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oes Gm (aa pg Don't wantto upload? ‘once you upload an approved document, youl be abe te download the canes eit document 1177529658-Obligatons-and-Contracts-Jurado-Reviewer pdf up @ Sorry crit doce doesn't meet our quay requirements, please upload content that other Scribd users wil find valuable. Ex class notes, research papers, presentations. Upload Additional Documents or dag udrop MALACANANG. Manila PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 1829 PENALIZING OBSTRUCTION OF APPREHENSION AND PROSECUTION OF CRIMINAL. OFFENDERS WHEREAS, crime and violence continue to proliferate despite the sustained vigorous efforts of the goverment to effectively contain them; WHEREAS, to discourage public indifference or apathy towards the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders, itis necessary to penalize acts which obstruct or frustrate or tend to obstruct or frustrate the successful apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders; NOW, THEREFORE, |, FERDINAND, E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law do hereby decree and order the following: