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Torkom Saraydarian


A Guide to the Saraydarian Collection

T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc.

Visions for the 21st Century
Torkom Saraydarian (1917 - 1997) dedicated
his entire life to the service of mankind. He was a
renowned scholar of comparative religions, philoso-
phies, and teachings of world scriptures. His writ-
ings synthesize and clearly explain the huge body
of knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom. His writ-
ings lay the solid foundation for new thought and
new culture in every field of human life; individual
and family; private and professional. His writings
number over 170 books of all sizes, many of which
have been published. He also has hundreds of lec-
tures, most of which are available on audio and
video tape.
Torkom Saraydarian was also a prolific musi-
cian. He composed and recorded hundreds of mu-
sical pieces for the piano, oud, violin, cello, and
voice. “My music is influenced by my future dreams
for humanity. I believe that music is the flame of
creation. Music must be used to create the New World,
the new humanity that will be healthy, beautiful,
joyful, and free.”
2002 Torkom Saraydarian Collection

Dear Friend,

We present this catalog of Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works with

the greatest joy. His special approach to the Teachings of the Ageless
Wisdom has received national and international acclaim. The depth and
breadth of his works are truly a gift to humanity.
T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Gita
Saraydarian, daughter of Torkom Saraydarian. TSG is devoted to the
publishing and distributing of Torkom’s creative legacy.
Torkom’s books and booklets are a great benefit to all who want to
live healthy, joyous, prosperous, and successful lives.
The music selections are like nothing else you have ever heard. They
are soothing, calming, yet put you in an awakened and conscious mood.
The lectures are gems. They are presented to you exactly as he gave
them: lucid, candid, natural, and informal. You can order his lectures on
audio or video tape.
The past year has been very exciting for all of us. We have continued
the development of our website with new content. We now have a section
devoted to introducing the Teaching to new students. Several booklets
and chapters from various books are available free, a perfect way to acquaint
yourself with the Ageless Wisdom. We encourage you to download them
and send them to your friends. Several of Torkom’s lectures are also available
free. Hear firsthand his unique and powerful style of teaching.
Torkom had dreamed for many years of creating a spiritual University
where students can learn to apply the Ageless Wisdom practically and
improve their lives. That dream is now a reality. The Torkom Saraydarian
University now offers courses on site at the TSG Center, as well as by
correspondence through our website and by mail.
You can place your order by mail, e-mail, phone, fax, or through our
website. If you need help in making your selections, contact us and we
will be happy to serve you.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc.

