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GEd 101: Understanding the Self

GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Read the questions and statements carefully. Use of pencil and/or friction pen is not allowed.
Only submit the answer sheet to your proctor. Strictly NO ERASURES.

59. True or False. Choose T if the statement is TRUE and F if it is FALSE.

1. The Philippines is the second fastest-growing market of smartphones in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
2. Self-presentation is a range of strategies that people adopt to shape what others think of them.
3. Self-enhancement refers to a deliberate attempt to distort one’s responses in order to create a favorable impression
with others.
4. Research results suggest that teenagers stay closer to reality in their online expressions of self than has previously
been suggested.
5. In sociology, identity theory explains that individuals have “roles identities.”
6. One concern of gender and sexuality online is that boys raised in a traditional manner are socialized to conceal
their emotion.
7. According to whichcountry’s top ten religions in the world, Shintoism is the least populated religion.
8. After Dungan leaves the physical body, it goes with the air to the upper regions, waits, and finds another body to
9. According to Ilocanos, the Dungan is not located in any specific part of the body, but is proportionate to the size
of the person’s body.
10. Social identity is the same between the modern era and post-modern period.
11. Filipinos are pessimists, always finding things to complain about.
12. The Dungan may leave the body voluntarily while the person is asleep, according to the Bisayans.
13. Ceremony refers to movements or gestures expressing feelings or beliefs beyond the limitations of speech.
14. Social media allows people to adopt identities independent of the bodies and the markers it contain.
15. In a study referenced by Santrock in 2014, it was revealed that adult women are more religious than adult men.
16. Spirituality can never be related to the concept of sacredness.
17. Studies show that good leaders change their goals one after the other.
18. Ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.
19. Whatever you put on the internet, stays on the internet, even if you delete them 0.01 seconds after posting them
20. Filipinos are time-conscious.

60. Classification. Choose the letter that best describes the leadership style of the following images.

A. Autocratic Leadership
B. Democratic Leadership
C. Laissez-faire leadership



III. Multiple Choice. Choose the letter of the best answer.

26. It refers to sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images
primarily with the use of mobile phones.
A. Texting C. Sex Texting
B. Sexting D. Pornography

27. Jo suddenly experiences swollen abdomen and persistent abdominal pain. Her grandma thinks small
invisible insectss have went up her intestine and liver, announcing that she is a victim of ______.
A. Barang C. Albulario
B. Kulam D. Tikbalang

28. Little Valerie saw a “giant” sitting by the mango tree at the food of the mountain near their house. She
tells her Mama this creature she saw, and her Mama immediately interpreted this as little Valerie seeing
a tikbalang. She immediately tells this story to her sister, to her nephews and niece, to her neighbor, and
even to the person living nearest the mango tree. This is an example of?
A. Myth C. Folklore
B. Mystery D. Witchcraft

29. It is the degree by which one is affiliated with an organized religion in terms of the person’s
participation in the prescribed rituals and practices, connection with its beliefs, and involvement with its
community of believers.
A. Spirituality
B. Spiritual identity
C. Religiousness
D. Animosity

30. Klaus, from the Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy, can talk to the dead. What does he
A. Magic C. Wizardry
B. Witchcraft D. Necromancy

31. Outside the digital world, Cey is quiet and shy around people even her friends. But when she’s online on
Twitter, she’s loud and shares almost everything that has happened to her throughout the day. What does
Cey exemplify?
A. Dissociative anonymity
B. Dissociative imagination
C. Solipsistic introjection
D. None of the above

32- 33. Dave is a 47-year-old man who has befriended Kacie, a teenager who has just explored the wonders
of the internet and chatrooms in 2002. Dave had pretended he was this 17-year-old senior in high school
from another state, who has relatives in the same state Kacie lives in. What has Dave taken advantage of
in order to be friends with a teenage girl? (Based on a true story)
A. Asynchronicity
B. Invisibility
C. Affinity
D. Integrity

34. Fast food chains in the Philippines don’t let their customers clean up after themselves. They have bus
boys and girls for that. This exemplifies what?
A. Pakikipagkapwa-tao
B. Balat sibuyas
C. Conservative Filipinos
D. Hospitable Filipinos

35. Wearing of cap and gown during graduation is an example of?

A. Rite C. Ceremony
B. Ritual D. Witchcraft

36. Saying “I do” in a wedding is an example of?

A. Rite C. Ceremony
B. Ritual D. Witchcraft

37. Shaking of hands upon first meeting is an example of?

A. Rite C. Ceremony
B. Ritual D. Witchcraft

38. Holding a wedding is an example of what?

A. Rite C. Ceremony
B. Ritual D. Witchcraft

39. Brian has been an employee at JYP Entertainment for a few years now. He has a couple of juniors, those
who came to the company after him. Oftentimes, Brian would stay late, beyond working hours just to
prove how hardworking he is to his juniors. This is an example of?
A. Ingratiation
B. Exemplification
C. Intimidation
D. Supplication

