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02 Inspired by the definitive patterns of the urban landscape, Expansion Cityline™

is based on the concept of planning for a workplace as diverse and dynamic as a
modern city. Like the public and private places where city dwellers work and play,
Expansion Cityline offers a highly active setting that allows people to move, to
gather and to disperse as desired.

Expansion Cityline’s unique design employs a beam framework that maximizes

office connectivity. The beam serves both as a structural spine and as an avenue
for data and power to and through work and social zones across the office.
A comprehensive program of accessories and screens enables people to work
efficiently and effectively, while also contributing to “place-making” and
a distinct work culture.

Expansion Cityline is set apart by an single- and double-sided planning formats,

innovative beam framework that permits while also balancing individual work areas
structure surfaces storage screens accessories seating with spaces suited to group work and
Mica, Anthracite Foundation Laminate, Case: Source Laminate, Source Laminate, Very Accent, Tangelo Sabrina: Vital, Tidal
90-degree connections in multiple directions
with uninterrupted power/data flow. The social interaction.
Very White Very White White; Accent, Aqua Variable: Point
Front: Mica, Very White Emboss, Cyan unique beam structure allows for both

Expansion Cityline creates space-efficient and storage towers integrate with the beam
benching layouts, with beam-mounted infrastructure, routing power/data through
storage used to divide and define individual the office. Used as a freestanding fence
workspaces. A choice of fascias, including adjacent to the workstations, the beam
structure surfaces storage accessories seating glass, fabric and felt, allows for textural and combines with lounge seating to permit
Accent, Palm Foundation Laminate, Source Laminate, Choice Accent, Verde Projek: Ample, Vortex
Choice Maple Maple and Storm White
functional variety. Accent colors on the beam quick transitions to casual collaboration.
Lounge: Disrupt, Shift/
Fine Grain, White Out structure invigorate a space and can be used to
identify work zones. Beam-mounted cabinets

Expansion Cityline’s beam structure offers multi-layered workstations off the beam
seamless integration of a height-adjustable and dividing spaces with glass screens
structure surfaces storage accessories seating run-off that allows users to alternate between that maintain a sense of transparency
Foundation, Foundation Laminate, Source Laminate, Accent, Butternut Projek: Ample, Vortex
Storm White Urban Walnut Storm White Aegis: Fine Grain,
a seated and standing position with ease. A and openness.
White Out light, open look is achieved by planning

As a power distribution fence, the A variety of storage products and screens

Expansion Cityline beam integrates with can be added to configure and reconfigure
structure surfaces storage screens accessories seating
height-adjustable tables—allowing people the work area as needed. Felt screens bring
Mica, Platinum Foundation Laminate, Case: Source Laminate, Felt Loft, Carbon Accent, Mineral Teal Variable: Marl Cloth,
Very White Very White Sea Nomad to opt for alternate postures that serve a warm, inviting look to the workspace.
Front: Mica, Very White performance, comfort and well-being.

As a standalone fence in an open, active a multiplicity of work activities. Casual

structure surfaces storage screens accessories seating environment, the power-enabled beam ottomans, task chairs and high-back
Foundation, Storm White Foundation Laminate, Source Laminate, Felt Loft, Amber Accent, Aircraft Primer Qui: Full Wool, Peridot; provides a structure and a focus for work or seating complete a fluid work zone that
Choice Maple Choice Maple Situ, Phosphor;
Fundamentals, Sudan
socializing. Expansion Cityline also offers allows people to pursue diverse individual
Fractals: Full Wool, Safari/ an array of storage options, accessories, and group goals.
Point to Point, Voxel tops and screens that combine to support
frame structure

01 robust construction 02 freestanding fence 03 integrated power/data 04 integrated storage 05 versatile applications
The robust construction of the beam A felt seat pad mounted on the free- management Beam-mounted cabinets and Supported by a post and legs, the
allows for direct mounting of cabinets standing fence acts as an alternate place The beam conceals wire management storage towers are designed to metal beam serves as a structural spine
and screens to build up work areas. to sit or perch. and gives users direct front access to work in concert with the beam to connect different neighborhoods,
power and data. infrastructure. taking various forms that range from a
freestanding fence to a series or cluster
of workstations.

