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NAME OF THE POST : Executive Engineer (Mechanical),

Class-I (ABC)
Advt. No. : 06/2016-17,

Date of Preliminary Test : 28/01/2017

Subject : Concerned Subject (Que. 101 to 200)

101. Which of the following wire ropes will be more wear resistant?
(A) 6  ×  19 (B) 6  ×  7
(C) 6  ×  37 (D) All of the above

102. For a centrifugal pump, the cavitation parameter ‘s’ is defined as

(C) NPSH/H (D) NPSH/M3/4

103. The Specific speed for a turbine is given by

(A) P√N/H (B) N√P/H
(C) N√Q/H (D) N√P/H5/4

104. Water at 15° C flow through a 200  m long galvanized steel pipe to
diameter 250  mm and at 0.2  m3/s. Average surface roughness for
galvanized steel = 0.15  mm & loss of head due to friction is 10  m
(Take density of water = 1000 kg/m3)
(A) 1.962 KW (B) 19.62 KW
(C) 4.905 KW (D) 5.88 KW

105. For a radial ball bearing, the desired rated life is 10000 hrs for a
speed of 360 rpm and radial load of 7  KN. The basic load rating for
the bearing will be
(A) 42 KN (B) 45 KN
(C) 35 KN (D) 40 KN

106. 273 kg of ice at 0° C is completely melts into water at 0°C. Find the
entropy change, in kJ/K. (Take Latent heat of fusion of ice = 335 kJ/kg)
(A) 0 (B) 335
(C) 91.5 (D) 0.335

107. 1  M3 of air at a pressure of 10  kg/cm2 is allowed to expand freely to

a volume of 10  m3. The work done will be
(A) Zero (B) –ve
(C) +ve (D) 105 kg  m

ABC-A ] [ 15 ] [ P.T.O.
108. As per factory act, qualified safety officer should be appointed to carry
out the prescribed duties if organization is engaging ________ or more
(A) 100 (B) 400
(C) 500 (D) 1000

109. Under the payment of wages act, payment of wages of establishments

employing not less than 1000 employees shall be paid within of the
wage month
(A) 10th day (B) 15th day
(C) 7th day (D) 2nd day

110. The order cost per order of an inventory is Rs. 200 with annual carrying
cost of Rs. 5 per unit. The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) for an
annual demand of Rs. 2000 unit is
(A) 100 (B) 400
(C) 480 (D) 500

111. A Scientist says that the efficiency of his heat engine, which works at
works at source temperature 127° C and sink temperature 27° C is 26%,
(A) It is impossible
(B) It is quite possible
(C) It is possible but less probable
(D) Data incomplete

112. Refrigerator A works between –10° C and 27° C, while refrigerator B

works between –27° C and 17° C, both removing heat equal to 2000 J
from freezer, so we can conclude that
(A) Refrigerator B is more efficient than refrigerator A
(B) Refrigerator A is more efficient than refrigerator B
(C) Efficiency of both refrigerator is same
(D) Data incomplete

ABC-A ] [ 16 ] [ Contd...
113. A monkey of mass 40  kg climbs on a rope which can withstand maximum
tension of 600  N. In which of the following cases well the rope break?
(Take g = 10  m/s2 & ignore the mass of the rope)
(A) Climbs up with an acceleration of 6  m/s2
(B) Climbs down with an acceleration of 4  m/s2
(C) Climbs up with uniform speed of 5  m/s2
(D) None of the mentioned

114. A ball of mass 2 kg & another of mass 4 kg are dropped together

from a 60 meter tall building. After a fall of 30 meter each towards
earth, their respective kinetic energies will be in the ratio of
(A) √2 : 1 (B) 1 : 4
(C) 1 : 2 (D) 1 : √2

115. A spring balance is attached to the ceiling of a lift. A man hangs his
bag on the spring and the spring reads 49  N, when the lift is stationary.
If the lift moves downwards with an acceleration of 5 m/s2, the reading
of the spring balance will be
(A) 24 N (B) 74 N
(C) 15 N (D) 49 N

116. A circular disc is to be made by using iron and aluminum, so that it

acquires maximum movement of inertia about geometrical axis. It is
possible with
(A) Iron at interior and aluminium surrounding it
(B) Aluminium at interior and iron surrounding it
(C) Using iron and aluminium layers in alternate order
(D) Sheet of iron is used at both external surface and aluminium
sheet as internal layers

