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Kimberly Noe

ETEC 424.01W

Professor Wolfe

April 10, 2019

My Educational Philosophy

Growing up I always dreamed of becoming a teacher when I got older. I was not sure if

college was the right choice for me because neither one of my parents had attended college, but

with help from former teachers I got the courage to apply and start a new chapter of my life.

Working with children of all ages has always been a big part of my life. In high school I ran the

church nursery, I would babysit, after I graduated I started subbing at the local schools, and now

I am currently working full time as a teacher’s aide while working for my degree in teaching.

I’ve always loved to see children grow up and learn new things. My passion for children and

teaching people new things is what inspired me to become a teacher.

As a future educator I really love the quote from B.B. King, “The beautiful thing about

learning is that no one can take it away from you.” The message behind King’s quote is that at

the end over every day, learning is a personal experience. Whenever a student finally learns

something new it changes them. They feel more accomplished, more open minded, and want to

learn more. It is important to me to have the ability to build strong relationships with my

students and motivate my students to try their absolute hardest at all times. It is important for my

students to know that I will always care about their education and future. Some students do not

have a positive role model to look up to outside of school and it is my job to make sure they have

someone they know they can trust and push them in the right direction in life in and outside of
school. I also want my students to know my room is a “safe place” that they are always welcome

to come to me for extra practice, advice, or even someone just to sit and listen to their problems.

My students will also know that I will hold expectations and goals for them to reach. They will

not just reach the goals on their own;we will reach them as a class. It is my job to ensure my

students that they will be successful in my class no matter their background.

There are a few educational principles that I will need to use as a future educator. I will

communicate my expectations with my students right at the beginning of the year. Students do

better in a well-structured classroom. I will make sure my students know that I am well aware

that they all work at different levers, but I will still expect them to do their absolute best. I will

set goals for my students to reach, work individually with struggling students, acknowledge their

accomplishments, and encourage them to stay motivated all year. I will also respect that my

students will all learn better from different teaching styles. I will use different teaching strategies

for each lesson to make it fair for students to get a chance to learn the lessons. I will also

encourage my students to work in groups and collaborate on their own ways to work out

problems. By doing this, students will have the chance to discuss different solutions and even

learn from each other as well.

To really learn something means that the student understands the lesson, can explain the

lesson, and can apply their knowledge. When a student has really learned the lesson they will be

more motivated to apply what they have learned to the next lesson. I absolutely love seeing the

students I work with get so excited when they finally understand a lesson and explain it to their

friends until they understand it as well. I also want my students to know that I do not want them

to just memorize information for their tests. They should know to use the skills they have learned

from any point in their life because there is not just one way to work out a problem.
With my two years of experience as a teacher’s aide I have had a chance to decide what

teaching strategies that work for some classes and those that do not work at all for others. For

example, in one of the fifth grade classrooms I help out in the class is out of control most of the

time. I personally believe that this is the teacher’s fault because I worked with her last year and

her class was the same way. This teacher lacks classroom management really bad. I came up

with an idea to help out with the discipline problem in her classroom. By using behaviorism we

use a “marble system” in the class to encourage the students to be on their best behavior at all

times so that they will learn as much as possible. When using the marble system each class

period has their own mason jar that starts out empty. When the students participate, stay quiet,

and mind the teacher they get rewarded marbles for their jar. However; if the students are rowdy,

do not listen or participate they teacher can take marbles from their jar. The first class to fill up

their jar gets rewarded a “marble party” which is typically a class period outside or a free day in

class. Since we started using behaviorism in the classroom there has been a huge difference in

the students’ attitudes and effort towards their work. It is my job to decide what will work best

in my classroom for me and my students to be successful. I am honestly confident in myself and

excited to see how my life changes overtime as I have my own classroom. I cannot wait to see

how successful my students will be in my class, in the next grade, and even after they graduate

high school. I believe teaching is one of the most rewarding career choices because you get to

see the ones you taught do big things with their life and change over time.

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