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Ageless Wisdom ............................. C1 Leadership Vol. III ......................... A2
Aura - Shield of Protection and Leadership Vol. IV ........................ A3
Glory .......................................... F4 Leadership Vol. V .......................... A3
Battling Dark Forces ...................... F4 Legend of Shamballa ..................... D4
Bhagavad Gita ............................... D3 Mysteries of Willpower ................. H4
Breakthrough to Higher Psychism Mystery of Self-Image ................... H3
.................................................. H1 New Dimensions in Healing .......... E4
Buddha Sutra - A Dialogue with Obsession and Possession ............... F6
the Glorious One........................ D5 Olympus World Report... The Year
Challenge for Discipleship ............ C1 3000 ........................................... D2
Christ - Avatar of Sacrificial Love One Hundred Names of God ......... F3
................................................... F1 Other Worlds ................................. F5
Commentary on Psychic Energy ..... E2 Psyche and Psychism
Cosmic Shocks ............................... E1 (2 Volume Set) ........................... E1
Cosmos in Man .............................. F1 Psychology of Cooperation and
Creative Fire .................................. D1 Group Consciousness ................ G1
Creative Sound - Sacred Music, Purpose of Life .............................. H2
Dance, and Song ........................ D2 Science of Becoming Oneself ........ E5
Dialogue with Christ ...................... F5 Science of Meditation ................... E3
Dynamics of Success ..................... H3 Sense of Responsibility in Society
Dynamics of the Soul ..................... F6 .................................................. G1
Education as Transformation, Vol. I Sex, Family, and the Woman in
................................................... B1 Society (2nd ed.) ......................... B2
Education as Transformation, Vol. II Solar Angel .................................... C4
................................................... B1 Spiritual Regeneration .................. B2
Eyes of Hierarchy ........................... F3 Spring of Prosperity ....................... G2
Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Subconscious Mind & the Chalice
and Joy ....................................... D1 ................................................... E3
Flame of the Heart ........................ H2 Symphony of the Zodiac ................ C4
From My Heart - Collection of Talks on Agni, Vol. 1 ..................... C2
poetry, Vol. I ............................... D3 Talks on Agni, Vol. 2 ..................... C2
Glossary, a Concordance of Torkom Talks on Agni, Vol. 3 ..................... C3
Saraydarian’s Works ..................... I1 Teaching the Ageless Wisdom ........ I1
Hiawatha and the Great Peace ...... D4 Thought & the Glory of Thinking
Hidden Glory of the Inner Man ..... F2 ................................................... E2
I Was .............................................. D5 Transformation .............................. E5
Joy and Healing ............................. E4 Triangles of Fire ............................. C3
Karma and Reincarnation .............. F2 Woman - Torch of the Future (2nd ed.)
Leadership Vol. I ........................... A1 B3
Leadership Vol. II .......................... A2 Year 2000 and After ...................... H1
Booklets Music
Angels and Devas ........................... K1 Dance of the Zodiac ....................... L1
Art of Visualization ........................ K1 Far Horizons ................................... L1
Chalice in Agni Yoga ..................... K1 Fire Blossom ................................... L1
Cooperation ................................ K10 Infinity ........................................... L2
Cornerstones of Health .................. K2 Lao Tse ........................................... L2
Courage .......................................... K2 Light Years Ahead .......................... L2
Daily Discipline of Worship .......... K2 Lily in Tibet ................................... L2
Daily Spiritual Striving .................. K3 Misty Mountains ............................ L3
Discipleship in Action ................... K3 Piano Compositions ....................... L3
Duties of Grandparents ............... K10 Rainbow ........................................ L3
Earthquakes and Disasters .............. K3 Spirit of My Heart .......................... L3
Entering the New Millennium ....... K4 Sun Rhythms .................................. L4
Family Relations ......................... K10 Tears of My Joy .............................. L4
Fiery Carriage and Drugs ................ K4 Touch of Heart .............................. L4
First Steps Toward Freedom ........... K4 Toward Freedom ............................ L4
For Men ...................................... K10
For Women ................................. K10
Heart of Your Partner .................. K10 Other Authors
Hierarchy and The Plan ................. K5
How to Find Your Level of At the Threshold of the New World J1
Meditation ................................. K5 Discovering Torkom’s Teachings .... J1
Ideal Marriage ............................. K10 The Jewel and the Fawn ................. J3
Inner Blooming .............................. K5 Nicholas Roerich ............................ J1
Irritation, The Destructive Fire ...... K6 Three Remarkable Women ............. J2
Mental Exercises ............................ K6 In the Hours of Meditation ............. J2
Nachiketas ..................................... K6 The Serene Life ............................... J3
New Beginnings ............................. K7 Sound, Rhythms and Healing .......... J2
Practical Spirituality ...................... K7
Prayers, Mantrams, Invocations ...... K7
Questioning Traveler and Karma ... K8 Other items
Responsibilities of Fathers .......... K10
Responsibilities of Mothers ........ K10 Book Club .................................... M5
Responsibility ............................. K10 Foreign translations ....................... M4
Saint Sergius .................................. K8 Incense .......................................... M3
Solemnity ....................................... K8 Lectures ......................................... M1
Success ........................................ K10 Spiritual training courses .............. M2
Synthesis ........................................ K9 Oils ............................................... M3
Unusual Court ............................... K9 Outreach ....................................... M5
Women as Torchbearers .............. K10 Prayer cards ................................... M3
These five volumes of the Leadership Series
give the needed wisdom for soul powered
leadership. They provide the internal
foundation that is needed for a leader in any
field of human endeavor. This information can
easily be translated into your own field and
style of leadership and used in your home or
office. These provide the keys to establishing
right human relations powered by a wise leader.

