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hdloult Jourrcl1l oIAnlnal,Sc/ences

oI Antnat Scli 7l (10): 90g.909, Octobcr 200

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' Pregnancy
rates in-buffaloes inseminated on
the basis of vaginal electrical
, .,._,... ,
"_,,,. -
aaristance (VER)

,' ;;
. RaiasifianAgricultural (Jniversity, Bikaner,
Rajasthan 331 001 tndia
l: ": ,.
, .: t ..i.i,, Received: 24 May 2000; Acceprecl:
2 May 2001
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.l r:;rt .\ : ]ABSTRACT
:'-------vsg1o";-etcariiit was recorded in I27.buffaroes beronging
"'i&ii'bt- the time
!'nduced estnrs group 1n=l2) to a research
orinsuri*tion, using u .o,r.,-i.r.ially availlblefarm (n=40). farmers (n=75)
vaginal resisrancc lr rrrobe.
ps rvhereas. rhe concel ti.on
the VER *^ U.*.." g ratc.s

rcflccting bcncr
^"r"rnl|ltffi |jff':ttlli};., estrual onset, conceprion ,r,.rH'l"HT'J#"1::T il':tJ:,i::
Key words: Buffaloes, Conception
rates, Insemination. Vaginal electrical

ed at livestock research
search farm of Raiasthan
India), and buffaloes of
surroundins areas and bought ro.
ofthe farm, were utirized roi tt e study
and foil,r'ed thereafter.
Buffaloes were we, managed at
the farm and inseminated
I 2 hr after detection with
a t.ur.r, whereas farmers,
in good condition and free from reproductive
disease were
after, the \,,8R recording.
of the farm were induced to
of dinoprost trimethamine on
nd their VER recorded twice

they attained a VER in the rdll.j::rt',"r:,,,11:::T;T;

ohms' The VER was recordeo
risrng a commerciarty avairabre
vaginal resistance.probe as p?r
mJtnoa described previousry
(Gupta and purohit2o.0l). pregnanry
diagnosis was done by
recto-genitar parpation 60 oays
iost insenrination and
conception rate to singre insemination
- .t- was carcurated.
MATERI.ALS AND METHODS Buffaloes repeating to 3 or rnore
inseminationr, ,"
were considered abnormal and
excluded from.the stui.,.
Buftloes (l2T) werc used for the present study. Medium

The resurt of VER recording at

the time of inscmi'atiorr
and subsequent conception ratJs
in buffaroes re'eared that
39 buffatoes (32.28%) evidenced


'l'uble l. lnsemination at ditTercnt vER and conception rares in buffalocs

VER llangc Number of animals inseminated Total Number and%o age of animals conceived total
in Ohms Farm Field Induced l"arm Fieta lnduccd. ,:I