117. Paver finisher (road making machinery) is used for

(A) Better longitudinal level control
(B) Better transverse level control
(C) Uniform pre compaction
(D) All of the mentioned above

ABC-A ] [ 17 ] [ P.T.O.
118. Brittle fracture is more dangerous than ductile fracture because
(A) No warning sign
(B) Crack propagates at very high speeds
(C) No need for extra stress during crack propagation
(D) All of the mentioned above

119. Von Mises and Traces criteria give different yield stress for
(A) Pure shear stress (B) Uni-axial stress
(C) Balanced bi-axial stress (D) All of the mentioned above

120. Eutectic product in Fe-C system is called

(A) Pearlite (B) Ledeburite
(C) Bainite (D) Spheroidite

121. Two full turn of the circular scale of a micrometer cover a distance of
1  mm on its main scale. The total number of divisions on the circular
scale is 50. Further, it is found that this micrometer has a zero error of
minus 0.03  mm (i.e. –0.03  mm) while measuring the diameter of a thin
wire, engineer notes the main scale reading of 4  mm and the number
of circular scale in line with the main scale as 35. The diameter of
the wire is
(A) 4.35  mm (B) 4.32  mm
(C) 4.38  mm (D) 4.03  mm

122. The tyre size numbering on the side wall of a car tyre reads 165/80
R14 85 S, then section height of the tyre is
(A) 165  mm (B) 132  mm
(C) 80  mm (D) 85  mm

123. Which of the following earth moving machinery is most suitable for
desilting of running large & deep irrigation canal
(A) Regular hydraulic excavator having bucket capacity 0.8 cu.m.
(B) Regular hydraulic excavator having bucket capacity 0.3  cu.m.
(C) Drag line
(D) Dozer

ABC-A ] [ 18 ] [ Contd...
124. If excavation of earth is done manually then it costs Rs. 100 per cu.m.
A hydraulic excavator can excavate at the fixed cost of Rs. 40000 plus
a variable cost of Rs. 20 per cu.m. The quantity of earth work for
which the cost of excavation by machine will be equal to the cost of
manual excavation is
(A) 400 cu.m (B) 500 cu.m
(C) 1000 cu.m (D) 1200 cu.m

125. If the voltage is reduced to half, the torque developed by an induction

motor will be reduced to
(A) 1/16 of original torque (B) 1/8 of original torque
(C) 1/4 of original torque (D) 1/2 of original torque

126. An external gear with 60 teeth meshes with a pinion of 20 teeth, module
being 8  mm. What is the centre distance in mm?
(A) 960 (B) 320
(C) 480 (D) 160

127. A transmission shaft subjected to bending and torsional moments should

be designed on the basis of
(A) Maximum principal stress theory
(B) Maximum shear stress theory
(C) Permissible bearing pressure
(D) None of the mentioned above

128. “Liquidated damages for delay” is charged for delay in completion of

work in which case
(A) For delay in completion of work due to fault of contractor
(B) For delay in completion of work due to fault of owner
(C) For delay in completion of work due to heavy flood
(D) None of the mentioned above

129. A journal bearing of diameter 40  mm and length of 20  mm carries a

load of 4  KN. The average bearing pressure is
(A) 0.005  N/cm2 (B) 500 Pa
(C) 500  N/cm­2 (D) None of the mentioned above

ABC-A ] [ 19 ] [ P.T.O.
130. A beam of length 2  m is pinned at both the ends and is subjected to
a concentrated moment 10  kNm at its center. The maximum bending
moment in the beam is
(A) 10  kNm (B) 5  kNm
(C) 20  kNm (D) 15 kNm

131. What is the deformation or dynamic factor if sum of errors on meshing

teeth of steel pinion and gear is 32  ×  10–3  mm?
(A) 284.8  N/mm (B) 300.23  N/mm
(C) 320.5  N/mm (D) 368  N/mm

132. A body of mass m is dropped from a height of h. Simultaneously

another body of mass 2  m is thrown up vertically with such a velocity
v that they collide at height h/2. If the collision is perfectly inelastic,
the velocity of combined mass at time of collision with the ground will
(A) √ 5gh (B) √ gh