Leadership — Vol. I
“Leadership is vision. Leadership paves the way for
freedom. Leadership is not dictatorship. Leadership is
Hardcover, $30.00
Softcover, $25.00 the ability to go ahead with your own evolution and
ISBN:0929874242 (H) share your achievements with others.”
ISBN:0929874250 (S) “Leadership belongs to all human endeavors. The
488 pgs, Gloss., Index
Pub. date 1995 real leaders are those who, in their particular field,
cultivate the principle of sensitivity and direction to-
ward the Common Good and who, in cooperation with
all other fields, respond to the principle of synthesis.”
In this first volume you will learn, among other top-
ics, about
• Vision of the Future
• Leadership and Inspiration
• Co-Workers
• How to be a discriminating leader
• Group consciousness and group work
• Psychic energy and willpower

Leadership — Vol. II
Volume II continues to give detailed advice on true
leadership. It addresses issues such as how does one
become a leader in today’s world and still use the higher
principles in daily life. Whether you are the leader of a
large corporation or the leader of a small group of
people, the principles and guidelines given in this book
will be a tremendous help in your daily professional
and personal activities.
In this volume you will learn, among other topics,
• Leadership and God
• Leadership tests
• Self-confidence Hardcover, $25.00
Softcover, $20.00
• Leadership and miracles ISBN:0929874501 (H)

ISBN:092987451X (S)
• World Leadership 334 pages, Index
• Leadership and treason Pub. date 1996

Leadership — Vol. III

Volume III contains instructions given to advanced
students of leadership. “Leaders are guardians of a Hardcover, $25.00
nation. If we had five thousand groups studying eso- Softcover, $20.00
teric leadership, the world would slowly change.” ISBN:0929874552 (H)
ISBN:0929874560 (S)
“Leadership is progressive. Acceptance and under- 399 pages, Index
standing of our responsibilities and the urge to help Pub. date 1997
others help themselves are elements that make lead-
ers more effective and progressive.”
In this volume you will learn, among other topics,
• Leaders and righteousness
• The foundations of leadership
• Self-judgment
• Leaders as servants
• Organism vs. organization

Leadership — Vol. IV
“In all departments of human labor, there is a need
for leaders who have vision, initiative, determination,
vitality, and enthusiasm. There is a need for leaders
who are able to stand against limitation of movement,
ignorance, disorderliness, and ugliness. There is a need
for leaders who are equipped with knowledge in their
field of labor and who are equipped with the wisdom
to protect their field of labor and their co-workers.
There is a need for leaders who understand core val-
ues and principles and stand for them regardless of
the common practices to the contrary.”
In this volume you will learn, among other topics,
Hardcover, $30.00 • Mental circuits
Softcover, $25.00
ISBN:0929874633 (H) • The importance of self-image
ISBN:0929874641 (S)
• Dangers facing the leader

424 pages, Index

Pub. date 1997 • Good and evil
• The glamor of power

Leadership — Vol. V
“Leadership gives meaning to life. If you are a leader
Hardcover, $35.00 of yourself, you give meaning to your life. Your life
Softcover, $30.00 does not pass meaninglessly. What does it mean to
ISBN:092987465X (H)
ISBN:0929874668 (S)
have meaning? It means that you are somebody who
503 pages, Index can offer progress and unfoldment in the process of
Pub. date 1998 life. You are not lost in the life.”
“Other leaders, besides you, give meaning to life.
This means that they hook you to a plan, a purpose,
and your life takes on meaning. Without gearing your-
self to the Plan of the Hierarchy, to the Purpose of the
planet, you have no meaning.”
In this volume you will learn, among other topics, about:
• Illusions of power
• How to give orders
• Leadership and higher guidance
• Leadership and sex
• Humility and leadership

