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Learning Goal #1

Teaching Quality Standard Competency:

1- Fostering Effective Relationships:
c) I provide culturally appropriate opportunities for students and for parents/guardians to
support learning.
d) I invite First Nations, Métis and Inuit parents/guardians, Elders and local community
members into my classroom.
e) I promote cultural diversity and intercultural understanding.
5- Applying Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit:
b) I collaborate with others in my school to build capacity in First Nations, Métis and Inuit

Inquiry Question:
In what ways can I incorporate FNMI resources and foundational knowledge into the

Possible Resources:

Strategy Timeline Indicators of Success

Email Warren Day Chief By mid-february Email correspondence with

(FNMI liason) Warren

Invite Warren into the By April Warren will bring FNMI voice
classroom and perspective into

Teach Blackfoot words and ongoing Reflecting the knowledge

phrases gained from Warren in
multiple subjects
Learning Goal #2
Teaching Quality Standard Competency:
4- Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments:
a) I foster equality and respect in the school community.
b) I use universal and targeted strategies and supports to address all students’ strengths,
learning challenges and areas for growth.
c) I communicate and enact a teaching philosophy affirming learning success for all.
d) I respond to the emotional and mental health needs of students.
e) I collaborate with specialists to design strategies and supports for student success.
f) I employ classroom management strategies that promote engaging learning.
g) I incorporate students’ personal and cultural strengths into teaching and learning.
h) I provide opportunities for student leadership.

Inquiry Question:
In what ways can I ensure all students feel success?

Possible Resources:
Design and Deliver textbook

Strategy Timeline Indicators of Success

Give options for how to weekly/monthly (dependent Students will be proud of the
present learning on subject) work they are sharing

Paying attention to student ongoing Targeted and general

needs supports for students
Personal Wellness Goal

To eat well, and to eat homemade food.

Strategy Timeline Indicators of Success

Make time to grocery shop Weekly and ongoing A weekly or bi-weekly trip to
the grocery store

Lunch packed before bed Daily and weekly Lunch brought to school
every night every day

Cook on the weekend weekly A freezer full of meals