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Once the datafiles and cofiles are available copy them to the following location

RFC/<<SAP version>>/

For example. if your SAP version is ECC6.0 then the file location is:

/esi/RFC/6.0/ The file contains both the cofiles

and the data files

1. Navigate to the file, found in the following directory:

/ESI/RFC/<<SAP version 4.6/4.7/5.0/6.0>>

2. Copy the following files to the following SAP application directory path locations:

On Windows systems:

K9000XX.SID to <<drive>>:\usr\sap\trans\cofiles

R9000XX.SID to <<drive>>:\usr\sap\trans\data

On UNIX systems:

– K9000XX.SID to /usr/sap/trans/cofiles/

– R9000XX.SID to usr/sap/trans/data/

3. Using Telnet copy the transport request to the cofiles and data folders of the

Target system. For example:

K900016.PT3 to /usr/sap/trans/cofiles/

R900016.PT3 to /usr/sap/trans/data/

4. Change the owner of the request from root: other to <sidadm>:sapsys

After you have completed this procedure logon to the Target SAP instance in the

client where you wish to import the request.

To logon use T-Code STMS

Complete the following procedure:

5. In the Transport Management screen click the Import and Overview icon.

6. In the Import Overview window double-click the SID to import Click on

PT4 Que in the above screen, you will get the below screen..

Click on extras >>other requests>> add>> you will get the below screen

8. Write the Trcopy number in the above screen Transp Request inputbox

and click on the green tick mark. You will get the below screen..

9.Click on the 2nd Truck button and you will get the below screen.

10. Select Synchronous and enter 800 in the client input box

Click on the execution tab you will get the next screen as below..
11.Select the 3 check boxes as shown in the above screenshot and click on the

date tab and select Immediate.

12.Now final step : Click on the green tickmark button and your import will start now.

13.After the import has finished start the transaction se01> you will get the below screen.

14.Enter the trcopy number that you have imported in the Request/Task inputbox and

click on the log button to check your import is successful or not>>>

You will get the below screen…..

If you see no errors in any of the above step, this means your import is successful

15. There was error with the TRrequest PT2K900221 during import

– Resolution : There was issue with the package that has been resolved