Education as Transformation
Vol. I Individual and Cosmos
The first volume defines the relationship that needs
to be built between an individual and the Cosmos in
order for transformation to take place, then details the
value and process of questioning that leads to inner
discovery. “I have been a headmaster, teacher, and
principal of various private schools. Through my ex-
perience, I envision the following goals for education:
• To eliminate war
• To make everyone free from want

Spiritual Education
To eliminate crime through education
• To wipe out the sources of disease Softcover, $25.00
ISBN: 0929874390
• To prove the immortality of man 512 pages, Index
Pub. date 1999
• To contact the Higher Worlds”

Education as Transformation
Vol. II — Basics of Education
This book defines what should be the purpose and
direction of education in the new millennium. “When
critical times come, people, groups, nations, and hu- Softcover, $25.00
manity search for new education because they face ISBN: 0929874404
440 pgs, Gloss., Index
life and find that the education they received previ- Pub. date 1999
ously cannot solve their present problems. This is a
very important thought. When you suddenly feel that
you are inadequate or powerless to solve the prob-
lems of your family and your life in general, in order to
make a breakthrough you desire to have a new edu-
cation or a new tool in your hand to solve your prob-
“Education without a universal goal burns its con-
tainer. That is what is happening now, everywhere while
millions are anxious to learn more, to fill their stomach
with knowledge, they have no ability to use that knowl-
edge to free humanity from hunger, pollution, taxes,
exploitation, disease, and crimes.”

Spiritual Regeneration
“Spiritual” means practical, factual, tangible, prov-
able progress toward future accomplishments. When
you are progressively striving for achievement, then
you are spiritual.
“Regeneration” means that your physical, emotional,
and mental natures are slowly inflamed with the pur-
pose and the vision of the future. It means that you
say: “In the future, I am going to do these things; I am
going to be something; I am going to create various
activities and projects in the world; I am going to mas-
ter myself ”
Spiritual Regeneration shows how this striving cre-
ates a tremendous fire in us and how this fire ener-
Spiritual Education

Softcover, $15.00
ISBN: 0962443913 gizes our physical, emotional, and mental natures and
224 pages, Index
Pub. date 1990
regenerates us.
The author includes wonderful, practical daily exer-
cises that are a great help in attaining spiritual regen-

Sex, Family and the

Woman in Society
It is now time to face the real values of man, woman,
and family.
Softcover, $35.00 What are these values? How do we recognize them?
ISBN: 092987434X
600 pages, Index
Torkom Saraydarian has paid the most honorable trib-
Pub. date 1999 ute to the family unit. This entire work is based on the
fact that women, men, and children are sacred. An
entire spectrum of human associations is examined.
Chapters include discussions on the Philosophy of Sex,
How Men Affect Women, How Women Can Attract
Good Men, Harmonious Sex, The Enemies of a Fam-
ily, Responsibilities of Parenting. Additional subjects
are the responsibilities of women, women as leaders
and standard bearers of mankind, the essential differ-
ences between men and women, and much more.
This is a daring and shocking book. It can serve as
the basis upon which strong and healthy individuals
and families are built.

Woman, Torch of the
This book is based on the concept that couples who
want the most beautiful and bright children and want
to have a strong family will have to prepare them-
selves, even in their selection of a mate. Women can
no longer afford to ignore their innermost concerns.
The author discusses preparation for marriage, the
beautiful marriage ceremony, how to prepare for preg-
nancy, and the needed care while pregnant. Included
are guides for the mother, the father, and the educa-
tion of the child, and the woman as the torchbearer for

Spiritual Education
A challenging book. Much has been done to deni- Softcover, $18.00
ISBN: 0929874331
grate women and their relationship to their men and 288 pages, Index
children. The author presents a supreme vision that Pub. date 1999
women can attain only when their contribution to hu-
manity is understood and embraced.

