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Proposal for Annual Maintenance Contract

Indian Medical Association, Pune

Prepared By:
iProgrammer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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3. Terms & Conditions
4. Annual Maintenance Contract

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Contract Details
Maintenance to be provided for Indian Medical Association’s Mobile Application

The work involves periodic maintenance activity for Indian medical Association’s Mobile Application which shall be
developed as per the requirements and proposal submitted in a separate document by iProgrammer to Indian Medical
Association, Pune.

As per this contract iProgrammer will provide the client with any requested changes to the look, content, and feel of the
application, new feature and functionality integration, enhancements of existing features, any modification required for
the up-gradation of the platform version etc. Reasonable consultation time will be included for free.

To summarize, maintenance contract includes all work required by the client. This may include a total
website/application/app overhaul, where we the developers, are required to submit any ideas and platforms for a new
design or to fulfill the needs or direction of the client what so ever.

An estimate of the time required to complete any task will be conveyed to the client before work begins. Once approved,
the tasks will be carried out and update notifications will be sent to client upon completion.

The total work hours considered in the proposal are 500 hours over a period of 12 months. However if these 500 hours
are exhausted before the end of 12 months then this contract will stand completed and a new contract will need to be
signed or renewed or you can purchase additional hours at the rate of Rs. 900 per hour plus service tax.

Year 1 INR 1, 00,000
Year 2 INR 1, 00,000
Year 3 INR 1, 00,000
Service Tax INR 43,500
TOTAL INR 3, 43,500

INR Three Lakhs Forty Three Thousand and Five Hundred Only.

Payment Schedule

Milestone Payment Cost Particulars

Advance payment towards the annual maintenance
Year 1 33.33 % INR 1,14,500
contract for the first year.
Advance payment towards the annual maintenance
Year 2 33.33 % INR 1,14,500
contract for the second year.
Advance payment towards the annual maintenance
Year 3 33.33 % INR 1,14,500
contract for the third year.

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Terms and Conditions
1. It is assumed that all the necessary relevant material - data, textual information and visuals would be collected
and compiled by the client and the same would be made available to iProgrammer for website/app development
purposes in digital format. The onus of providing copyrighted images / content lies on the client.

2. The proposal is strictly confidential and is only for the purview of authorized client and his personnel.

3. It will be the client’s responsibility to task enough work to iProgrammer so that all the allocated hours are
consumed. No rollover of hours is permitted.

4. iProgrammer will carry out all development and support activity by its staff at its own facilities.

5. iProgrammer will deliver all the work in a timely and efficient manner. However if any bugs are identified as a
result of our work deployed then those will not be considered additional and will be fixed at no extra hours or

6. The client shall provide iProgrammer with timely review and comment on all tasks/changes as they become

7. The maintenance contract shall begin once the warranty period and the free maintenance period of 1 month
post website/app launch. During this period, however if the client wishes to publish change requests, upgrades
from the initial requirement, they can be taken up against the hours within the annual maintenance contract
depending on the clients preference for the same.

If you would like to know any other information, then please do let us know and we would try our best to answer all your
queries. You can also visit our website www.iprogrammer.com to know more about us. We look forward to earning your
business and establish a long term relationship with your company.

Our Contact Details:

For any assistance during any time of the day you can simply write to us at contact@iprogrammer.com or call us at +91
98906 79170. Alternatively you can contact us using the following options:

1. Email at amit@iprogrammer.com, paraga@iprogrammer.com

2. Skype amitk.28 parag-iprogrammer

3. GTalk: contactiprogrammer, paraga.iprogrammer

4. Call Amit: +91 99225 25959 Parag: +91 92721 78145

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(This contract supersedes any previous agreement with iProgrammer)

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of _______________ between iProgrammer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
with its principal place of business at 103, 104, Pride Portal, Shivaji Housing Society, Off. Senapati Bapat Road,
Near Hotel JW Marriott, Pune - 411016 (“iProgrammer”) and Indian Medical Association with its principal
place of operation at Dr.Nitu Mandke IMA House, 992, Shukrawar Peth, Pune 411002 (“Client”)

On behalf of Indian Medical Association, Pune, I hereby agree to the terms and
conditions for annual maintenance contract/agreement as outlined above.

Name: Dr. Rajeev Joshi


On behalf of iProgrammer
Name: Amit Karanjawala
Position: Managing Director

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