40. This hypothesis states that psychological and behavioral differences between boys and girls become
greater during early adolescence because of increased socialization pressure to conform to masculine
and feminine gender roles.
A. Gender intensification
B. Gender stereotype
C. Gender identity
D. Sexual orientation

41. This is referred to as the adult form of cyber-bullying.

A. Cyber harassment C. Digital identity
B. Toxic disinhibition D. Human trafficking

42. Home for the Aged, though exists, is not very common in the Philippines. The reason for this is because
Filipinos regard ___________ as very important.
A. Time
B. Family orientation
C. Pakikipagkapwa-tao
D. None of the above

43-44. It is not common for Filipino bosses to tell the person reporting to them, “You’re fired!” Other than the
fact that there should be legal procedures in dismissing someone from work, this is also not an
acceptable behavior in our society. This is considered as ______________.
A. a euphemism that masks a more offensive wording.
B. a subtle approach in telling someone they did badly at work.
C. something that saves face for an employee, and helps them leave the organization gracefully.
D. None of the above
45. This self explores how social and economic concepts profoundly affect the mental health and well-being
of a person.
A. Material self C. Political Self
B. Spiritual self D. Digital Self

46. Which is the best example of informational influence?

A. Using facebook because it is a trend and everybody’s using it, and it’s generally a good thing
B. Using facebook because you were told there are useful information and news you can get there
C. Using facebook because you will be left out if you don’t
D. All of the above

47. Who is the philosopher behind the meaning in life, the will to meaning, and the freedom to will?
A. James C. Logos
B. Santrock D. Frankl

48. This means ‘affairs of the cities’

A. Politika C. Laissez-faire
B. Karuruwa D. Tabula rasa

49. Prior to Catholicism brought by the Spaniards in 1521, what do you call the Filipinos traditional
indigenous religion?
A. Animism
B. Paganism
C. Scientology
D. None of the above

50. These are the leaders that avoid making decisions, hesitate in taking action, and lets their group
members do all the decision-making.
A. Autocratic leaders
B. Democratic leaders
C. Transformational leaders
D. Laissez-faire leaders

51. It is the degree by which one is affiliated with an organized religion in terms of the person’s participation
in the prescribed rituals and practices.
A. Religiousness C. Spiritual identity
B. Spirituality D. Self-efficacy

52. It is a terms used to describe everything that cannot be explained by the laws of nature, including ghosts,
gods, non-material beings, etc.
A. Supranatural C. Supernatural
B. International D. Belief

53. Sammy uses different account on Twitter, one as a seller, one as big fan of Avengers, one as a die-hard
fan of EXO, and another one as an anti-fan of BTS. Nobody knows that behind these four accounts is one
and the same person. What is being exemplified?
A. Self-presentation
B. Self-promotion
C. Dissociative anonymity
D. Dissociative imagination

54. When I was a child, one of my aunts got married. A few days before her wedding, my grandma, and the
grandmas from neighboring houses came to our house to make suman and pack dulot. This can be an
example of?
A. Damayan
B. Diskarte
C. Paggalang
D. None of the above

55. What does the Law of Two Feet state?

A. “When you find yourself neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet and go to some more
productive places.”
B. “When you find yourself learning and contributing, use your two feet and go to some more productive
C. “When you find yourself just learning but contributing, use your two feet and go to some more
productive places.”
D. “When you find yourself neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet and go to some less
productive places.”

56. Which refers to movements or gestures expressing feelings or beliefs beyond the limitations of speech?
A. Ritual C. Cult
B. Rite D. Ceremony

57-58. It is common practice for K-pop fans to donate coal briquettes during winter, rice bags for the hungry,
plant rainforests, build schools in Africa, and donate money in times of disaster using the name of their
idols as the donor. These are seen as philanthropic, and it is very commonly organized on the internet.
This shows an example of_________?
A. Benign disinhibition
B. Toxic disinhibition
C. Bullying
D. Organized activity

59. Jae is a Korean-American currently living in Seoul, South Korea. He rarely speaks in Korean, but instead
speaks in English whenever he’s in trouble or needs help from the locals. Jae is exemplifying what type
of self-presentation?
A. Intimidation C. Self-promotion
B. Supplication D. Ingratiation

60. What is the Tagalog word for ‘voodoo’?

A. Barang C. Animismo
B. Kulam D. Duwa


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A great business has to have a conscience. You have to know who you are and who you are not.
-- Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO


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