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02 Designed to permit a creative approach to space planning, Expansion® Desking is a

comprehensive line of freestanding furniture that creates space−efficient workstations.
Expansion Desking uses the same collection of products to achieve varied applications,
from open−plan collaborative configurations to private offices with a casegoods look,
promoting integration of finishes and components and reducing overall inventory.

Expansion Desking Features:

• Spine Desks — efficient in benching applications that suit an open and collaborative
• Modular Desks — accept Structural Columns for adding components above the
worksurface up to 81 inches high
• LEED considerations — components are designed for LEED compliance
• Extensive offering — a full collection of storage and screens allows the desired degree
of visual privacy

The foundation of Expansion Desking

comprises the Spine Desk and Modular
Desk which act as the basic building
blocks of the workstation. Spine Desks are
suited for open, collaborative applications
and create casual spaces when planned
with low storage, glass options and
foundation laminate source laminate panel fabric seating
alternating heights. Stacking components
Flax Reflect Very White; Flax India, Kashmir Contessa: Tess Mesh/
Reflect Cloth Light Grey; Tess off−module, such as screens and storage
Silver Frame with tackboards, enhances function.

Expansion Desking products are aligned open−ended supports permit healthy air flow
with LEED® (Leadership in Energy and beneath and between workstations. Options
foundation laminate source laminate panel fabric seating
Environmental Design) guidelines that such as glass and unobtrusive edge screens
Very White Very White India, Kashmir Contessa: Tess Mesh/
Cloth Light Grey; Tess stress natural light and air circulation in reflect an emphasis on more transparent
Silver Frame commercial interiors. Elevated panels and workstations and unobstructed views.

foundation laminate source laminate seating

Espresso Reflect Very White; Espresso Contessa: Tess Mesh/
Reflect Cloth Light Grey; Tess
Silver Frame

A full collection of storage units defines space

in multiple configurations. Many units serve
foundation laminate source laminate panel fabric seating as a worksurface support for semi−suspended
Cocoa Brown Reflect Very White; Cocoa Finland, White Projek: Base Grade
Brown Reflect Leather, White; Stone
applications, maximizing planning
Mesh/Frame efficiencies while maintaining practicality.

Modular Desks comprise an assembly of without disassembling the workstation.

parts that enable build up to 81 inches high. Modular Desks are ideal when maximum
foundation laminate source laminate/ panel fabric seating
foundation The desks accept Structural Columns that versatility and modularity is required using
Flax Reflect India, Kashmir Projek: Base Grade
Very White Leather, White; Stone function as a vertical building plane, the same components.
Mesh/Frame allowing components to be added or removed

01 suspended modesty panel 02 floor screen 03 worksurface edge screen 04 floor screen with glass 05 add-on screen 06 freestanding screen
Suspended Modesty Panels provide One−inch−thick Floor Screens provide Worksurface Edge Screens provide partial One−inch−thick Floor Screens with glass Center Add−On Screens and Desktop Two−inch−thick Freestanding Screens
discreet privacy and are available in a cost−effective alternative to space privacy in open and collaborative appli- provide enclosure while allowing natural Cabinets mount off−module on the may be used alone or connected together
frosted and back−painted glass, laminate division. cations. They are available in frosted glass light within workstations. Desk−Mounted Shelf or can rest to provide varying degrees of privacy.
and metal options. and laminate. directly on the desk. They function to enclose a workstation
in side−wrap applications or behind
desks to enhance corridor appearance.

07 low credenza 08 credenza 09 supporting tower 10 extended supporting tower 11 functional storage options 12 diverse storage options
Low Credenzas provide ample storage Ideal for collaborative areas, 29−inch− Supporting Towers with side access Extended Supporting Towers provide Freestanding storage functions as A collection of configurations meets
while accommodating casual seating high Credenzas provide shared access shelving offer alternate planning and additional functionality and space a worksurface support when used individual needs including storage of
when used with a seat cushion. Shelving from either side with a cubby space for filing choices. A 1−inch−thick wrap− division. underneath surfaces or attached from personal items, filing and wardrobe.
supports accept additional paper flow. additional storage. around case provides an integrated the storage side.
worksurface mount option.

13 desktop cabinet 14 modular desk 15 structural column 16 height-adjustable desks 17 access door 18 wire management
Storage capacity is maximized vertically Modular Desks accept standard The Structural Column Height−adjustable desks feature An integrated access door on Spine Desks An optional grommet on Spine Desks
with Desktop Cabinets. Space below 52−inch−high Structural Columns that framework supports Elements, split worksurfaces with an adjustment provides easy access to power and data efficiently routes cables into the wire
the units can be left open or enclosed allow space−saving double overheads. Overhead Storage, Countertops, range of 26–32 inches. The back underneath the worksurface. management channel.
with a glass or laminate divider. Tool Rails, and accessories. surface remains fixed, maintaining
Tackboards install on the back of shared height consistency of components
units for added functionality. above the worksurface supported by
the Structural Column.

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