The two books on family life, Sex, Family

and the Woman in Society and Woman,
Torch of the Future, are based on years of
comprehensive research by the author into the
essential guidelines given to men and women
in all the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. They
represent a synthesis of the esoteric science
given to humanity as well as their modern
interpretations. The author spent years
meditating and contemplating on the role of
the family in the spiritual life of the individual.
See also the Family Values booklets.

The Ageless Wisdom
An introduction to the principles and values of the
Ancient Wisdom Teachings.
The Ageless Wisdom clearly explains what is meant
by The Teaching. It shows exactly how the Teaching
must be applied so that practical benefit can be ob-
tained. It does not limit this benefit to religious prac-
tices but opens it to every form of human expression
in all the various fields.
The Ageless Wisdom provides a common basis to
understand all religious and philosophical viewpoints,
as well as people from diverse backgrounds.
This is an important book that forms the keynote for
understanding the foundations of the Ancient Teach-
Softcover, $16.00 ings.
Ageless Wisdom

ISBN: 0929874137
338 pgs, Gloss., Index
Pub. date 1990

Challenge for Discipleship

Discipleship means to attain all the characteristics
of a successful, well rounded person through the dis-
cipline of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies in
Hardcover, $25.00
Softcover, $20.00 the light of our soul.
ISBN:0911794506 (H) If we want to be more than what we are, be more
ISBN:0911794514 (S)
532 pages, Index
productive, more joyful, have better relations, then we
1st pub. ‘86, 2nd ‘94 have to increase our labor in the ordinary and daily
aspects of life.
This book challenges all to strive to a higher level
and to set new levels of achievements in every aspect
of life. It is a self-guiding manual for transformation.
Each chapter is full of ideas and encouragements,
showing the readers unlimited ways by which they
can transform themselves. From the most basic trans-
formations to the most challenging and sublime, this
book is one of the best tools for a striving individual
and a true manual for disciples.
✶ (Meditation course on Challenge for Disciple-
ship is available through TSG.)

Talks On Agni, Vol. 1
Agni means fire. Yoga represents unity. Agni Yoga
means to unify our physical, emotional, mental natures,
and our soul with the Fire of God within us and within
the universe. The Agni Yoga Teaching is a guidance
given to humanity, first published in 1920 in a series of
twelve books by Helena Roerich.
The first volume of Talks on Agni is a collection of
discourses given by Torkom Saraydarian through 1986.
Each chapter deals with a specific topic, explained
and expanded and deeper meanings revealed.
Chapters include
• The Seven Yogas

Ageless Wisdom
• Agni Yoga and the Regeneration of the World Softcover, $15.00
ISBN: 0911794565
• Expansion of Consciousness 360 pages, Index
• Maitreya and the Age of Woman Pub. date 1987

• How to Communicate the Teaching

Talks on Agni, Vol. 2

Volume 2 is a collection of discourses from 1987 to Softcover, $35.00
ISBN: 0929874005
1991. 504 pgs, Index
“The seventh and newest yoga was publicized start- Pub. date 2000
ing in 1920. This yoga was called Agni Yoga, or the
yoga of synthesis. Agni Yoga means unification of your
physical, emotional, and mental nature and your soul
with the Fire of God that is within you and in the uni-
“Yoga is becomingness, the process of beingness.
You become a yogi when you experience unity with
your body, emotions, and mind. Higher yogis are those
who achieve unity with their Inner Guardian. The high-
est yogis are those who become one with the fire -
the Flame.” (Talks on Agni, Vol. 1, pp. 6-7)