(C) √ gh
(D) None of these

133. A thin uniform rod of mass M and length L is hinged at its upper
end, and released from rest from a horizontal position. The tension at
a point located at a distance L/3 from the hinge point, when the rod
becomes vertical, will be
(A) 22  Mg/27 (B) 11  Mg/13
(C) 6  Mg/11 (D) 2  Mg

134. Two water droplets combine to form a large drop. In this process energy
(A) Liberated
(B) Absorbed
(C) Neither liberated nor absorbed
(D) Sometimes liberated and sometimes absorbed

135. A piece of ice is floating in a breaker containing thick sugar solution

of water. As the ice melts, the total level of the liquid
(A) Increases (B) Decreases
(C) Remains unchanged (D) Insufficient data

ABC-A ] [ 20 ] [ Contd...
136. An ideal gas at 27°  C is heated at constant pressure till the volume
becomes three times. The temperature of the gas will then
(A) 81°  C (B) 900°  C
(C) 672°  C (D) 927°  C

137. The COP of a Refrigerator working on a reversed Carnot cycle is 5.

The ratio of the highest absolute temperature to the lowest absolute
temperature would be
(A) 1.25 (B) 1.3
(C) 1.4 (D) 1.2

138. An IC engine has a bore and stroke each equal to 2 units. The total
area to calculate heat loss from the engine can be taken as
(A) 4π (B) 5π
(C) 6π (D) 8π

139. In a petrol engine, the tendency for detonation increases with

(A) Retarded spark timing
(B) Running the engine at high speed
(C) Supercharging
(D) Increasing the cooling rate

140. A satellite floats in deep space with very high velocity. It will continuously
lose heat by
(A) Convection (B) Conduction and Convection
(C) Radiation (D) Radiation and Convection

141. A furnace has a 20  cm thick wall with thermal conductivity 0.8  W/m-K.
For the same heat loss from the furnace, what will be the thickness of
the wall if the thermal conductivity of the material is 0.16  W/m-K?
(A) 4  cm  (B) 6.3  cm
(C) 10  cm (D) 40  cm

142. Ammonia used as refrigerant is non-corrosive to

(A) iron and steel (B) copper and copper alloys
(C) Both (A) and (B) (D) Neither (A) nor (B)

ABC-A ] [ 21 ] [ P.T.O.
143. Boundary layer separation is caused due to
(A) laminar flow changing to turbulent flow
(B) velocity gradient being zero at the wall
(C) reduction in pressure to vapour pressure
(D) decrease in boundary layer thickness to a negligible value

144. The number of points of contra flexure in a simple supported beam

carrying uniformly distributed load, is
(A) One (B) Two
(C) Zero (D) None of these

145. Two shafts ‘A’ and ‘B’ are made of same material. The shaft ‘A’ is
solid and has diameter D. The shaft ‘B’ is hollow with outer diameter
D and inner diameter D/2. The strength of hollow shaft in torsion is
__________ as that of solid shaft.
(A) 15/16 (B) 16/15
(C) same (D) None of these

146. If the modulus of elasticity of a material is twice to its modulus of

rigidity, then the Poisson’s ratio of the material is equal to _______
(A) One (B) Zero
(C) 0.25 (D) 0.5

147. For applications involving high stresses in one direction only the following
type of thread would be best suited
(A) ISO metric thread (B) Acme thread
(C) Square thread (D) Buttress thread

148. Ball bearing type screws are found in following application

(A) Screw Jack (B) Aeroplane engines
(C) Crane (D) Steering Mechanism

149. The fatigue life of a part can be improved by

(A) Polishing (B) Coating
(C) Shot peening (D) Heat treating

ABC-A ] [ 22 ] [ Contd...
150. A fuel of cetane number 40 has the same ignition quality as a mixture
(A) 40% cetane and 60% alpha methyl naphthalene
(B) 40% alpha methyl naphthalene and 60% cetane
(C) 40% petrol and 60% diesel
(D) 40% diesel and 60% petrol

151. Thermoplastic materials are those materials which

(A) are formed into shape under heat and pressure and results in a
permanently hard product
(B) do not beocme hard with the application of heat and pressure
and no chemical changes occurs
(C) are flexible and can withstand considerable wear under suitable
(D) are used as a friction lining for clutches and brakes

