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Part One: Reading Comprehension: (Score: /16)

Read the following text about Nelly who is a community helper,

then complete the questions that follow:

Nelly, a Community Helper

1- Community helpers are people who help others. Nelly, my sister is a

community helper.
2- Nelly was born in a small town called Kabelias in 1970. She wanted to help
other people. In 1990, she moved to Beirut and became a doctor.
3- In 1995, Nelly came back to Kabelias. Nelly was a helpful person. She took
care of sick people and gave them medicine.
4- After years of hard work, Nelly retired in 2014.


A. Choose the correct answer, then complete the sentence: (Score: 02)

1. The title is __________________. 2. Nelly is my ____________.

a) Nelly the Doctor a) sister
b) Nelly a Community Helper b) mother

3. Nelly helped _________ people. 4. Nelly worked a _________.

a) sick a) school
b) poor b) hospital

B. Answer the following questions in complete sentences: (Score: 02)
1. Where was Nelly born? (0.5 pts)
2. When did she move to Beirut? (0.5 pts)
3. What did she become? (0.5 pts)
4. What do you want to be when you grow up? (0.5 pts)

C. Complete the time line chart from the text: (Score: 02)

Date Event





D. Answer by true or false, and correct the false ones: (Score: 03)

1. Nelly was born in a big town. _________


2. Nelly took care of sick people at the hospital. ________


3. Nelly became a teacher. __________


4. Nelly retired in 2014. __________

E. Match the word to its opposite: (Score: 03)

gave   big

hard   took

small   easy

F. Circle the correct verb form, then write it on the line: (Score: 02)

1. Nelly ______________ (help, helps) sick people.

2. Community helpers ______________ (is, are) good people.

3. She ______________ (give, gives) medicine to sick people.

4. I _____________ (is, am, are) a community helper.

G. Circle the correct pronoun, then write it on the line: (Score: 02)

1. Students are happy.__________ (We, They)

2. Nelly is a doctor.__________ (She, He)

3. Nelly and I are sisters. __________ (We, They)

4. Samir works at a hospital. __________ (She, He)