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Forever and ever Darling

Chapter 1
I was awoken by the light that bled through the curtains.

My room was tinted orange from the morning sunrise. It made it feel warm, even a
bit more cozy than usual.

It could be compared to as if I was being layered with a thin sheet, as delicate as

a feather, yet engulfing like being covered in a thick blanket.

You could see the particles of dust effortlessly floating through the air traveling
within the unimpeaded light coming from the mid-point of the curtains.

Just watching it was peaceful

My mind felt hazy, and my head pulsed in the area where I had hit it yesterday.

Though the bleeding had stopped shortly after it occured, a bruise emerged an
swelled into a subtle lump.

My body ached in certain areas, this too was probably due to my being thrown around

I was lucky. It could been much worse.

What is this?


The sweet fragrance of a blend of strawberry and vanilla. Overpowering, yet mild at
the same time.

The mixing of white and red.


Turning my vision downward I was met with an overflow of a light shade of pink,
along with two spots of red.

A girl, resting her head on my right arm while embracing my torso.

I could feel the slight movements of her breathing, as well as heat from her body
flowing into mine.

Her hands gripped my back gently, twitiching from time to time. Tensing up, but
then soon after releasing.

Our chests were touching. I could feel her soft yet firm mounds clearly. It could
be one of the most pleasant feelings that I have ever felt, but I have no

method of explaining why. It just felt right.

"We went through hell just trying to get that to "be allowed" you know?"

Goro was standing up and dressed in his uniform, peering down at me still in bed.


"Ichigo was throwing up a storm demanding that ZeroTwo still had follow the rules
if she was going to be living here again, buuuut as her room is destroyed

the rest of us managed to get her to agree."

He said while smiling and giving a thumbs up

"Thank you"

I replied while smiling back

"I know how you feel Hiro."

Goro left the room to go for a walk outside. I remained in the room with the
sleeping girl, still continuing to embrace me.

I took my free hand and ran my fingers through her hair.

Its silky feel reminded me of water and how you could effortlessly slice through
it, yet only for it to be replaced by itself again.

It glistened when the stray ray of light reflecting off of it.

Her grasp then tightened around me momentarily and she inhaled in a bit deeper then
before than before, but then she relaxed herself again.

A few minutes had passed

The pink hair in front of me unexpectedly began to shift slowly like as if it were
in slow motion revealing a face.

A pale skin, tinted with a light blush.

Her eyes opened slowly, revealing a glimmer of turquoise with the excess of light
within the room.

Just the seeing them left me in awe. It was the first, and probably not the last,
time I would experience such wonderful sight.

Realizing the situation she broke the short amount of eye contact we had by turning
towards my chest, as if in shame.

A unmistakable yet subtle reddish hue appeared on her cheeks along with a
noticeable increase in her heartrate.

ZeroTwo let out an almost inaudible mumble and strengthened her embrace once again.


I looked down at her smiling, although, I as well was somewhat embarrased by this
situation. It was a completely new experience.

"Good morning, ZeroTwo"

Her gaze slowly arose once again to meet mine.

"I felt that this would be okay..."

She was referring to sleeping within the same bed as me as well as how she was
coiling around my body, still ashamed of the fact that she hadn't asked me before.
Of course it is okay...

"Why wouldn't it be?"

I replied with a questioning manner to make it seem like this situation was
ordinary attempting to disuade her from thinking she had done something wrong.

Her lips formed a bright smile while she continued to look into my eyes.

This scene where we were both entranced by eachother's gaze carried on for a few
more seconds although it was disturbed by a short, blue haired girl bursting
through the


Chapter 2
Ichigo eyed the two of us laying down but quickly diverted her attention elsewhere.

As she moved to open the curtains the heels of her shoes colliding with the wooden
floor made a harsh clunking sound,

you could tell that something was bothering her.

The room overflowed with a blinding wave of pure light from which its intensity
could be felt through heat.


I was somewhat baffled by her appearance.

Within our time at this plantation the other girls of squad 13 had never set foot
in the boys wing, and the same went

for us never going to the girls' side either.

