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Monday 23rdh October – Friday 27th October 2017

No week – or day I should say – at Siena is ever the same! Week three has come and gone and while
it was a quick week which lots of extra curriculum activities, it was no less fulfilling with all of its glory and
challenges. As my confidence as a teacher balloons, I am finding new areas to improve and excel in. This
week’s focus was on establishing my authority, which I believed I was doing but not as well as I could. This
could be emphasised through tone and has enlightened me to the many strategies there are in behaviour
management. Through some research, I have also found other tools besides the ones used by Mrs. Mendes
which I plan to use during my fuller teaching days to maintain consistency. The students respect me as a
friend, but now is the time for them to respect me as a teacher. In my future practicums and in my future
schooling career, I will ensure to demand that respect earlier on because as they say: short term pain for
long term gain. In one instance on the Friday, a child rolled their eyes when directed to sit at their desks for
healthy snack. I pulled them up on it immediately and dealt with it appropriately. This was reassured by Mrs.
Mendes whom positively told me that it was an appropriate way to deal with the child’s action. While the
student hasn’t been as happy with me for the remainder of the day, it is good for me to learn that that sort
of behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated and students need to deal with that. Learning curve.
The lessons throughout the week had their ups and downs, as any normal teacher experiences and
this is only helping me in my practicum experience. My final lessons on the Friday were wildly successful
with strong student engagement, well applied teaching strategies to support the learning levels of all
students and appropriate management of behaviour. There was enthusiasm within the classroom in their
learning and this is so positive. As I become more comfortable with my teaching abilities and my
management of the classroom environment, I can intensify my level of enthusiasm but that will come with
competence of context knowledge. I am an enthusiastic leaner and I hope to instil this into my future
The children of 5L all have a beautiful soul and you can see that through their passion for learning,
care and prayer; a testimony to the teaching of Mrs. Mendes and the atmosphere of Siena. The promotion
of good values and relationships strong resonates with me and this is apparent within the community here
at the school and it is valuable to see that such love, positivity and care can be appreciated within the
schooling environment. I will endeavour to take these values with me throughout my future practicums and
maintain such a high level of positivity demonstrated by Mrs. Mendes to provide my students with the
mindset to keep their flame bright.