l5 20 39 l2 t5 4.' r i 3l'
80% 75% t00%. 79.8t%
3 r.35 l6 29 49 l0 l6 3'-r ' zg
62.5% 55.l7Yo 75Yo 59.18%
36.44 26 39 3 5- 8
33.33% 19.23Y" -0Yo 20.15o/o
40 75 t2 127 25 36 768
62.5% 48% s8.33% 53.54%
: - and:36-40 ohms, respectively, at the time of insemination. A between intravatinal electrical resistance, cervico- vaginal mucus
1,i.1-;,"-slightly higher VER of 3l-40 ohms was more evidenr in characteristics and blood progesterone and LH. Animal
ti]t!ri.;' h^ -- - l-; ,- -* r r . .i Reproduct ionSc ie nce 5: 259-73.
f'lii;tl -Farmersi buffaloes compared to the farm buffaloes, reflecting
Canfield R W and Butler W R. 1989. Accuracy ofpredicting the
:,: , a better
ii:, ocllcf managem9nt
management ansand Ilmety esbus qeteGtlOn.
timely €SUUS detection. tt
It becomes
LH, surge and optimal insemination time in Holstein heifers using
:: . ,' therefore intportant to advise farmers to more closely observe
a vaginal resistance probe. Theriogenolog 3l(4):83542.
jiji estrus and bring their buffaloes at the proper time for
Cruz L C. 1998. Reproductive biotechniques in bUff.aloes. 8th World
;,1;r.:.inseminalion, preferably 12 hr aftei estrual onset. The Conference on Animal Production. Symposium Series pp. 286-
!]i,, conceptiou rates at various VER values during this study 28. Korea-
I i'!1'. lTohlo t \ rlo^i^razl +L^+ aara^^+i^- s+^^ are
tii; Cf*rc l) depictedthat conception -L ^-
^^-^:-.^-rr- . higher
^-^ consisrently
rates Edward D F and Levin R J. 1974. An electronic method of detecting
[il.urhenbuffaloes are inseminated at the time of low VER value. the optimum time to inseminate cattle, sheep and pigs. Veterirury
The overall conception rates and conception rates at various
g Record 95: 416-20.
ri: i VER are slightly higher than those reported by Lridl and Stolla Foote R H. Oltenacu E A B, MilligerJ, ScottN Rand Marshall R H.
'1;,'(1976),Foote et qt.0978)
ii.':,':(1976),Foote fi989) in
al.(1978) and Canfield and Butler (1989) f979. Pregnancy rate in dairy cows inseminated on the basis of
efectronic probe measuremenls. Journal of Dairy Science 62:
Gartland P. Schiavo J, Hall C E, Footc B H and Scon N R. 1976.
Detection of estrus in dairy cows by electrical mq$urements of
high VER Aboul-Ela et al. (1983) reporred vaginal mucus and milk progesteron e. Journal of Dairy Science
Itr;ttat LH peak is closely associated with a low VER in cows, 59: 982-85.
iill,hence, irueminating at this time would result in ovulation 24 Gupta K A. 1998. 'Studies on vaginal electrical resistancc and plasma
iiiiq,hr'later and hence better conception. Such a hypothesis, progesterone profile in relation to estrus cycle in buffaloes'.
i#fldrougt not experimented in buffaloes. but anticipated to bg
1;;ib4istent albo in b0ffaloes.(G-upta l99S). The usual pracrice
observid at the farm is to-inseminate the buffaloes twice ar
ill? hr intervals can be changed and buffaloes inseminated at
f;fgi" VER of ?S-]p ohms to irnprove the conception rates. Ir progesteron e. Theriogenologt 56i 235-45. "
H$i li' Or."eby conliuAed that ihs Jm ating buffaloes at I ow-VE R
i n Gupta K d
Purohit G N and Sharma'S S. 1999. eaitline vagiqal
T'i'recording improves the conception rates to single el ectrical resi stancc in buffal oesl Annual, Conv.cnt ion.,HnU
irl:finsemination. Farmers should be advised like wise and large Nationat Symposium on Biotechniqucs in Optimiziiig ncr6tty
iili scate use of such a system may be experimented tho.oughly. in farm animals. February l0-12 PAU, Ludhiang,.,lndia.
,li: I , Compendium 34-35. .: .. r:,
ACKNOWLEDCEMENTS Liedl W and Stolla R- 1976. Measurement of electric resistancq of
the vaginal mucus as an aid for heat detection. Theriogenologt 6
Professor S S Sharma, Director Research, is thankfully Markandeya N M, Paragaonkar D R and Bakshi S A. 1993. Studies
j11;,:dcknowledged for granting the permission for work. The
on vaginal electrical resistance associated with estrus in buffaloes.
suppert-an4*relp-extended by Dr S P Tailor, BuJlalo Journal 9(2): 157-58.
LRS, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur, and his entire staff is Metzger E, Freytag R and Leidl W, L972. Gerat zur messung der
gqknoyledged.'' ,


M B, Topps J H and McDonald D C. 1983. Relationships