Looking down on us her arms were crossed and her mouth was forming a slight scowl,
however before speaking it dispersed

into a light yet false smile.

"It will be time for breakfast soon, so start getting ready..."

"Right" I replied

She then looked at the pink haired girl embracing me tightly who was also just
blinded by sudden of

light within the room.

"...you too ZeroTwo"

The girl next to me looked up at her, wide-eyed in surpise.

Moments after she responded in a soft voice along with a nod.

Ichigo's smile had widened slightly.

Ichigo left the room shortly afterward, before that however she had mentioned that
there were going to be some changes

in regard to our lifestyle.

The pink haired girl had rested her head back down to where it was originally on my
arm and pulled the bed's

blanket over the two of us.

One could easily feel abundance of body heat radiating from her, it was similar to
the feeling of when steam from

bath touches your skin.

Ocasionally her feet would touch mine, they were cold at first but they soon warmed
up as well.

Everything that happened for some reason felt pleasing.

I would never want it to end, however...

"Zerotwo, we have to get ready..."

I told her while making a slight movement with the arm she was resting on.

Once again with slow movement the pink hair in front of me unveiled a face.

She had a pouty look as if she was unsatisfied.

The scent of her hair continued to linger, still potent as ever.

Our eyes met again, but this time for longer, the seconds passed feeling like

We looked into eachother like as if we were looking through a window, and other the
other side of that window was a strange

unexplainable sense of beauty.

This scene was broken however by the girl moving one of her hands to my face and
running her fingers down it, repeating again

once they had reached the bottom of my chin.

She smiled brightly, filled with joy, and spoke in a calm voice.

"Lets go, Darling!"

The pink haired girl sat up from where she was laying down and stretched her arms
while making a few soft breathing sounds before relaxing again.

The horns on her head were about regular size again although they were not the same
shape as before, something would probably done

about that sooner or later.

There was a small black briefcase next to the bed from which she retrieved a clean
dress-uniform, undergarmen...and legg...

"Darling! I am going to get dressed, no peeking!"

She was being playful and motioned with her finger.

Wouldn't just going to the bathroom to change be a better idea?..

I turned around and before I knew it her sleepwear was thrown down next to my feet.

Now thinking about it...she wasn't worried about before when I saw her...


Why was it different now?..

I could hear her rustling around behind me. The sound of the fabric against her

For some reason there was this sense of curiosity buildng up within my mind, the
desire to see what was going on behind, although, I don't understand

where it was coming from.

"You didn't seem to be very concerned when I saw you without anything on the first
time... Has something changed?.."

The words just slipped out of my mouth without thinking.

A slight moment passed, nothing was said.

Suddenly I could hear slow foot steps, they were getting closer.

I was embraced by two arms from behind, her chin resting on my shoulder.

Through the touching of our bodies I could feel that her hearbeat was somewhat
raced as well as her breathing was noticeably heavier.

So was mine...

She opened her mouth slightly to begin speaking.

Chapter 3
Authors Note:
Hello. First let me thank you for clicking on this to read my story,
it is my first time doing such a thing, and for those of you who have expressed
your like for my story in the comments thank you again.
I have finally decided on a route that I wish to take my piece, and I find that it
will be in tune with our main character's wishes. A more beautiful path where the
light shines brightly and the mellow sound of life can be heard.
The story will still be a more more explicit in certain manners, however I do plan
to keep things all within their own limits.

I do hope you stick around for what is to come.


The girl next to me, who usually had an answer for most things, was somewhat at
loss for words.

A few seconds passed with us in this postition.

What could the reason be for her to be acting like this?

Her embrace then tightened around me and an almost inaudible mumbled sentence
exited her mouth, full of guilt,
as if she was confessing to a crime.

"It's supposed to be special... I don't want Darling to get tired of seeing me..."

The innocent idea she proposed through her answer perplexed me.
It was unusual for her to be open in this manner.
How interesting...

"Is that all?.."

My response came in an somewhat serious tone.

