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Crocodile vs.


One day a crocodile came out of the river and lay down near a rose apple tree. There was a
monkey who lived on that rose apple tree.
“Who are you?” said the monkey.
“I am a crocodile from a far-off place searching for food”, said the crocodile.
The monkey plucked a few rose apples and threw them down. The crocodile loved the rose
apples, and the monkey promised to give him some whenever he visited with him. They become very
good friends and chatted a lot. The monkey also gave the crocodile rose apples to take home for his
“I love this rose apples”, said the crocodile’s wife.
“I shall get you some more then”, said the crocodile.
The monkey and the crocodile became very good friends. The crocodile’s wife was jealous. She
told him that they always killed monkeys and ate them, so why was the crocodile friends with this
monkey. The crocodile replied that he was such a good friend to both of them. The crocodile’s wife
wanted to eat the monkey so she devised a plan.
“Why don’t you invite your friend home so I can meet him?” said her wife.
“It is not possible”, said his husband.
She kept getting greedier as every day went by. She wanted to eat the monkey. She decided to
put her plan to work.
“I am ill and the doctor says, that I will be well only if I eat a monkey’s heart”, said her wife.
” How can I do that? he is my only friend and I cannot do him harm.”, said the crocodile.
She told him that he would find her dead, when he came back from visiting with his friend the
monkey. He had to bring her the monkey’s heart. So the crocodile decided to save his wife’s life. When
he went to see his friend, later that day, he invited the monkey to his home.
“But how can I come with you there? You live in water and I shall drown!” said the monkey.
“We live on the river bank and I shall take you there”, said the crocodile.
He took the monkey on his back and he started to cross the river. As the water in the river got
deeper the monkey was scared.
“Don’t take me any further or I shall die” said the monkey.
“I want to kill you and take your heart as a cure for my wife who is ill”, said the crocodile.
The monkey started to think fat as he wanted to save himself. He needed to be clever and outwit
the crocodile.
“I have left my heart in a hole in the roe apple tree”, said the monkey.
“Is that so? Then let us go and fetch it”
The crocodile swam back to the rose apple tree. The clever monkey jumped off the crocodile’s
back, and climbed high up on the tree and refused to come down.
“Go back to your wife and tell her husband is the biggest fool in the whole world”