Talks on Agni, Vol. 3
Volume 3 represents Torkom’s discourses from 1992
to 1996.
Topics include:
• Approaching the Teaching
• Establishing Rhythm
• Psycho-Dynamics
• Responding Vibration
• Supermundane
• Divisibility of the Spirit
• The Subtle Worlds
✶ (101 Stories from Agni Yoga meditation course
is available through TSG.)
Softcover, $35.00
Ageless Wisdom

ISBN: 0929874854
533 pages, Index
Pub. date 2001

Triangles of Fire
A comprehensive study of The Great Invocation, a
world prayer of dynamic proportions.
The author gives clear directions and reasons for
reciting The Great Invocation and for the creation of
Triangles. A Triangle consists of three people (not
Softcover, $12.00 necessarily at the same physical location) who, at an
ISBN: 0911794352 appointed time, say The Great Invocation. This pow-
165 pages, Index erful prayer is one of the most beautiful and important
1st Pub. ‘77, 2nd
Revised ‘88 prayers given to man in the twentieth century. The
author explains what the prayer means, verse by verse,
and explains why it is said, and why not to change the
Chapters include
• The Esoteric Idea Behind Triangles
• Psychological Effects of the Great Invocation
• Understanding the Great Invocation
• Cooperation Between Groups
✶(A free lecture on the deeper meaning of the Great
Invocation by Torkom Saraydarian is available on our

Symphony of the Zodiac
The influence of the zodiacal signs on human nature
is truly great. Regardless of your birth sign, you will be
influenced each month in a way that is particular to
that month’s zodiacal configuration. Instead of fight-
ing the energies coming to you, you can learn to ben-
efit from them.
Each month, the Sun enters one of the twelve signs
of the Zodiac. During each period, special energies
are available that can be used to better yourself, ac-
complish tasks, and eliminate negative characteristics
in your nature.
The author explains the signs of the Zodiac, discusses
the characteristics and keynotes of each one and of- Hardcover, $20.00

Ageless Wisdom
Softcover, $18.00
fers specific meditations for each month. ISBN:0911794042 (H)
By using the best characteristics available to you each ISBN:0911794050 (S)
month as well as the best available under your par- 375 pages, Index
1st Pub. ‘80, 2nd ‘88
ticular birth sign, you will be guided to enrich and im-
prove your life.

The Solar Angel

The Angel, the Guardian Angel, the Inner Guide are
names given to our most intimate guide who travels Hardcover, $25.00
with us on our many life journeys. Softcover, $20.00
Man has his own angel, who lives in his aura and ISBN:0911794611 (H)
ISBN:091179462X (S)
protects and guides him on the path of perfection. 455 pages, Index
Nations, groups, and even families have angels. Pub. date 1990
A collection from writings and lectures about the
Solar Angel by Torkom Saraydarian.
“The story of the Solar Angel comes from far antiq-
uity. In almost all nations and religions, we read about
angels: Guardian Angels and angels that shine like the
Sun; angels that protect, lead, and inspire people in all
Chapters include
• Mystery of the Soul
• Individualization
• Duties of the Solar Angel
• Location of the Soul and Building the Bridge

The Creative Fire
“Creativity is the labor to manifest beauty.” “As long
as you try to bring light into dark places, into minds,
into people’s souls, into homes, into organizations, you
are a creative person....” You can create in the artis-
tic, scientific, religious, education, political and eco-
nomic fields. It is this creativity that pulls humanity
upward to new heights, to enlightenment, unity, joy,
prosperity, and a greater contact with the Universe.
An inspiring book about the creative fire latent in ev-
ery human soul.
You will learn

Softcover, $35.00
• What true creativity is

Creativity & Culture

ISBN: 0929874226 How to labor as an artist

600 pgs, Gloss., Index
Pub. date 1996
• Muses who inspire us
• The power of Archetypes
• Dangers faced by artists
• Specific exercises to draw out the creative fire