She nodded her head timidly while it remained to be somewhat attached to my



At this moment an urge flared brightly within me, This urge's existence was foreign
to me, yet at the same time it felt natural, like as if it was something that was
meant to be.
My mind began to feel blurry, and my body started acting upon its own will.

With my own I took the girl's hands that were around me and removed myself from her
Still close to eachother I turn around, her eyes refected a glint of saddeness as
they met with mine once again.

She couldn't finish

The urge had reached meltdown.

My lips pressed against hers, and my arms wrapped around her back pulling her body
as close as possible to mine.
Everything about her was soft, especially her lips.

In suprise I felt a sudden expel of breath upon my face followed by a slight

trembling moment.
There was a certain familiar heat radiating from her skin that could be felt from
the short distance away that mine was.
I wanted to feel more of it, however at that moment I was content.

The girls hands met my back and held onto me firmly, locking us together.
I could once again feel her chest pushed against mine, an inexplicably pleasant
The area where our faces met began to feel moist, and I could taste something new.
More of her.

This scene lasted for a few moments but then I began to pull away slowly as my mind
began to feel hazy.
A small string of saliva briefly continued to link our faces before it too broke
The girl in front of me looked somewhat flustered, a light pink illuminating her
I gave my answer to her plight conjoined with a warm smile.

"I don't think it is even possible for me to get tired of seeing you. We will
always be together ZeroTwo."
What I said was from the bottom of my heart.
I would never break the promise I made to her in the beginning.

Upon hearing my words it looked as if she was attempting to smile with great
effort, however, her face became disheveled followed by tears slowly trickling down
her face.
With my finger I reached towards her chin and managed to aquire one of them and put
it in my mouth to taste it.
It had the salty taste that a tear usually has, exept...

"Sweet...I like it!"

She looked at me in disbelief, and more tears followed.

Would I be able to get dressed at some point?

The two of us gradually walked down the hallway towards the dining hall.
The pink haired girl was holding onto my pinky finger with her own.

Voices of the others could be heard as we got closer.

Futoshi was mentioning something regarding bread while it seemed like Ichigo was
telling someone else what to do.
Before entering the hall I felt a slight tug in the opposite direction that we were
The girl seemed a bit hesitant after what she had done in the past.

I fully grasped her hand and smiled

"Lets go.~"
Chapter 4
Authors Note:
Hello. To those who are new, welcome, and to those who have been reading since the
beginning, welcome back.
I feel that this chapter is more of a linking one to the main story, as I am still
using it as a minor guideline after all.

Please leave any comments or thoughts you have, as I do read everything and very
much appreciate hearing from you.

I hope you enjoy.


We were seated at our normal gender corresponding tables.

There was a noticeable flat mood in the room due to less light being present than
usual. The food in front of us, that looked it came from a plantation rations
container, had been prepared by Ichigo and Kokoro.

Contact with Hachii and Nana had been unsuccessful, and our ever mysterious
caretakers, the ones that usually provided us with warm meals and clean clothes,
were absent.
We were told to save water and power, but had no other knowledge about the
situation below.
Had Papa forgotten about us?
It reminded me of the past, I had questions, but lacked answers.
At this moment however, I felt that didn't matter as much as I was with her again.

In front of me Zorome and Futoshi were chatting about the events of yesterday, the
battle that we had made it though together.
Goro was eating quietly, from time to time glancing over in the direction of where
Ichigo was sitting, but then quickly returning his attention to what was in front
of him.
His affection for her continued to show itself, even after his action of leaving
Delphinium's cockpit for my sake.
Hey really was good person.

On the other side of the room, the pink haired girl was seated next to Ikuno.
Her posture was a bit slumped while she refrained from making much eye contact.
She acted meekly, only occasionally picking at the food in front of her, assumably
still feeling that she didn't fit in.
This had been noticed by those surrounding her.

After a few minutes Ikuno broke the impending silence.

"ZeroTwo, You like sweet things don't you? Would you like my honey?"

In her hand she held out a small sqeezable packet that was included with the
rations we were eating.