152. Stress concentration factor is defined as

(A) Ratio of highest stress near the discontinuity to endurance limit
(B) Ratio of highest stress near the discontinuity to yield strength
(C) Ratio of highest stress near the discontinuity to nominal stress
obtained by elementary equation
(D) Ratio of endurance limit to highest stress near the discontinuity

153. A cast iron designated by FG 300 is

(A) Grey cast iron with carbon content of 3%
(B) Grey cast iron with ultimate compressive strength of 300  N/mm2
(C) Grey cast iron with tensile yield strength of 300  N/mm2
(D) Grey cast iron with ultimate tensile strength of 300  N/mm2

154. A bushed pin-type of flange coupling is used

(A) When the shafts are not in exact alignment
(B) For intersecting shafts
(C) For small shafts rotating at slow speeds
(D) For parallel shaft

ABC-A ] [ 23 ] [ P.T.O.
155. In involute gears the pressure angle is
(A) Dependent on the size of teeth
(B) Dependent on the size of gears
(C) Always constant
(D) Always variable

156. In welding joint, it is preferable to design groove joint in such a way

that it would be subject to
(A) Tension only
(B) Compression only
(C) Tension or Compression only
(D) Tension and compression simultaneously

157. The run way speed of turbine is the speed

(A) At which the turbine will run freely without any load and at full
(B) Corresponding to maximum overload
(C) At which there would be no danger to the turbine runner
(D) At full load

158. The “Jominy test” is used to find

(A) Young’s modulus (B) hardenability
(C) yield strength (D) thermal conductivity

159. The part of a gating system which regulates the rate of pouring of
molten metal is
(A) pouring basin (B) runner
(C) choke (D) ingate

160. In a flat belt drive the maximum tension which the belt can be subjected
to is T and the mass of the belt per unit length is m kg. The velocity
of the belt for maximum power transmission is
(A) √ 3 m
T (B) √ mT
(C) 3 m (D) mT

ABC-A ] [ 24 ] [ Contd...
161. Creep of belt can be controlled by
(A) Decreasing belt length (B) Reducing stress in belt
(C) Increasing center distance (D) Reducing belt velocity

162. The boring bar of a boring machine is 25  mm in diameter.

During operation, the bar gets twisted though 0-01 radians and is
subjected to a shear stress of 42  N/mm2. The length of the bar is
(Taking G = 0.84  ×  105  N/mm2)
(A) 500  mm (B) 250  mm
(C) 625  mm (D) 375  mm

163. The piston pin bearings in heavy duty diesel engines are
(A) Needle roller bearings (B) Tapped roller bearings
(C) Spherical roller bearings (D) Cylindrical roller bearings

164. A piece of material is subjected, to two perpendicular tensile stresses of

70  MPa and 10  MPa. The magnitude of the resultant stress on a plane
in which the maximum shear stress occurs is
(A) 70  MPa (B) 60  MPa
(C) 50  MPa (D) 10  MPa

165. A copper rod 400  mm long is pulled in tension to a length of 401-2  mm

by applying a tensile load of 330  MPa. If the deformation is entirely
elastic, the Young’s modulus of copper is
(A) 110  GPA (B) 110  MPa
(C) 11  GPa (D) 11  MPa

166. A bar of copper and steel form a composite system which is heated
through a temperature of 40° C. The stress induced in the copper bar
(A) Tensile (B) Compressive
(C) Both tensile and compressive (D) Shear

ABC-A ] [ 25 ] [ P.T.O.
167. A beam with a rectangular section of 120  mm  ×  60  mm, designed to
be placed vertically is placed horizontally by mistake. If the maximum
stress is to be limited, the reduction in load carrying capacity would
(A) 1/4 (B) 1/3
(C) 1/2 (D) 1/6

168. When steel containing less than 0.85% carbon is cooled slowly below
the lower critical point, it contains
(A) Ferrite mainly (B) Pearlite mainly
(C) Ferrite and pearlite (D) Pearlite and cementite

169. Spheroidal or nodular graphite iron is designed as SG 500/7. Here ‘500’

and ‘7’ stand for
(A) Proof stress in N/mm2 and elongation in %
(B) Tensile strength in N/mm2 and impact strength in N-m
(C) Tensile strength in N/mm2 and elongation in %
(D) Tensile strength in kg.mm2 and elongation in %

