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Product Data Sheet

Version 1 (11 / 2014)

Sikasil® AS-60
Industrial assembly sealant & adhesive

Technical Product Data

Chemical base 1 component silicone
Color (CQP 001-1) Black, White
Cure mechanism Moisture-curing
Cure type Oxime
Density (uncured) (CQP 006-4) 1.33 kg/l approx.
Non-sag properties (CQP 061-4 / ISO 7390) 2 mm approx.
Application temperature 5 - 40 °C (40 - 105 °F)
Skin time (CQP 019-2) 18 min approx.
Tack-free time (CQP 019-1) 45 min approx.
Curing speed (CQP 049-1) See diagram 1
Shore A-hardness (CQP 023-1 / ISO 868) 35 approx.
Tensile strength (CQP 036-1 / ISO 37) 1.8 N/mm approx.
Elongation at break (CQP 036-1 / ISO 37) 500 % approx.
100% modulus (CQP 036-1 / ISO 37) 0.8 N/mm approx.
Thermal resistance (CQP 513-1) 4 h 200 °C (390 °F)
Short term 1 h 220 °C (430 °F)
Service temperature -40 - 150 °C (-40 - 300 °F)
Shelf life (storage below 25 °C) (CQP 016-1) 12 months
1) 2)
CQP = Corporate Quality Procedure 23 °C (73 °F) / 50 % r.h.

Description Product Benefits Areas of Application

® ®
Sikasil AS-60 is a one-part, non- - Good mechanical properties Sikasil AS-60 can be used for
corrosive neutral-curing silicone - Excellent adhesion to a wide demanding industrial bonding and
adhesive especially designed for variety of substrates sealing applications and is
industrial assembly processes. It - Very good adhesion and especially designed for frame and
combines mechanical strength with mechanical performance under junction box bonding in the
high elongation. It adheres harsh environment conditions photovoltaic industry.
excellent to a wide range of - Superior heat resistance The product is suitable for pro-
substrates. - Remains flexible over a wide fessional experienced users only.
Sikasil AS-60 is manufactured in temperature range Tests with actual substrates and
accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001 - Long-term durability conditions have to be performed to
quality assurance system and the - Low volatility ensure adhesion and material
‘Responsible Care’ program. - UL certified: UL94 compatibility.

Sikasil AS-60 1 / 2
Cure Mechanism The above information is offered Packaging Information
® for general guidance only. Advice
Sikasil AS-60 cures by reaction Unipack 600 ml
with atmospheric moisture. The on specific applications will be
given on request. Pail 25 kg
reaction thus starts at the surface
and proceeds to the core of the Drum 250 kg
joint. The skin forming time and Method of Application
curing speed respectively depends Surface preparation Value Bases
on the relative humidity and the Surfaces must be clean, dry and All technical data stated in this
temperature (see diagram 1 free from oil, grease and dust. document are based on laboratory
below). . To increase the curing Advice on specific applications and tests. Actual measured data may
speed, Sikasil AS-60 can be surface pretreatment methods is vary due to circumstances beyond
heated up to 50 °C (> 50 °C risk of available from the Technical Ser- our control.
bubble formation). At low vice Department of Sika Industry.
temperatures the water content of Health and Safety Information
the air is lower and the curing Application
For information and advice re-
process proceeds more slowly. After suitable joint and substrate
® garding transportation, handling,
preparation, Sikasil AS-60 is
storage and disposal of chemical
10 applied into place. Joints must be
products, users shall refer to the
Thickness of cure [mm]

50 °C 23 °C
properly dimensioned as changes
8 35 °C actual Safety Data Sheets
are no longer possible after con-
containing physical, ecological,
8 °C struction. Basis for calculation of
toxicological and other safety-
the necessary joint dimensions are
related data.
50 °C / 95 % r.h.
the technical values of the adhe-
35 °C / 90 % r.h. sive and the adjacent materials,
2 Legal Notes
23 °C / 50 % r.h. the exposure of the elements, their
8 °C / 30 % r.h. The information, and, in particular, the
0 construction and size as well as
0 2 4 6 8 10 recommendations relating to the appli-
external loads. Joints deeper than cation and end-use of Sika products,
Time [days]
15 mm should be avoided. are given in good faith based on Sika's
Diagram 1: Curing speed 1-C-Sikasil® For more information contact the current knowledge and experience of
Technical Service Department of the products when properly stored,
Application Limits Sika Industry. handled and applied under normal
For specific information regarding conditions in accordance with Sika's
compatibility between various Tooling and finishing recommendations. In practice, the
® differences in materials, substrates and
Sikasil products contact the Tooling and finishing must be
actual site conditions are such that no
Technical Department of Sika carried out within the skin time of
® warranty in respect of merchantability
Industry. Sikasil AS adhesives the sealant or adhesive. or of fitness for a particular purpose,
and sealants are compatible with When tooling freshly applied nor any liability arising out of any legal
® ®
Sika Spacer Tape HD. Prior use Sikasil AS-60 press the adhesive relationship whatsoever, can be in-
all materials in contact with Sikasil to the joint flanks to get a good ferred either from this information, or
AS-60 need to be approved by wetting of the bonding surface. No from any written recommendations, or
Sika. Where two or more different tooling agents should be used. from any other advice offered. The user
reactive process materials are of the product must test the product’s
used, allow the first to cure Removal suitability for the intended application
Uncured Sikasil AS-60 may be and purpose. Sika reserves the right to
completely before applying the change the properties of its products.
next. removed from tools and equipment
with Sika Remover-208 or an- The proprietary rights of third parties
Sikasil engineering sealants and must be observed. All orders are ac-
adhesives may only be used in other suitable solvent. Once cured,
cepted subject to our current terms of
industrial assembly applications by the material can only be removed sale and delivery. Users must always
experienced professionals and mechanically. refer to the most recent issue of the
after a detailed examination. A Hands and exposed skin should be local Product Data Sheet for the pro-
written approval of the washed immediately using Sika duct concerned, copies of which will be
Handclean towels or a suitable supplied on request.
corresponding project details by
the Technical Department of Sika industrial hand cleaner and water.
Industry is recommended. The Do not use solvents!
suitability of Sikasil AS-60 for a
specific application including Further Information
compatibility and adhesion must be Copies of the following publications
tested in advance on original are available on request:
substrates and under actual - Safety Data Sheet
conditions. - General Guideline “Bonding and
Sealing with Sikasil AS

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