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Contact: Heidi Meyer

1025 Maine Street

Quincy, IL 62301 PRESS RELEASE
April 9, 2019

QMG Stays the Course for Proposed Surgery Center

Based on the positive feedback from the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB)
and overwhelming support from community members, patients and employers, Quincy Medical Group
(QMG) is set to reappear before the HFSRB in support of its Certificate of Need (CON) application on
April 30 in Bolingbrook, IL. QMG is confident it has addressed the HFSRB’s questions and looks
forward to presenting again to obtain HFSRB approval.

QMG’s history of innovation dates back to 1930 when Dr. Walter M. Whitaker brought the first EKG
machine to Quincy. He later joined two other doctors to open the Quincy Clinic which was known for
introducing some of the most innovative concepts of group practice to the tri-state area. In 1987, the
Quincy Clinic merged with the Physicians and Surgeons Clinic and in 1994, a new medical facility was
opened at 1025 Maine Street. The group became known as the Quincy Medical Group (QMG) of today.

As a group owned by its physicians, QMG approaches innovation today as a way to improve quality of
care and drive down costs to support patients and the community as a whole. QMG’s investments, like its
proposed surgery center, are made directly from the group’s doctors who voted for the project because of
the ability to provide affordable, safe and effective care to their patients.

Dr. Todd Petty, QMG Surgeon and Board Chair said, “Patients are making decisions about their care
based on costs. They are delaying or even forgoing surgical procedures because they cannot afford them,
and as a surgeon I understand the consequences of waiting. Our new surgery center will not only reduce
costs but also addresses the current surgery center’s space limitations, lack of capacity for new services,
limited scheduling availability and the inadequate capacity for outpatient surgeries, as evidenced by the
number of same day surgeries still performed at the local hospital. All of these things affirm our
commitment to the new surgery center.”

“QMG’s rich history of innovation has always been motivated by listening to patients and our
community,” said QMG’S CEO Carol Brockmiller. “Employers are excited about reducing costs and
improving quality, our doctors and teams are excited about providing care in an environment where they
are in control of the care experience and, most importantly, our patients are excited to have options when
it comes to their care. It truly is a winning transition of care now and long into the future.”

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About Quincy Medical Group

Quincy Medical Group (, the tri-states leading healthcare provider, is a physician-owned multi-specialty clinic
comprised of 150 physicians and advanced practice providers in 32 medical and surgical specialties. The clinic founded in 1937 is proud of the
quality healthcare services available to nearly 500,000 people in the tri-state area within a 75-mile radius.