The girl looked at her with suprised face but nodded slighty moments afterward.
She took the small packet from Ikuno whose lips were making a warm, satisfied
It was then opened where there were markings indicating where it could be torn.
Sluggishly the golden liquid began to pour out from the excess pressure applied to
the rear of the container by her fingers.
She promptly layed out a biscuit on her tray and allowed the liquid to cover the
top, giving it a golden sheen.
Then still with a timid demeanor, she put it into her mouth and ate it.
Her face lit up with elation and bounced up and down on her seat faintly.

The other girls at her table, amused by her reaction, chuckled.

Their relationship seemed to be improving already.

"Why is it that you like sweets so much ZeroTwo?~"

Kokoro, who was sitting on the other side of Ikuno, passed her packet of honey down
towards the opposite end of the table as well.

The girl with pink hair seemed to ponder the question momentarily, attempting to
remember the past.
A smug grin then arose from her lips.

"That's a secret!~"

Her gaze briefly turned to me and continued to smile splendidly.

I had remembered it all too well now.

That important part of my life that had been forcibly forgotten.

We had walked through the snow covered forest without any knowledge about the
outside world.
Although I couldn't communicate with her I felt, like myself at one point, that she
was hungry.
At one moment when we had stopped to rest by a tree I took out from my pocket two
pieces of candy, one green and one yellow.
She looked at the green piece that I showed her with curiousity, unknowing of what
it was meant for.
I took it out of the wrapper, told her to open her mouth, and put it in.
Her reaction was that of ecstasy, expreiencing a feeling that had never been felt

"Its just why you like sweets so much, why is it a secret?"

Miku, who had been listening, seemed somewhat unsatisfied with the response that
the girl with pink hair gave.
Before answering the girl had put another biscuit layered with honey in her mouth,
she spoke while chewing.

"It is a very special memory for me. I was shown a whole new part of life that I
had never seen before. Not going to say.~"

The girl with pigtails crossed her arms, still unsatisfied.

"Fine then"

Breakfast continued until we all finished.

The trays we ate off of were left in a pile on the end of one of the tables.
We were going to have to clean them later but at the moment there were more
important issues that had to be taken care of.

The first one was water.

What we had at the building was nowhere near enough to keep us going so we would
have to use the ponds located within the Mistilteinn.

Our survival would depend on us.

Chapter 5
Authors Note:
Another bit of connecting story...
As always thank you for reading and for leaving your comments.

Expect an interesting and lengthy chapter 6

The air around me felt different.

Paired with the smell of grass, it lacked the feeling of humidity that we had been
accustomed to since the beginning.
The multiple holes in the ceiling set the vapor free from its cage.
Allowing it to fly effortlessly towards the sky.

Various echos from animals could be heard throughout the forest as I paced through
Though there was a lack of bird cries that had been abundant before.
They too probably escaped, yet we still remained here.
Would we get a turn?

Goro and I were checking the bodies of water that were spread out across the
It seems that the plantation's hydro-cycle has stopped functioning, leaving the
liquid to remain stagnant.
If the water smelled and tasted fine then we would mark it on a map and proceed to
the next area.

"This one seems fine too"

I told him while standing up from the edge of a pond.
We had visited over half of the locations marked, most were alright to drink from,
although I didn't know for how long they would last that way.

"R-right, lets go on then"

Goro had been looking at the ground intensely, but he snapped out of his trance
upon hearing my confirmation.
His attention seemed to be wandering off from time to time today, as if something
else was on his mind.
He made the necessary marks and waited for me to make it over to him..

While walking to the next location we were passed by two squirrels.

One chased after the other playfully and then the roles would switch, each being
happy with the other.
As they raced up a tree you could see them leaping from branch to branch together.

My friend who was next to me then spoke in a low tone.

"You were staring at her all through breakfast, its like you two are were destined
to be together."

I took a step away, suprised by his observation that he made seem just like a
casual comment.

"You were watching me the whole time? I was just seeing if she was fitting in

My retort sounded mostly like a dull excuse.

He grinned at my reaction.

"Yes, yes"

His then gaze turned towards the squirrels again, they continued to play within the
branches of a tree.

