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Frequently Asked Questions – Aqua+

1. What is Aqua+ and what is it used for?

Aqua+ is Sodium Hypochlorite solution (liquid chlorine) used to disinfect water and make it safe for drinking.

2. What are the product specifications of Aqua+?

The product specifications of Aqua+ are as follows:
 Each bottle is 50ml of Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine)
 Each bottle can treat 500 litres of water
 Shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacturing

3. How to use Aqua+?

Aqua+ is extremely easy to use.
 Add 2 drops of Aqua+ per litre of water
 Wait for 30 minutes
 Water is safe to drink

4. Can Aqua+ be used for well water and other sources of water?
Aqua+ can treat water from any source. If the water is turbid (cloudy), then it is required to filter the water using a
sari or muslin cloth before using Aqua+.

5. Is there any limitation to the quantity of water that Aqua+ can treat?
There is no limit to the quantity of water that Aqua+ can treat.

6. Does Aqua+ make the water taste bitter like chlorine tablets?
Chlorine tablets have a very high concentration of chlorine which results in the bitter taste. Aqua+ has a much
lower concentration which is enough to make the water safe without adding the bitter taste to the water. In our
consumer surveys, people actually prefer the taste of the water that has been treated with Aqua+

7. Can the water that has been treated with Aqua+ be refrigerated?
Water treated with Aqua+ can be refrigerated or be used for any purpose such as cooking, making tea etc.
However, since the water gets boiled while making tea/cooking, there really isn’t any need to purify that water.
But the water will be safe and can used for any purpose.

8. How is Aqua+ better than chlorine tablets and bleaching powder?

Aqua+ is better than chlorine tablets and bleaching powder because:

a. Chlorine tablets, bleaching powder etc. add a very strong and bitter taste to the treated water. So
generally people are not keen to use this solution. Our solution, Aqua+, on the other hand adds a little
sweetness to the water so that a person can know the water has been purified and yet not so strong that
it becomes objectionable. Our extensive field trials have shown that people actually enjoy the taste of this
treated water.

b. Chlorine tablets and bleaching powder can only purify minimum 10 litres or 20 litres of water depending
on their concentration (which also varies from case to case). So as a result, it becomes quite difficult for
the user to ascertain how much chlorine tablets/bleaching powder needs to be added. Also its take away
the flexibility of use (person is forced to purify a set quantity of water). Our Aqua+, through extensive
testing, has a calculated dosage of 2 drops per litre. So for the end user, if he/she wants to purify 1 litre
then add 2 drops, if its 2 litres then add 4 drops and so on. Thus providing ease of use compared to the
other solutions.

c. Chlorine tablets, bleaching powder even though provided by the government free of cost, are available
only in erratic supply. This leads to a lot of frustration in the consumers mind. Whereas our solution aims
to setup sustainable delivery channels so that the solution is always and easily available to the consumer.

9. Will the people be able to correctly use Aqua+?

Our USP of the product is its ease of use. The tag line is "Do boondokajadoo" which translates to "The magic of 2
drops" (related to using 2 drops per litre). So we are quite confident that the end user will be able to use the
product correctly after he/she has been exposed to the social marketing campaign.

10. Are there any side-effects of using Aqua+?

There are absolutely no side-effects of using Aqua+. The water treated with Aqua+ results in the Residual Chlorine
level of 0.5ppm which conforms to BIS and WHO standards.

11. How long can the water treated with Aqua+ be stored before consumption?
The treated water needs to be stored in clean and closed container (to eliminate re-contamination). As long as the
water is is kept in that container, it be stored for as long as required.
Another point that is quite unique to this solution (as compared to RO, UV and any other water purification
solution) is that is also provides residual protection. This means that when the water is stored and even if it gets
re-contaminated (either by dirty hands or dirty glass) there is a small amount of residual chlorine in water than can
disinfect the contamination. However if the water container is not covered, then this residual chlorine will
evaporate and the residual protection will no longer be available.
To summarize, the water can be stored in a clean and covered container for as long as you desire.

12. What all parameters does Aqua+ treat?

Aqua+ removes the bacteria from the water that cause water borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea etc. It does
not remove hardness or chemical contamination from the water. Other water purification technologies (such as
UV and other filters such as Pure-it and TATA Swach) also remove only bacteria contamination.

13. What all certifications does Aqua+ have?

Aqua+ has been extensively tested in our internal laboratories as well as external accredited laboratories. It has
been certified by Aquadiagnostics Laboratory, Bangalore. It has also been approved by the State Government of