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101 Phrases of Praise for Students

That’s Incredible Fabulous You Made The You’re #1

How Extraordinary! You Made It Remarkable
Happen Good For You
Far Out! You’re a Winner
You’re a Real A+ Work
Great! Trooper Beautiful
Take a Bow
Outstanding It Couldn’t Be Clever
Performance Better Super Job
You’re So Kind
Marvelous The Time You Put in How Thoughtful of
You Wow!
I Can’t Get Over It! Shows
Nice Going Magnificent!
Wonderful! Bravo!
Class Act You’re Sharp
Amazing Effort! You’re Unique
Well Done Great Discovery
Unbelievable Work Exceptional
You’re Inspiring You’re Very
You Should Be Fantastic Work Responsible
Proud Breathtaking! How Artistic
Phenomenal! You’re a Great You Go the Extra
Mile Thanks for Helping
You’ve Got It Example For Others
Hooray for You You’ve Earned My
Superb! Keep Up the Good Respect
Work You’re a Joy
You’re Special You’re a Pleasure to
Awesome! You’re a Shining Know
Excellent! Star
I Knew You Had It In You’re Very
Cool! You You’re Amazing Talented
Your Project Is First You’ve Made What a Great Idea How Original
Rate! Progress
Great Answer Very Brave
Way to Go! Your Work Is Out of
Sight Extra-Special Work Congratulations!
You’ve Outdone
Yourself What an You Deserve a Hug You’re a Champ
Thumbs Up Imagination! You’re Getting You’re Super
It’s Everything I Better
What A Great You Figured It Out
Listener Hoped For You’re Tops
Right On!
Your Help Counts! Stupendous You’re Catching On
You Make Me Smile
You Came Through! You’re Sensational You’ve Got What It
You’re the
Very Good! Takes
Terrific Greatest!
Thanks for Caring You’re Neat
You Tried Hard
What a Genius! Spectacular Work
You’re OK