"I wish I could have someone look out for me like that"

I didn't reply, letting the atmosphere of our conversation sink into an awkward
We had almost reached our destination before he spoke once again in a dejected

"Hiro.. What does it feel like to be held in the arms of someone you care about?.."

The felt atmosphere sunk further.

The image of Ichigo had come into mind.
She was the one he was talking about, his love.

The silence from before continued as I struggled to find the words to answer his
When I found myself in that position this morning, I didn't attempt to define the
feeling within my mind, I only experieced it and felt an unknown, homely sense of

"If I had to describe it... warmth, or affection perhaps... I dont't understand

much myself right now..."
It was as best of an explantation I could give, for now at least.

He pondered my response for a while, allowing what I had said to dwell deep within

"I see..."

Upon returning a certain unrest could be sensed within the house.

Like Goro and I, jobs had been assigned to most of the others.
The pink haired girl had be told to clean her room by Ichigo, and Kokoro had
offered to help her.

Going up stairs, the floor creaked beneath me after each step taken.
The voices of two people chatting became louder the more I continued, although it
was difficult to make out what was actually being said.
Compared to before the air didn't seem as tense.
I knocked on the closed, wooden door, and waited.

It opened only moments after and I was greeted by a pleased smiled from her.


Kokoro could be seen in the backgound sitting on the edge of the bed, they appeared
to be resting.

I was pulled inside and shown everything that had been done.
The walls had been cleaned, and a few of the large scratches had been covered over
with tape.
A rug had been placed in the middle of the floor and the sheets and pillows had
been replaced as well.
It was still quite noticeable that something had gone on within that room but
overall it looked better than before.
It wasn't much, yet it made me feel somewhat comfortable.

From here our day continued.

We were still able to do as we wanted, although the evening brought its own set of
new experiences
Chapter 6- The start of a future I
Authors Note:
Sorry for the wait, please enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think.
Look forward to the next one.

As the day the sun followed its path towards the horizon once again.
The sky that had been painted a light blue transformed into one filled with a
splendid blend of yellow and orange.
Becoming less harsh on the eye as time went on, almost like a candle reaching its
final minutes of burning.
Stars began to emerge from their hiding spots, revealing vast networks of

Within our cage that had once been controlled, the temperature slowly cooled as the
presence of the sun diminished.
It was a subtle change, yet noticeable...
On occasions a breeze could be felt, making the leaves on trees dance while still
being fixed to their branches.

Our dinner, like breakfast, consisted of rations that had been provided by the
We children ate within the dining room illuminated from the warm light of candles.
As we chatted, smiles and laughter was without absence.
Even in our situation, everyone seemed to be content, especially her.

The time that we had set to go to bed approached as what remained of the day was
Although our caretakers had still not contacted us, we felt that it was still
important continue certain standards.
Before doing that however, there was still a matter that had to be addressed.
The water supply within the house was not sufficient enough to allow us to clean

In search of a solution, the idea of using one of the ponds to bathe had been
proposed by Mitsuru.
It was a surprise that he would even suggest something of the sort.
At first, all the girls except one were somewhat uneasy over this thought of being
naked outside, however as there were no other reasonable options they too accepted
after a while.

We boys had been told to go first.

There was a quite apparent lack of trust for us when it came to these kinds of
After what had happened in the past, I couldn't blame them.

With everything we needed in hand, we went to the pond that had been chosen.
The sun had inched closer towards the horizon, leaving us little light.
The sound of bugs could be heard from the forests in the surrounding area, bringing
them to life.

"You guys are walking too slow, I am going ahead!"

Zorome, being impatient, changed his pace to that of a slow jog.

Without a second of hesitation his close friend Futoshi followed him while letting
out a yell.

"Hey wait for me, come back here!"

Although they fought at times they really were fond of each other.
We could only hear the two of them again once we neared the pond.
Their voices were followed by various echoes of splashing sounds.

The water was cold, able to make the unexpecting entrant recoil from the short, yet
sharp pain it gave.
Sitting inside of it felt refreshing, and made it seem as if any aches within my
body, were being allowed to dissipate into the clear liquid enveloping me.

