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 I choose love
 Love conquers everythijng
 Isang paniniwala lang yung religion what is important is you praise and you believe in God.
 Hindi naman sinasabi na kapag nagpalit ka ng religion is hindi mo na mahal si God, what you just
did is change your perspective of how you praise Him.
 “God has no religion” – Mahatma Gandhi
 “love is the only universal language and worldwide religion.” – Swami Kripalu
 God is love.
 If you love someone, it doesn’t matter how her or his religion
 Robin Padilla and his wife (story)
 statistics

Persuasive Speech
What do you prefer love or religion?

According to …. May I ask you , are you willinh to take the risk of convertinh your religion into
your partner’s religion? Recently, there has been a debate about choosing love or choosing religion. I
choose love and I have three mmain points or reasons why I chose love. First, religion is just a
perspective . Second, love is our rwal religion. third, love conquers all. Let me ecplain each of them to

First, Religion is just a perspective. Religion is just a belief on how we praise God. It doesn’t
matter what your religion is, what matters is you love, follow and believe in God. If you love someone,
you are willing to sacrifice your religion and marry your love. Just like what Robin Padilla and his wife,
Mariel Padilla did. Robin was a Catholic before he married Mariel who was a muslim. If you change your
religion, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love God. You just change the belief on how you praise Him.

Second. Love is our real religion . According to Mahatma Gandhi, “God has no religion.” God did
not make our religions. It is us who made them. God didn’t told us to have a specific religion. God told
us to love one another, to praise and believe in Him. Sometimes, the cause of our religion is not really
God. Sometimes it’s because we don’t like the beliefs of the other religion. Remember our religion is
love. All of our religion is love. According to Swami Kripalu, “Love is the only universal language and
worldwide religion.” Why love? Because according to the bible verse 1 John 4:8, “God is love.” We
believe that love can do everything and the one can make us really happy, happier than choosing
religion. Religion just divides the humanity sometimes it causes war between people because of
different perspectives. But love, love doesn’t produce war, it produces peace.

Love conquers all. Just like what I said before, If you love someone the you are willing to change
your religion for Him. Everyone in the world believe that love conquers all. But why do they choose
religion over love? Because of is in their mind set. They think that if they marry someone who has a
different religion, they think that is a sin, but the real sin here is when you refuse to love him\her just
because you don’t have the same beliefs. Love doesn’t care about your imperfections as a person. What
matters is how perfcet you are as a couple and how you really love each other that you are willing to
sacrifice everything just to be with your partner even if it is sacrificing your rown religion. That’s why you
should choose love. With love, we can do anything. According to mariella frost, a muslim, she has a
bChrostian f before, and they chose to marry each oyjer but the problem is Muslims cant marry a non
muslim. At first, she was thinking about breaking up with him, but she decided to convert her religion
and marry him because he chose to embrace her family and she chose love over her religion.

Love is not just a perspective it is a real feeling. Love can do anything even though it takes risks
in changing someone’s religion. Love made us believe that religion is just a perspective, God has no
religion an love conquers all. Love will make us feel complete, that religion can’t do. Love will make us
feel the peace and happiness that religion can’t do because of the wars happening between them. Love
really conquers all. Love will guve yiur happiness if yoy choose it over your relihion. Now, would you.let
go of the person you love just because you don’t have the same religion?