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Book · January 2009



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Đorđe Ignjatović


Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Edicija Crimen, vol. 12, Beograd, 2009. pp.558


In this monograph, the author applied his concept of criminology as the science dealing with criminal phenomenon, i.e., the crime, the perpetrator and the victim of crime, criminality, as well as the way in which a society reacts to criminal behaviour. That is the reason why he divided all theories in criminology into two groups. First, there are theories in criminology in stricto sensu (classical, positivistic, theories of social reaction and new criminological theories). In the other group, there are theories in victimology and penology, conceived (comprehended) as the criminological disciplines (along with the criminology in stricto sensu, they constitute criminology in a broader sense). The author sought to place each of the listed theories into their historic context and to explain the ideas and perception in criminal law, sociology and philosophy which have had an influence on the occurrence and development of criminology theories. The special attention is paid to the analysis of their applicability in crime control policy and consequences which their implementation has brought about mainly in the work of formal social control bodies. The special attention in the monograph is paid to the impact which theoretical schools in criminology have had on present explanation of crime and reactions to such behaviour.

The second part of the book consists of fifty – seven (fifty – eight precisely) texts translated mainly from English (as well as French and Italian). As far as the author is concerned, it is the greatest collection of translated texts which has been published so far (with the exception of the edition

composed of sixteen books edited by professor Franco Ferracuti during

1980s). Thereby the rich heritage of theoretical criminology has been made available to readers who speak South-Slavic languages, with the intention to strengthen the development of this science in the Western Balkans thus.

Trattato di criminologia






1. Division of theories: period before criminology




The legacy of Ancient Times and the Middle Ages



Cla ssical orientation in criminology




Founders and the most important representatives


2.1.1. Beccaria



2.1.2. Bentham


2.1.3. Feuerbach and predecessors


2.1.4. Carrara



2.2. Strengths and criticism


2.3. Contemporary Neoclassicism


2.4. Right realism



Positivistic orientation in criminology


3.1. Cartographs


3.2. Anthropological, Italian school


3.2.1. Precursors: Physiognomy and phrenology


3.2.2. Lombroso



3.2.3. Garofalo


3.2.4. Ferri



Biological conceptions


3.3.1. Crime and body constitution


3.3.2. The impact of the genetic factors

39 Families and criminal heredity

40 Twins and adoption studies

43 Chromosomal abnormality



General review of biological conceptions; explanations of aggressiveness




Psychological conceptions


3.4.1. Psychoanalytical explanations


3.4.2. Theories of intelligence



3.4.3. Eysenck’s personality theory


3.4.4. Psychopathy and crime



3.4.5. Evaluation of psychological theories



Sociological conceptions



School of social environment

57 Tarde

58 Durkheim




Sociological school; Von Liszt






Theory of historical materialism

62 Utopian socialists

62 Founders of the


63 The influence in

criminology; Bonger




Chicago school and successors


General overview on early American sociological



Crime ecology

69 Learning theories

72 Cultural conflict theories

80 Strain theories

84 Control theories


4. Theories of social reaction


4.1. New social defense


4.2. Interactionism and the theory of labeling


4.3. Radical criminology


4.3.1. „Early works“


4.3.2. Critical criminology today


4.3.3. Orientations within critical criminology



Feminist approach


4.4.1. „Early stage“


4.4.2. Contemporary feminism: the main orientations


5. New criminological theories


5.1. Rational choice theories


5.2. New environmental theories


5.3. Cultural criminology theories


5.4. Masculinity theories


5.5. Reintegrative shaming and communitarian theories


5.6. Life course theories


5.7. Integrated theories


5.8. Triangulation of theories


6. Theories in criminology in a broader sense


6.1. Victimological theories


6.2. Penological theories





1. Beccaria C.: On Crimes and Punishment


2. Bentham J.: Introduction to principles of Moral and Legislation


3. Quételet A.: On the Development and Propensity of Crime


4. C.: Crime – Its Causes and Remedies



5. C. and Ferrero W: The Criminal Type in Women



6. Garofalo R.: Natural Crime


7. Ferri E.: Causes of Criminal Behavior


8. Dugdale R.: The Jukes: A Study in Crime, Pauperism and Heredity


Working Mothers and Delinquency


10. Goddard

H.: Feeble-mindedness


11. Eysenck H.: Personality Theory and the Problem of Criminality


12. Tarde G.: Penal Philosophy


13. Durkheim E.: Discussion about Crime


14. Bonger W.: Criminality and Economic Conditions


15. Shaw C. and McKay H.: Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas


16. Sellin T.: Culture Conflict and Crime


17. Cohen A.: Delinquent Subculture


18. Wolfgang

M. and Ferracuti F.: The Subculture of Violence


19. Wolfgang M., Sellin T. and Figlio R.: Delinquency in a Birth Cohort


20. Sutherland E.: Differential Association


21. Merton R.: Social Structure and Anomie


22. Cloward R. and Ohlin L.: Delinquency and Opportunity


23. Sykes G. and Matza D.: Techniques of Neutralization


24. Reckless W.: A New Theory of Delinquency and Crime


25. Hirshi T.: Control Theory of Delinquency


26. Gramatica F.: Principles of Social Defence


27. Ancel M.: Social Defence


28. Becker H.: Outsiders


29. Lemert E.: Primary and Secondary Deviation


30. Wheeler, S. Cottrell L. and Romasco A.: The Labeling Process


31. Chapman D.: Stereotype of the Criminal


32. Katz J.: Seduction of Crime: Moral and Sensual Attractions in Doing Evil . 339

33. Taylor I., Walton P. and Young J.: The New Criminology


34. Chambliss J. W.: Political Economy of Crime


35. Hulsman L.: Critical Criminology and the Concept of Crime


36. Taylor I.: Crime in Context: A Critical Criminology of Market Societies


37. Pepinsky H.: Peacemaking Criminology


38. Klein D.: The Etiology of Female Crime


39. Wilson J. and Herrnstein R.: Crime as Choice


40. Cohen L. and Felson M.: A Routine Activity Approach


41. Brantingham P. and Brantingham P.: Environmental Criminology


42. Ferrel J.: Cultural Criminology


43. Kidd-Hewitt D.: Crime and the Media: a Criminological Perspective


44. Segal L.: Explaining Male Violence


45. Messerschmidt J.: Masculinities and Theoretical Criminology


46. Braithwaite J.: Crime, Shame and Reintegration


47. Cordella P.: A Comunitarian Theory of Social Order


48. Sampson R. and Laub J.: Crime and Deviance Over the Life Course


49. Blumstein A. and Cohen J.: Characterizing Criminal Careers


50. Vila C.: A General Paradigm of Criminality


51. Barak G.: Applying Integrated Theory: A Reciprocal Theory of Violence and Nonviolence


52. Robinson M.: Integrated Systems Theory of Antisocial Behavior


53. Cohen S.: Human Rights and Crimes of the State: The Culture of Denial


54. von Hentig H.: The Criminal and His Victim


55. Fattah E: Problematic Concepts, Unjustified Criticism and Popular Misconceptions


56. Clemmer D.: Prisonization


57. Sykes G.: Pains of Imprisonment







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