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Artifacts : -

 Students from different backgrounds, race and ethnicity study in SMdP high school.
 No respect for teachers and classmates.
 Students self-finance their studies from corporate internships as they don’t have
financially sound background.
 Administration has limited focus on empowerment and accountability of both
students and teachers.
 Communication and coordination issues between students, administration and
 School policies were not administered fairly and consistently.
 Tardiness and negative attitude of students towards academics.
 Issues with credit retrieval system.
 High turnover of teachers.

Values : -
 No culture of learning and feedback system in the school.
 All three divisions’ school, teachers and administration don’t believe on their
interdependencies with each other.
 Morale of the students are low.
 Student are not able to adapt the situation because they have to work and study.
Hence, they were not able to focus on studies relating it to the carefree attitude and
poor results.
 Less empathy towards students from teachers and administration as nobody in the
school was understanding their problem and supporting them from scratch.
 Low levels of accountability.

Basic Underlying assumptions :

1. Morale of the students was low as they were suffering from the common perception
from the outside world that they belong to the school of poor i.e. an alternative
2. Students knew their background status and they don’t how they will proceed and
finance their next phase of career.
Teachers :
 Nobody in school cares, if the policies and the practices were administered
 Teachers have no idea about how to walk the road to achieve the objective of
school as there was no path defined for them just a vast objective and mission.
Administration :
 Teachers cannot be empowered.
 Even after knowing the problem holds a lethargic attitude.
All :
Students cannot learn.