Chatter came from the others, discussing events that had occurred during the day.
Like earlier, Goro was more detached from any conversation, looking bothered more
than anything else.
I wanted to help, however I didn't know how to approach him about it, his situation
was somewhat different to mine.
Primarily, a more appropriate time when not as many people were around would be

Our walk back had been guided by the faint glow of the moon.
Its pale blue hue illuminated the path in front of us.

The girls were waiting inside with their belongings.

In her hand, Ichigo had a small lantern to guide their way.
"Maybe it would be a better idea to do this earlier in the day~"

Goro spoke in a slightly humorous tone to her, attempting to be friendly.

She simply only agreed with him.

The girl with pink hair was timidly looking over in my direction.
In her hands she had her sleepwear, a towel, and a bottle.
That bottle was probably the origin of the scent that I could smell this morning.

I moved closer to not have to speak as loud.

"Let's chat later, okay Zerotwo?"

Upon hearing my words her delicate, pink lips formed a small smile.

"Okay Darling, i'll look forward to it~"

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Ichigo looking at the two of us with a
saddened grimace.
In whatever situation there was always someone unsatisfied.

Soon after both groups went their separate ways again.

We had not done much today, yet my body felt oddly fatigued.
Laying on my bed, my chest felt as if an invisible weight was being put on top of
it, holding me down and making it impossible to get back up.
Goro was in the room as well, he was hanging up his uniform from today, allowing it
to air before reusing it tomorrow.
Other than the occasional sound of his rustling clothes it was silent.

In the midst the calmness my mind turned cloudy once again.

My eye-lids shut slowly, ignoring any order to reopen. Almost helpless, I gave in
to the urge.

As if being hit with something, I awoke with a jolt, nearly hitting my head on the
bunk above.
The room was dark, and its other inhabitant had gone to sleep.
I had been covered up with a sheet.
A clock on one of the tables read that it was a quarter past one in the morning.


Soft thumps could be heard as I ran as quickly and quietly as possible through the
Having a few close-calls with knocking into furniture along the way.

I opened the room's door without hesitation.

There she was.

The girl with pink hair was lying down on her side, on top of the bed.
Her arms wrapped around her knees, curled into a ball.
A saddening sight...

The candle by the window had burnt down to the bottom, now only existing as a
puddle of white wax.
The room was dark, only barely being illuminated by the dim shine of the moon.

Her head gently lifted from its resting place on the sheet.

A soft voice reached my ears, one filled with loneliness.


I called out in response.

Her head only raised more, and body began to shift from its position.

"I thought that you were not going to come... that you had forgotten about me..."

The eyes that looked at me reflected the moonlight, making them shine.
She had waited for hours.
I was stricken by a plague of guilt.
Although it hadn't been intentional, I had no excuse.

On the spur of the moment, my body moved hastily towards the bed, embracing the
pink haired girl with a firm grasp.
The potent scent of strawberry and vanilla lingered, the same from this morning.

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep.."

Her cheeks were slightly damp.

Nothing else was said for a while.
Her arms had found their way around my waist, pulling me closer.

"Stay here now, don't leave again.."

The girl with pink hair gazed up to me again.

I could feel goosebumps on her arms and a weak beating from her chest along with
its soft press against mine.
What was there even to think about?
The answer was obvious.

"I will stay with you every day for the rest of my life, ZeroTwo."

Her face buried into my shoulder, allowing moisture to seep through my clothes and
come in contact with the skin underneath.

"It's a bit chilly, let's get under the sheet alright?"

I had begun to pull down the white cover from the head of the bed whilst speaking
She nodded and grabbed on to the other side.

We both lay in the bed, sharing the single pillow.

The tips of our noses only being the width of a finger away from each other.
Legs slightly interlocked, her feet were freezing.

"Do you-
Chapter 7- The start of a future II
Authors Note:

Hi guys sorry for the wait again, I have been pretty busy with university and other
things. Recently I have been having a bit of a mental block when it comes to
writing, let me know what needs to be improved on and I will try to fix it in the
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Thank you for all your patience, remember let me know what you think and enjoy.
I will try my bes to get the next chapter out sooner.
Ps: I know the show looks quite bleak for our couple right now, but have some
faith, the wedding steadily approaches.