170. Addition of which one of the following elements, shifts the lower critical
temperature line in iron-iron carbide diagram towards the higher side?
(A) Chromium (B) Nickel
(C) Molybdenum (D) Aluminium

171. The ratio of surface area of volume for a unit volume to riser is
minimum in case of
(A) Cylindrical riser (B) Spherical riser
(C) Hemispherical riser (D) Cuboids riser

172. The time required for the fetching and execution of one simple machine
instruction is
(A) Delay time (B) CPU cycle
(C) Real time (D) Seek time

ABC-A ] [ 26 ] [ Contd...
173. A stream of moist air at dry-bulb temperature of 40° C and dew-point
temperature of 25° C passes through a water shower whose temperature
is maintained at 20°  C. The stream of air will undergo a process of
(A) sensible cooling (B) evaporative cooling
(C) cooling and humidification (D) cooling and dehumidification

174. In a VCR plant, the refrigerant leaves the compressor and evaporator
with enthalpy of 205  kJ/kg and 177  kJ/kg respectively. Enthalpy of the
refrigerant leaving the condenser is 105  kJ/kg. If the mass flow rate of
the refrigerant is 0.2  kg/s, the refrigeration effect will be
(A) 12.2  kW (B) 14.4  kW
(C) 16.4  kW (D) 20.2  kW

175. An oxygen and nitrogen mixture has transmissivity for heat radiations
that is practically equal to
(A) 1 (B) 0.5
(C) 2 (D) 0

176. In a double-pipe counter flow heat exchanger, 1000  kg/h of oil having

a specific heat 20  J/kg-K is cooled from 150°  C to 125°  C by 1250  kg/h
of fluid of specific heat 16  J/kg-k. The fluid leaves the heat exchanger
at 75° C. In such case, the temperature at which the cooling fluid is
entering the heat exchanger and LMTD will be
(A) 25° C and 50° C (B) 50° C and 50° C
(C) 50° C and 75° C (D) 75° C and 50° C

177. A fin will be necessary and effective only when (Where k = thermal
conductivity of fin material, h = convective heat transfer coefficient
between the fin surface and environment temperature.)
(A) k is small and h is large (B) k is large and h is also large
(C) k is small and h is also small (D) k is large and h is small

178. The most suitable pair of refrigerant and absorbent combination for solar
refrigeration is
(A) ammonia and water (B) ammonia and sodium thicoyanide
(C) water and lithium bromide (D) R22 and dimethylformamide

ABC-A ] [ 27 ] [ P.T.O.
179. At what depth below the free surface of oil having a density of 784  kg/m3
will the pressure be very nearly equal to 1 bar?
(A) 10 metres (B) 14 metres
(C) 13 metres (D) 7.84 metres

180. A piece of wood of volume V and specific gravity 0.87 floats on the
surface of a liquid of specific gravity 1.31. The portion of the body
which is submerged in the liquid will be
(A) 0.335  V (B) 0.665  V
(C) 0.87  V (D) 0.13  V

181. The Mach number of an aircraft when the dynamic (velocity) temperature
of air at entry to the engine equals the static temperature is
(A) 1.236 (B) 1.736
(C) 2.236 (D) 2.736

182. The power consumed by a reciprocating air compressor will be minimum,

if the compression follows the thermodynamic
(A) isentropic process (B) adiabatic process
(C) isothermal process (D) polytropic process

183. In a gas turbine plant, regeneration is done to

(A) increase compression work
(B) decrease turbine work
(C) limit the maximum temperature
(D) improve plant efficiency

184. In highly rarefied gases, the concept of this loses validity

(A) Thermodynamic equilibrium (B) Continuum
(C) Stability (D) Macroscopic view point

185. In fillet welded joint, the throat of weld as compared to the size of
weld is
(A) About 0.5 times (B) About same size
(C) About √2 times (D) About 0.707 times

ABC-A ] [ 28 ] [ Contd...
186. A boat carrying a number of large stones is floating in a water tank.
What will happen to the water level, if the stones are unloaded into
(A) It will rise
(B) It will remain unchanged
(C) It will rise till half the number of stones are unloaded and then
begin to fall
(D) It will fall

187. A hot and cold body are kept separated from each other in perfect
vacuum. Which of the following causes decreases in temperature of the
hot body?
(A) Radiation
(B) Convection
(C) Conduction
(D) Temperature remains unchanged

