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Gauge Thickness chart & Information

Gauge Is thickness. The higher the gauge number the thinner the metal.

The chart below shows approximate gauge thickness for metal to give a relative
idea of different gauges. It is in American Standard Gauge of Average wire
gauge thickness.

Dimension Dimension
Gauge -Thickness inches millimeters NOTES
thick thick
.258 THICK WIRE .For
2 inch or 6.54 large sculptures &
mm armatures- cuts
best with a bolt
over 1/4
cutter or saw.
inch thick
4 .204 5.189 large sculptures &
armatures- cuts
inch mm best with a bolt
cutter or saw.

6 .162 4.1mm
THICK WIRE .For large
sculptures & armatures-
cuts best with a bolt cutter
or saw.
8 .128 a
little over 3.26 mm
1/8 inch
.114 inch 2.91 mm

2.6 mm
.102 inch

12 2 mm thick
About as thick as a standard
.081 inch 50 wire coat hanger
This and thicker is
14 .064 inch Considered PLATE METAL
a bit thicker
1.6 mm in sheet metal. as in "copper
than 1/16 inch plate"

.051 inch 1.30 mm

A bit thicker than a standard

18 paper clip in wire. Heavy PLATE
.04 inch 1 mm METAL in sheet metal. as in
"copper plate"

About the thickness of

20 .032 inch .80mm a standard paper clip.

22 . 025 .65mm

23 .023 or 23 Standard heavy weight

.576 mm Sheet metal for larger craft
work, roofing and range
Photo shows Approximate thickness: 23 gauge hoods etc. In copper sheet it
is 1 pound per square foot

For sheet metal it cuts with a

tin snips or saw
Heavy weight Sheet metal.

For sheet metal it cuts with a

24 .020 or 20 .5 mm -half a tin snips or saw
Mil millimeter
A medium fine wire for

.016 .40 mm

.010 also Medium weight

known as 10 sheet - cuts with a
30 mil
as it is
.25 mm 1/4
scissors. twice as thick
as 36 gauge below, But a
very thin wire- not very
inch thick
.005 also
known as 5 Heavy FOIL:
36 mil .125 mm 1/8
as it is mm Standard
5/1000 inch Embossing &
tooling & foil. Cuts
with a scissors.
7 times thicker than
household aluminum foil.
Medium weight foil
slightly lighter than above
38 .004 .101 mm
Extremely thin wire
thin foil- Household"tin"
.0014 Aluminum foil- called
45-50 very thin foil - standard
aluminum kitchen foil "tin foil"