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Date : 17th January 2019

Time : 3.00 p.m. until 5.00 p.m.
Venue : School Library

Attendance :

1. Mister Nuing anak Sanom Headmaster

2. Madam Rosina anak Minan Chairperson
3. Madam Goldie anak Gayah English & DLP teacher
4. Madam Zainina binti Zulkifli English & DLP teacher
5. Miss Adelyne Embang William English teacher
6. Madam Jaclyn anak Berandah DLP teacher
7. Madam Lily anak Ajut DLP teacher

Meeting agenda :

1.0 Chairperson’s Opening Speech

2.0 Confirming of 3rd English Language Panel Minutes Meeting in 2018
3.0 English Lesson Plan
4.0 Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah (Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah)
5.0 English Language Panel Yearly Activities in 2019
6.0 Other matters

1.0 Chairperson’s Opening Speech

1.1 Madam Rosina, the Head of English Language Panel Committee thanked and
welcomed all teachers to the first meeting of English Language Panel for the
year 2019.
1.2 She hoped that all the teachers will give their full cooperation so that all
programmes organised by the panel will be carried out successfully and brings
positive impact on the students.

2.0 Confirming of 3rd English Language Panel Minutes Meeting in 2018

2.1 Madam Rosina presented the 3rd English Language Panel Minutes Meeting in
2.2 The confirming of the minutes was proposed by Madam Zainina and
supported by Miss Adelyne.

3.0 English Lesson Plan

3.1 Madam Rosina appointed that CEFR English lesson plans should be done
according to the format that was given last year.
3.2 The panel agreed to standardise the format of daily lesson plan for KSSR and
CEFR classes including DLP classes.

4.0 Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah (Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah)

4.1 Madam Rosina appointed the panel members to make an inventory or

checklist for every skills that was successfully achieved by the students.
4.2 The inventory should be prepared for each students.
4.3 The checklist or inventory will be standardized for the members of English
Language Panel.

5.0 English Language Panel Yearly Activities in 2019

5.1 Activities are organised based on strategic plans, operational plan and tactical
5.2 The activities that was pointed out by the panel members are as follows :

5.2.1 English Day

Mister Nuing suggested that English Day will be held everyday
throughout the year.

5.2.2 1Board 1Marker (1B1M)

Class monitors will be in charge to take and return the mini
whiteboards upon usage during lesson or extra classes.

5.2.3 Speaker’s Corner
A speaker’s corner is an area where student’s presentation, public
speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. Students could gather at
the speaker’s corner to listen, evaluate and, perhaps, challenge the
speaker’s views. Class teachers are in charge to prepare the speaker’s

5.2.4 A Word A Day

Through this activity, the students will be able to learn and discover a
new word each day.

5.2.5 English Language Competition

Mister Nuing suggested that all teachers should organise programmes
or mini competition involving English Language in the afternoon after
school. For example, rhymes poems learning and speaking activities singing mathematics and science quizzes in English dictation spelling bee

6.0 Other matters

6.1 Mister Nuing stated that SK Nanga Temalat and SMK Song 2 are the only
schools that are involved in DLP. But, the student’s result from the previous
year was below satisfaction.
6.2 Mister Nuing pointed out that actions to encounter these issues should be
taken immediately and aggressively to improve the student’s achievement and
English skills.
6.3 Mister Nuing encouraged the panel members to start improving the student’s
achievement with simple activities early of the year so that the positive
impacts will be more vivid and effective.
6.4 He emphasised that the most important thing is to make English Language
more interesting to the eye of the students.

Meeting was adjourned at 5.00 p.m. by Madam Jaclyn and was supported by all of the panel

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(Zainina binti Zulkifli) (Rosina anak Minan)

Secretary of English Language Panel, Head of English Language Panel,
SK Nanga Temalat, Song. SK Nanga Temalat, Song.