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Andrea Hansen

COMM 1010-833-303
Professor Stephen Haslam
4 February 2019

Non-Verbal Observation
Notes from Class:
- Vocalics: the study of the voice; how the voice is used to express oneself (volume, pitch,
tone) (reveals emotion, attention, exasperation, level of excitement, sarcasm).
- Kinesics: the study of body movement; posture (shows attention, confidence,
competence, sometimes dominance).
- Gestures:
o Emblem  Substitute words for movement (with hands, arms, or fingers)
(like sign language); used to bring people together (gang signs, military signs,
anything done with the hand/arm/fingers to signify unity).
o Illustrator  Using our hands in the air to illustrate (like air guitar, or
showing “it was THIS big” and holding arms out wide)
o Affect Displays  Rolling your eyes, slouching posture, use of hands to
portray your feelings (like pointing with your middle finger)
o Regulations  Eye contact, using hands to “move conversation along” like
making the “come on, let’s be quick with it” motion/gesture.

People watching at Walmart: See pictures of notes and three examples attached below