I was silenced by the soft press of her tender, trembling lips against my own.
Any distance between our faces had been closed almost instantly.
A faint taste of mint spread within my mouth, originating from the slight mixing of
our saliva.
An intense heat radiated from her cheeks, almost as if that too was reaching out to
engulf me in a homely feeling.
She gripped onto my arm and pulled my body even closer to hers, having certain
parts press against each other even more than before.

I wished that this moment would have lasted forever, but eventually the girl with
pink hair pulled away from me reluctantly.
Her large eyes gazed into mine while softly panting from being out of breath.

"There was no reason for you to forgive me after how I abused you, and yet you

Her words were layered with remorse while recalling the past.
It was true, I had been taken advantage of maybe even killed.
I had been called fodder, something just to be unhesitatingly consumed for the sole
purpose of advancing another's dream,
Any other person most likely would of held a grudge, resenting the other for being
a monster, however for me that was not the case...
The only thing before my eyes was a girl with pink hair, a girl who is just as
fragile as anyone else.
To protect herself from the cruel world she made it seem like nothing mattered,
however within her mind she continued to suffer day after day.

I grinned before responding in a whisper.

"You once told me that kissing someone means that they belong to you, therefore as
you kissed me I belong to you- "

The girl with pink hair looked discontent with my explanation and interrupted me

"Darling...that was out of my own selfishness, you-"

I did the same, but now placing my finger over her lips.
They had a pleasant texture that felt delicate.

"-and as I kissed you, you belong to me Zerotwo..."

Her eyes widened and mouth remained ajar, almost if she had been frozen.
Illuminated by the dim light emitted from the moon, tears found their way down her
cheeks once again.
They left a reflective trail that glimmered only enough for one to briefly see that
they were there.


With the hand that I had used to silence her before, I retrieved a tear that had
reached the tip of her nose and was about to fall to the pillow below.
Afterwards, without hesitation I put the same finger in my mouth.
At first it was salty; however, a more complex taste steadily took its place.
"It was horrible wasn't it? I hate my taste, and you will too..."

Her voice was somber, carrying the unmistakable weight of resentment with every
She continued to look into my eyes in search of confirmation, but there was none.

"Sweet...I love it. It reminds me of you and your pretty horns."

Hearing my response, she looked stupefied, but then hastily buried her face into
the pillow that we shared.
One of her hands came to further hide herself.

"...Darling is a pervert!"

Had I said something strange?


Although her speech was muffled it was still coherent.

"I don't mind that though..."

Within a matter of seconds, the girl with pink hair had her head on my chest,
laying within my arms.
Through our clothes I could feel the press of her body against me, and for some
reason it all felt pleasing.
All of her felt soft, comparable to the sensation of silk.

Once again, our lips pressed together.


And again.

This room that before had felt chilly, now had started feeling warm.
The heat from our bodies radiated onto each other, the feeling of her breath
against my face, in conjunction the air had a unique humidity to it.

Our legs were interlocked, and her feet were touching with mine.
They too were giving off a lot of warmth.
Her hair, saturated with the pleasant odor of shampoo, fell upon my left shoulder.

Like this morning an urge had begun to develop within me, yet it remained foreign.
I wanted to do something, but I did not know what.

"Never let go of me."

What she said was only a mumble, but it was more than enough for me to hear.
I tightened my grasp around her, increasing the pressure between our bodies being
pressed together.

"I won't, never again"

Her lips formed a wide smile that struck me as something profoundly beautiful.
Something that I wanted to protect.
Something that I wanted to keep on make happen for the rest of my life.
A pink blush lightly painted her cheeks and her gaze diverted towards one of the

"...Hey Darling...do you remember the pro-"

"The girl's room is right under this one you know? I could keep hearing noises, but
now I know why?"

The room's door opened.

Unveiled from the shadow, a girl entered the room.
Her arms were crossed, looking somewhat displeased.

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