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Accepting payments Manual banking of transactions

Switch the device on by holding the Green Key.  From the Absa screen; Press the F key
1. From the Absa screen, press the Green key  Select the ABSA MENU
on your Link/2500 for the Transaction  Select the OPERATOR MENU
Selection menu.  Select the BATCH UPLOAD option
2. Select Sale to start accepting payments  Enter the Supervisor PIN number
3. Enter the sale amount  Press Enter (green key)
SmartPay (Link/2500) Quick 4. Press Enter (green key) All banked transactions can be viewed on the
SmartPay Merchant Portal and will reflect under
user guide Budget option - Sale amounts on a Credit card CLOSED BATCHES
is over R300, the terminal will give you the
Congratulations on receiving your new option to select between straight and budget. Quick keys reference
SmartPay Link/2500 card acceptance device.  Select Budget Option followed by Enter  Switching on your  Scrolling up on the
(green key) Link/2500 – Hold menu – Press the
Getting started  Select the Budget period required and Enter the Green Key in F2 Key
1. The Link/2500 that you received has already (green key) until you hear a  Cancel a
been pre-installed and pre-tested; it only  Confirm the amount Entered beep sound. transaction – Press
requires an activation code to securely link  Press Enter (green key)  Switching off your the Red Key
it to your merchant profile.  Tap, swipe or insert the card Link/2500 – Hold  Correction while
2. For quick activation, please contact the  Cardholder to Enter their Card PIN number the Yellow Key entering an
African Resonance Helpdesk on 087 741 (Not required for Tap ‘n Go below R200) and (-) key in at amount or PIN –
2193.  Press Enter (green key) the same time Press the Yellow
3. Your default Supervisor PIN is 12345, please  The terminal will connect to the bank for until you see the key
customize the PIN; select F key/ ABSA/ authorisation switching off  To view Merchant
Manager Menu  Enter the SA mobile number or e-mail message. name, Merchant ID
4. You will also receive an e-mail from African address for an electronic receipt  Starting a and Terminal ID –
Resonance with your SmartPay Merchant Note: transaction – Press the F1 Key
access details for viewing transaction details Magnetic stripe transactions will require you to Press the Green
and resending receipts. enter the last four digits on the card face. Key
 Scrolling down on
Your device is able to process the following Banking of transactions the menu – Press
payment types; In order for your processed transactions to bank the F3 Key
 Tap ‘n Go  Magnetic stripe cards automatically at 20:00, the device needs to be
(Contactless) (Swipe) switched on. It is advised to leave your device SmartPay Merchant Portal access
 Chip cards  Samsung Pay on charge during this time to ensure successful https://absa.ereceipting.co.za
(Samsung smartphone transaction banking.
Tap ‘n Go)
Quick user guide Access to the SmartPay merchant portal will Portal Functionalities
enable you to;
Congratulations on receiving your new  View transaction history per merchant ID. Dashboard
SmartPay Link/2500 card acceptance device.  View transactions that have not been Overview of unclosed and last closed
batched (banked) yet. Home batch per terminal.
Getting started  View transactions included per batch. screen Refer to banking of transactions in the
1. You have already been registered to access  Resend receipts via e-mail and/or sms. SmartPay user guide on how to bank
all your transaction details on the transactions.
 Extract reports in CSV or Excel.
SmartPay merchant portal.
 View all merchant ID’s linked to your List of all closed batches
2. Please check your e-mail mailbox for an e-
mail from emsreply@absa.co.za with the username through single access. Click on “Review Receipts” to view the
subject Registration successful. Closed transaction history per batch.
Portal navigation Batches Receipts can also be resend by
3. Follow the 3 easy steps to reset your
 Login address - selecting “View” and entering the
password and to access all your SmartPay
https://absa.ereceipting.co.za destination address – e-mail or sms
transaction history.
 Username – e-mail address registered with
4. Use your e-mail address registered with
Absa List of all approved and declined
Absa on your account as your username.
 Forgotten password – Click on Reset transactions performed.
5. SmartPay Merchant Portal access
Password Transaction history can be downloaded
https://absa.ereceipting.co.za Home screen – View another merchant ID Receipts in CSV or Excel format
6. For any assistance, please contact the linked to the same profile by clicking on the Receipts can also be resend by
African Resonance Helpdesk on selecting “View” and entering the
drop down arrow next to the displayed
087 741 2193. destination address – e-mail or sms.
merchant ID.