Expansion Cityline creates an engaging, ample legroom. The mix of fabric and
structure surfaces storage screens accessories seating multi-functional space with minimal glass elevated screens, together with
Mica, Platinum Foundation Laminate, Case: Source Laminate, Fabric: Percept, Pristine Accent, Azure and Projek & Ottomans:
barriers to interaction. The beam easily elevated cabinets, enhances functionality
Very White Storm White Glass: Back-Painted, Very Aircraft Primer Magnify, Long Wave;
Front: Mica, Very White White and Azure (next page) Polished Mirror / Full spans 12 feet with a minimum of support, yet maintains the sense of openness and
Wool, Fantasme creating a clean aesthetic and providing simplicity.

Maximizing connectivity, the unique beam shift from focused work to collaboration.
design permits 90-degree connections Back-painted glass screens permit the
that route power and data throughout the use of vibrant color to energize the space,
space with a single in-feed. Electricity and identify team neighborhoods or represent
data flow through the beam, accessible at work zones. Elevated screens maintain a
each workstation and from the integrated light, open look.
Finishes: per previous page peninsula, which supports and simplifies the
collaborative/gathering areas Expansion Cityline fosters community comfort and choice. The workspace can also
by creating spaces equipped with casual incorporate a 42-inch-high peninsula that
seating and a variety of collaboration tools. empowers users to stand while sharing ideas.
A freestanding couch nestled between In another scenario, freestanding tables and
workstations offers casual zones. Suspended markerboards provide collaborative tools along
credenzas with a felt seat pad offer both with access to power off the structural beam.

01 suspended credenza 02 thesis mobile markerboard 03 vignette sofa 04 freestanding bistro table 05 high peninsula table
orage & accessories A robust selection of accessories and
screens enables people to work efficiently
and effectively, while also contributing to
“place-making” and a distinct work culture.
People feel comfortable and empowered as
they pursue individual and collective goals.

modular accessories 02 drawer module 03 storage organizer 04 functional screen 05 elevated desk shelf 06 elevated slim cabinet 07 elevated slim cabinet 08 beam-mounted cabinet
with display board
use of metal offers robust construc- A Drawer Module can be fixed under Drawer interiors can be reconfigured The Functional Screen in metal An Elevated Desk Shelf can be used with Without compromising available Providing accessible storage at
for accessories that are often moved the worksurface or simply placed on using the Storage Organizer, which is can be used to divide space or add reconfigurable accessories and Felt Units worksurface, the Elevated Slim The Elevated Slim Cabinet with worksurface height, the Beam-
place to place. Metal also permits a the top of any surface. designed with two segments that can vertical storage on the worksurface. to control the level of privacy and adapt Cabinet divides space and provides light Display Board combines storage, Mounted Cabinet also divides space
h of color when desired. Storage with be used side-by-side or stacked. the workspace to individual needs. storage capacity. The Magnetic Glass display and a writable surface with and offers the option of a Back Fascia
t & slide screens A broad range of screen options enables
users to personalize the work area. Sit & Slide
screens are easily relocated to manage visual
privacy and focused work. They are available
in a choice of materials to complement
aesthetics and achieve desired function.

metal with felt accessories 02 metal with whiteboard 03 felt 04 adjustable placement 05 felt stitching
l screens with felt accessories feature A metal surface with optional painted The tackable felt surface allows various Sit & Slide screens are easily relo- All Felt Screens feature stitching
gnetic surface for display, plus whiteboard captures ideas and notes. materials to be posted for display and cated to manage visual privacy and detail available in three accent
pace division Expansion Cityline offers a selection of • Glass enhances transmission of light
screens to divide space above and below the • Fabric and felt offer tackable surfaces
worksurface. Various finishes and materials • Magnetic glass or metal support display
create a distinct aesthetic while meeting diverse • Writable glass and metal whiteboard
functional needs and budget guidelines: paint offer a surface for quick notes

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