than 15 years. They have a combined
experience of almost 50 years.

CDD Ltd are a “Reinforcement Detailing” company based in the UK.

We aim to provide our clients with a fast, accurate and reliable standard of reinforcement
detailing. All our work is undertaken to the latest EC2 or BS 8110 to suit our client.

CDD also provide a variety of other services which are discussed later.


 2D General Arrangements using AutoCAD by Autodesk.

 2D Reinforcement Detailing using CADS RC by CADS

 2D Reinforcement Detailing using CADS RC by CADS using Outlines Extracted from

Revit or Tekla by CDD

 3D Modelling and General Arrangements using Revit by Autodesk and Tekla Structures
by Tekla.

 3D Reinforcement Detailing using Tekla Structures by Tekla.

 3D Timeline, Clash Detection and Visualations using NavisWorks and 3DS Max by

2D Draughting using AutoCAD
2D Steelwork Detailing
Producing General
Arrangement Plans and
Sections using AutoCAD

2D Draughting using AutoCAD

2D Concrete Detailing
Producing general
Arrangement Plans and
Sections using AutoCAD

2D RC Detailing using CADS RC

2D RC drawings produced from 2D G.A’s

provided by the clients. RC drawings
produced using CADS RC.

2D RC Detailing from a 3D Model using
2D Plans and Sections are Extracted in
Revit and Exported to AutoCAD which
Provide the Base Outlines to Which 2D
Reinforcement is added using CADS RC.

This method saves our clients a vast

amount of time and money in producing
the 2D outlines for the RC detailer.

3D RC Detailing using Tekla

3D Model Produced in Revit or Tekla Structures.

3D Reinforcement added in Tekla Structures to
Produce 2D Reinforcement Drawings and

Revit & Tekla Modelling

3D Model Demonstrating:
 Piles and Pilecaps
 Retaining Walls
 Columns and Cores
 Suspended Flat Slabs
 Secant Pile Walls
 Sheet Pile Walls
 Drainage

NavisWorks and 3DS Max

3D Model Exported to NavisWorks / 3DS Max

from Revit and Tekla including Clash Detection,
Rendered Images, Animations and Timeline

NavisWorks and 3DS Max