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also please study family tree and preposition of places … Good luck !!!

oral exam

you have to study how to introduce yourselves. How to spell your names. Your telephone
numbers. Professions. Have and Has. Prepositions of place.

Las páginas arriba adjuntadas son para que ustedes puedan repasar. (favor poner mucha
atención en el POSSESSIVE NOUNS ‘S ).

Para el examen oral debe estudiar como presentarse, es decir su nombre, como deletrearlo, su
numero de teléfono. Donde viven, como llegan allá, que transporte usan. Y la conjugación del

Buena suerte!

My name is Fabian Quimbita, the spell is F_A_B_I_A_N Q_U_I_M_B_I_T_A my number

phone is 2697274 -I live in nueva aurora town, i can drive my car, my house is ubicated on
maldonado avenue . It's in front of the new hospital.


my father is Jose my mother is Maria

I'm Fabian (my wife is Lorena )My son is Jhoan my brother is Patricio (his wife issilvia)
my sister's name is Miriam My brother's name is Patricio

cousin = primo


uncle = tio

grand-son = nieto

grand-daughter =nieta
sister in lou =cunada

esposa =wife

husband= esposo=