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Faza pe scoala – 30 martie 2016
Clasa a VI-a
1.READING( 10 points)
Read the following text and choose the best answer about each sentence 1-5:
Ravi Patra

In 2006, Ravi Patra started working for a music company and three years later, in 2009, got a job on the
music television channel Rock TV.

Ravi enjoys working on television, but when he was younger he wanted to fly planes. Later, he became
more interested in football. But Ravi has always loved music, so he tried to get work with MTV. His
boss says he gave him the job because he wanted it more than anybody else!

When he started at Rock TV, Ravi arrived first at the office and was the last to leave at 10 in the
evening. Now, he starts a bit later, but he is still busy until 10 pm. Before lunch, he usually writes his
words for the show and in the afternoon he has meetings or makes Rock TV advertisements.

Ravi has many popular bands on his show and his stars are often interesting people. But Ravi knows that
everyone watches the show to hear great music. Getting that right is more important than anything else.

Ravi knows what questions to ask the band members. He tries to make them laugh and this is easy for
him. Sometimes he cannot remember their names but he always has information about the bands to help

Sadly, his work means that he doesn’t see his friends enough, but he has great fun on skiing trips and
listens to music all the time.

1. What was the first job Ravi wanted to have when he was younger?
A. footballer B. pilot C. singer
2. How was Ravi’s work changed?
A. He no longer begins very early B. He is busier than before C. He doesn’t stay
late at the office
3. In the mornings, Ravi often
A. works on Rock TV advertisements B. Meets important people at his office
C. decides what to say on his programme
4. What does Ravi think is the most important thing about the show?
A. It has lots of interesting stars B. There is great music C. He is popular
with the guests
5. Ravi would like to spend more time
A. in the mountains B. with his friends C. listening to music


A)Read the text and choose the most suitable option for each gap. For each question mark the correct letter A,
B, C on your answer sheet (15 points):

Camping is a 1.………..way to spend a holiday. You can spend time 2…………..and enjoying nature. If you go
camping far from the city, you 3…………remember to bring everything you need with you. First, you need a tent
4…………..a sleeping bag. You should bring all 5…………..food too, unless you are planning to fish or find food.
6………..very careful if you are eating wild berries or plants. Don’t eat 7………….if you don’t know what it is!

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Şcoala gimnaziala
"Ion Borcea " - Agigea - Constanţa
Şos. Mangaliei
Tel. / Fax 0241/738435
e-mail: scagigea@yahoo.com

8…………. are many fun things to do when you are camping. You can go for a 8………., look for birds and animals,
or take photographs. Always remember to clean 9……….after yourself and don’t leave any rubbish behind,

1. A great B better C best

2. A relaxed B relaxing C relaxes
3. A must B do C have
4. A for B with C and
5. A its B his C your
6. A Do B Be C Have
7. A anything B everything C nothing
8. A These B It C There
9. A flight B walk C kick
10. A out B down C up
B) Complete the text with the best form of the verb in brackets: (20 points)
Mr. Johnson 1__________(live) in a quiet village with a lot of nice people who love animals. One Sunday morning,
while he 2_______(make) his breakfast, he 3________(hear) a knock at the door. So he put on a pair of trousers and a
shirt and 4__________(go) to it. It was Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, his neighbours. They 5 __________(look for) their
cat .”6 ____________(you/help) me find him,please ?” they 7______(ask) him. Mr. Johnson told them that he
couldn’t because he 8 ____________(make) his breakfast. When he went back to the kitchen he
9___________(see) smoke. The kitchen 10_________(be) full of smoke! His toast and eggs had burnt.

C) Correct the mistakes: (15 points)

1. There is too many milk in the glass.
2.Todd’s mother always get up at 7 o’clock in the morning.
3.There aren’t some flowers in the vase.
4.Who’s is this bag? It’s Mary’s, of course.
5.Where did Sam went after school yesterday?
6.Look at those black clouds! It will rain!
7.I think Geography is the most interesting than History.
8.Thomas was listening to the radio while his mother cooked dinner.
9.” How many is a kilo of bananas?” “They are £ 1,45 a kilo.”
10. My sister is play the piano at the moment.

III. WRITING (40 points)

You want to write a story for a competition in a magazine.
This is the title for your story:
“The castle on the hill”
Write your story in about 80 words.

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