The Flame of Beauty,

Culture, Love, Joy
A most joyful and inspiring book. This book is for
those who have wished to have a real understanding
Softcover, $10.00 of the meaning of culture, beauty, love, and joy. The
ISBN: 0911794026
210 pages
author does a superb job explaining these concepts.
Pub. date 1980 Here is a sample:
On Beauty: “Man is created to manifest beauty.”
On Culture: “Culture is the translation and interpre-
tation of beauty.”
On Love: “Love is not a sentiment. It is not an emo-
tional attitude. It is the most powerful energy, the core
of which is within the human being.”
On Joy: “Joy is not conditioned by outer circum-
stances; it is like a beacon, the foundation of which
rests on the ageless rocks.”
This is an in-depth study of these four essential con-
ditions of life.
✶ (An introductory meditation course based on this
book is available. Call TSG for details.)

World Report...The Year 3000
Daily we hear how bad life is. Future predictions,
based on past events, show the destruction of life as
we know it. In Olympus World Report…The Year
3000 the author turns this negative outlook upside
down. He gives us a look at the future that takes into
account the full potential of every human being.
The first section begins with forecasts for the years
2025 to the year 3000. A specific forecast is given for
the field of politics, education, communication, the arts,
science, religion, finance, health and healing.

Creativity & Culture

The next section, in verse form, shows a great drama
unfolding. Great Ones who are said to guide and in- Hardcover, $18.00
spire each field of life ceremoniously report to the ISBN: 0929874463
Ancient of Days about Their key achievements in each 216 pgs, Gloss., Index
Pub. date 1993
field. A truly joyous call to the service of the Plan!

The Creative Sound

Sacred Music, Dance, and Song
Sacred music and dance is designed for breaking
patterns and crystallizations. This is necessary for us
Softcover, $25.00
to evolve.
ISBN: 0929874684
“A man who has reached perfection in three levels 360 pages, Index
and is fused with his Soul is a unique manifestation of Pub. date 1999
music. This is a factual statement and not a mystical
dream. All the organs, glands, centers, and systems
eventually develop their proper frequencies and inte-
grate and align. They first produce various melodies.
Then the symphony emerges. Thus a man becomes a
living music in Nature.”
“If once our ear opens in higher states of conscious-
ness, we will see that the whole Creation is music that
is based on three concepts— harmony, unity, and syn-
“Manifestation is densified music.”

From My Heart
A collection of sacred poetry depicting the inner jour-
ney of Torkom Saraydarian, one of the most prolific
and creative artists of our time.
You will be moved to joy, tears, and wonderment as
you read these poems about his philosophy, his par-
ents, his sisters, his childhood, his deep inner yearn-
“Poetry is making love with your visions and with
the deep feelings of your heart.”
“Readers of poems are not average people. They
have abstract and practical minds, plus the light of
Intuition. It is very important to have creative imagi-
nation and visualization to catch echoes of the poems
Creativity & Culture

Hardcover, $35.00 that no average ear can hear.”

ISBN: 0929874196 Reading deep and sacred poems and contemplating
504 pages
Pub. date 1996 them helps us build our higher powers. We are imme-
diately raised into a new level of consciousness as we
try to understand the poems’ underlying meanings.

The Bhagavad Gita

A timeless classic of India translated from the origi-
Hardcover, $10.00 nal Sanskrit by Torkom Saraydarian.
Softcover, $8.00
ISBN: 0911794360 (H) The Bhagavad Gita is an epic poem contained in
ISBN: 0911794379 (S) the larger allegorical drama, the Mahabbarata.
95 pages
Pub. date 1974
The story depicts the personal struggle of a warrior
faced with the most difficult choices in his life. We
identify with him because his crisis is our crisis. As a
response to the warrior’s despair, the Teacher explains
the basic tenets of the Ageless Wisdom, such as de-
tachment, responsibility, life and death, struggle and
It is written in a beautiful verse form, easy to under-
stand, and is particularly suited for meditative study.
✶ (Meditation course available on the Bhagavad
Gita designed by Torkom Saraydarian. