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Anganwadi at Ratatalai

1. Govt Schemes:
1.1. Lali Laxmi Yojna
1.2. Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandhna Yojna
1.3. Health checkups
2. SPS Contribution:
2.1. Awareness to girls about use of Sanatary Pads
2.2. Delivery of Babies in Hospital
3. Organise of Bal Sabha every Saturday where in students speak there stories, nukkad natak
and other engaging activities
4. Free checkup for ladies and kids periodically.
5. Maximum attendance on Tuesday as Special food packs( Take Away) are given on that day.
6. Restriction from local villagers to send to school because they think that small child and
work on field and earn something from them.


1. No proper table chair for children

2. No fans in classrooms which could make it very difficult to survive in Summer
3. Toys are issued once a year only. Only limited toys and that too broken
4. No washroom facility, Childen were peeing in the school premises outside classroom
5. No security for students/poor vigilance
6. No sleeping beds
7. Gas leakage, Poor food preparation habits



1. Problem in transportation- Womens are busy in other household chorus and cannot affort to
waste whole day in selling chicken. Also they cant carry them in lots because it requires
proper cages and transportation
2. No local market for buying Kadaknath
3. Proper caging in required otherwise cat eat them up.


Initial Problem:

1. Women were hesitant to join the group.

2. Males restricted women thinking it is a waste of time
3. No metting point Initially, later they fought for theire rights and got the place.
4. Forced women at time to join the group.