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Mole at 1,2,3: During the childhood-rebellious and a free spirited nature.

creative, ingenious resides within you and artistry becomes your second nature. You
are skill and luck to run your own business and be your own boss.

Mole at 4: An impulsive person. You let off grudges easily, but never back-down
from an argument.

Mole at 5: Endless luck in your life, but there�s a catch; you need to earn it with
hard work. You are advised to follow your own instincts and be cautious in easily
trusting others as family or friends may bring you misfortune.

Mole at 6: Intelligence, creativity, skill and an artistic talent to achieve

wealth, fame and success in life. Just let your heart lead you. Money will be
earned in abundance.

Mole at 7: Grief and dissatisfaction with family and work is indicated. Tension and
argument will bug you.

Mole at 8: Your financial position will constantly be under strain because of a

tendency to overspend. You also have a penchant for gambling.


Mole at 9: A mole here causes sexual and other unfortunate problem. Mental
harassment, sufferings, discontentment etc.

Mole at 10: Materialistic fulfillment by all means, but devoid of emotional

fulfillment. Luck will favor you now and then and bless you with many children and

Mole at 11: Succumb to disease: frequent illness, degrading immunity and is not
easily relieved from fever, cold, allergies etc.

Mole at 12: Successful but also a very balanced life. You are likely to be rich and
famous. Women�s with this mole are beautiful, lucky and are highly fashionable.

Mole at 13: Tolerance, especially towards their children. Feelings of satisfaction

will always encircle you.

Mole at 14: A mole here indicates overeating and vulnerability to foods.

Mole at 15: You prefer to work smarter and try to maintain equilibrium in every
aspect of your life. You are always looking for something new in your life.

Mole at 16: Stomach is your biggest problem, be aware of. Weight loss is a dream
for you.

Mole at 17: Affection and generosity of other people. You are an excellent

Mole at 18: Your fate bestows you with overseas travel and a job that requires you
frequent traveling. Inclination for science and mathematics, will take you to great

Mole at 19: No one can remain a stranger with you. You adore make a new
Mole at 20: Depending on what path you decide to walk, you could end-up with
extreme fame or infamy.

Mole at 21: Fame and recognition, A sturdy physique, fire in eyes, a smile that can
win over enemies and an imaginative mind are the peculiar characteristics of this

Mole at 22: Sport is your passion.

Mole at 23: Smartness. Your brain is powerful!

Mole at 24: You are born to be an entrepreneur, and you`ll never be satisfied as an

Mole at 25:Taking risk is your priority.