188. The motion of rocket is based on the principal of conservation of

(A) Linear momentum (B) Angular momentum
(C) Kinetic energy (D) Mass

189. In drum mix type plant (road making machinery) burner flame
(A) Is very long (B) Stops short of mixing zone
(C) Reaches fill length of cylinder (D) Is very penetrating

190. The screw used in paver (road making machinery)

(A) Having only tamping
(B) Having only vibrating
(C) Having a combined tamping & vibrating
(D) All of the mentioned above

191. The skirt of piston .................

(A) is used to withstand the pressure of gas in the cylinder
(B) acts as a bearing for the side thrust of the connecting rod
(C) is used to seal the cylinder in order to prevent leakage of the
gas past the piston
(D) none of the above

ABC-A ] [ 29 ] [ P.T.O.
192. In designing a connecting rod, it is considered like ............... for buckling
about X-axis.
(A) both ends fixed
(B) both ends hinged
(C) one end fixed and the other end hinged
(D) one end fixed and the other end free

193. For high speed engines, a rocker arm of ................ should be used.
(A) rectangular section (B) I-section
(C) T-section (D) circular

194. The helix angel for single helical gears ranger from
(A) 10° to 15° (B) 15° to 20°
(C) 20° to 35° (D) 35° to 50°

195. A bearing is designated by the number 405. It means that a bearing is

(A) light series with bore of 5  mm
(B) medium series with bore of 15  mm
(C) heavy series with bore of 25  mm
(D) light series with width of 20  mm

196. The power factor of a squirrel cage induction motor is

(A) Low at light load (B) Low at heavy load
(C) Low at light and heavy load (D) Low at rated load only

197. No substance can exist in the liquid phase in stable equilibrium

(A) at temperature below the triple point temperature
(B) at pressure below the triple point pressure
(C) at pressure above the triple point pressure
(D) at temperature above the triple point temperature

ABC-A ] [ 30 ] [ Contd...
198. An ideal vapour compression refrigerator operates between a condenser
pressure p1 and an evaporator pressure p2. Which of the following
changes would increase its COP?
(A) Increasing p1 by Dp and keeping p2 constant
(B) Decreasing p2 by Dp and keeping p1 constant
(C) Adopting wet compression
(D) Subcooling the refrigerant

199. In unsteady-state heat conduction for bodies with negligible temperature

gradients, the time temperature variation curve is
(A) linear (B) parabolic
(C) sinusoidal (D) exponential

200. For quick response of a thermocouple to observe varying temperatures

of fluids
(A) wire diameter must be large
(B) wire material density must be large
(C) wire material specific heat must be large
(D) wire surface heat transfer coefficients must be large

ABC-A ] [ 31 ]

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paper Details of Application
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(1)Name of The Book Name and Link of

the Website

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the Publisher

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જગ્યા� ંુ નામ : ………………………………………………………………………… �હ�રાત નં. : …………………………………………..

પ્રાથિમક કસોટ�ની તાર�ખ :૨૮/૦૧/૨૦૧૭ િવષય : …………………………………………………………………

પ્રોિવ�ઝનલ ઉમેદવારનો ઉમેદવારની ર�ુઆત.

ુ �લ પ્ર�પત્ર નો પ્ર�
વેબસાઇટ પર �ક આન્સર ક� � ૂ�ચત
સંદભર્/ મા�હતી �ોત
ક્રમાંક અને પ્ર� ુ બ જવાબ
�જ જવાબ ર�ુઆતની િવગત. વેબસાઇટની િવગત
(નકલ �બડવી.)
(A/B/C/D) (A/B/C/D)

(૧) �ુસ્તક�ુ ં નામ. વેબસાઇટ�ુ ં નામ.

(૨) પાના નંબર.

(૩) લેખક�ુ ં નામ.

(૪) પ્રકાશક�ુ ં નામ./ સરના�ુ.ં

(૫) પ્રકાશન�ુ ં વષર્.

ન�ધઃ- એક પાના ઉપર એક જ પ્ર�ની ર�ૂઆત લખવી, અન્ય પ્ર� માટ� અલગ પાન વાપર�ુ.ં તમામ � ૂચનો તા.૧૬/૨/૨૦૧૭ �ુધી મોકલી શકાશે.

ઉમેદવાર� ંુ નામ :-

બેઠક નં :-

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