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(USB shocks game joystick systems)

Shocks single/double joystick systems:

First:The system of products operation ways are in WIN2000/XP/VISTA:

1. You need to put the joysticks’ line plugs to cut in USB plugs,then system will recognize

and fit the plugs’driver.

2. installing the products’together with disk driver complete fullythe products’fitting

steps.Please text the joysticks .Measureing joysticks are the same as using them in


Second: The system of products’fitting ways are in WIN98:

A: You should connect the game controller with the USB interface then system will lead

to find out the “new disk and present adding new disks instructor”,for

Example picture one,button the next step,appearing the view,for example picture two.

(1) (2)

B: In picture two,button “search for the best driver for you decive”,button the

“next”,appearing the view,for instance,picture three.

(3) (2)

C:Knock the next step,presenting the view,for instance picture four,button “next”

measure.The the system will renovate the driver,presenting the picture five.Button the

next step to finish.


D:USB port driver install finish.

Third:Install the driver of joystick.

1, Inter the dish of driver ,open the web for joystick item NO,push setup.exe install the

products driver.for exaple Shocks joypad-Single joystick installing.

A:open the web of Shocks joypad-Single.

B:set setup.exe.
C:Install for the word,and finish.

1) 2)


D:joystick’s driver install finished.

Fourth:Text the joysticks.

A:open the cotroll panel(star-setting-controll panel),for picture one.inter the control


1) 2)

B:open the game control into the text picture three.And push properties in picture four.
3) 4)

C:push the mode on the joystick,enter the calibration….properties,for exaple piture

five,text the 3D joypad.try to the machine shocks for picture six.finished text in picture


5) 6)

F:Compared with picture six, all the tests are finished,knock confirmation,you have

completed the test.

OK,The joystick driver and text finished,you can used it all times.


There are several drivers in the CD. Please install the corresponding driver. If the

controller can not work properly, please un-stall the similar driver in the computer

and re-install the driver.