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Nuclear Power

Have you ever had such a great idea that you blow your mind away with it? Have you ever

thought of something so beneficial that you’re completely stunned by the idea? Well, there are ideas

like that today in society that deserve more gratitude because of how effective the ideas are. In society

today, nuclear power is around but isn’t as wide-spread in the United States as it ought to be. There are

many reasons why you should be pro for nuclear power in the United States. And that’s because nuclear

power is valuable for generating electricity in society because nuclear power is economical, green, and


With there being so many ways to produce electricity, nuclear power is outstanding when it

comes to cost efficiency. Over in France, their nuclear power industry has been called “a success story”

that has put the nation ahead of the world in terms of providing cheap, CO2-free energy. The amount of

electricity produced by nuclear power in France that comes from nuclear power is 78%, versus the

19.6% of electricity produced by nuclear power in the U.S. That’s the highest percentage of electricity

produced by nuclear power in the world. The fact that the majority of electricity is coming from nuclear

power in France may explain why their economy is doing so well. Nuclear power is especially cost

efficient because the key resource used to create nuclear power, which is uranium, is cheap. To produce

1 kilowatt-hour of electricity from nuclear power, it costs approximately 2 cents. To give you an idea on

how cheap that is, listen to these statistics. Nuclear power is 2 times cheaper than coal, 3 times cheaper

than gas, and 9 times cheaper than oil. Because nuclear power is clearly the cheapest way to produce

electricity is 1 of the many reasons of why you should be in favor of it.

Not only is nuclear power considerate for the economy, but it’s also friendly for the

environment. For one, nuclear power generates no greenhouse gases whatsoever. Therefore, nuclear

power makes the air we breathe healthier and more supportive for all species of life. With the burning
of coal, gasoline, and oil; Carbon emissions are produced and released into the atmosphere. However,

with nuclear power and the use of uranium, no carbon emissions are produced at all. Through factories,

automobile exhausts, and power stations, CO2 is already excessively widespread in the atmosphere;

thus causing the depletion of the ozone layer. As a result of the depletion of the ozone layer, the

devastating effects of global warming are being seen throughout the world. For example, glaciers in the

North and South Pole are melting, thus flooding and destroying the habitats of innocent polar animals,

such as polar bears and walruses. Because nuclear power does nothing to provoke global warming,

habitats around the world won’t be disturbed from nuclear power. Also, with nuclear power, minimal

mining is required to obtain uranium, compared to other resources. Just like coal, gas, and oil, uranium

needs to be dug up from the ground. However, because the amount of uranium needed to produce

electricity is significantly less than the amount of coal needed, it makes nuclear power the best option

because less of earth’s habitats will be destroyed in search of resources. To put this in perspective, 1

gram of uranium creates the same amount of electricity as 3 tons of coal. Furthermore, nuclear power is

suitable for the environment because the byproducts are safely stored. When nuclear power is used to

make electricity, radioactive waste is produced. The radioactive waste is safely stored in lasting and

leak-proof containers which are then buried deep in the earth which will then affect nothing. Due to the

fact that nuclear power leaves no negative impacts on the earth is another reason why you should be in

support with it

In addition to being safe for the earth, nuclear power is also abundant. It’s a sustainable energy

source which the products used to make nuclear power are local in the United States. Uranium, for

example, is an extremely abundant element found all over the earth, including locally here in the U.S.

Also, because it’s local, it decreases our dependence on imported energy sources. As of now, there is

around 6.2 billion tons of uranium that is reserved in the world; with the United States owing 3.8% of

that and Australia having the most at 31%. To further illustrate how plentiful uranium is, uranium is 40
times more abundant than silver and 600 times more abundant than gold. Because of the fact that

nuclear power is of great accessibility is why you should be all for it.

Nuclear power is obviously a great idea that is the most effective way to produce electricity in

society. For one, nuclear power is very economical due to the fact that it’s the cheapest way to produce

electricity compared to coal, gas, and oil. Secondly, nuclear power is eco-friendly because it creates no

greenhouse gases at all, thus making all habitats around the world healthier for all species of life. Finally,

nuclear power is very abundant and of great accessibility locally; thus decreasing our needs on foreign

energy sources. Due to the fact that nuclear power is so beneficial at making electricity is why you

should be pro for nuclear power.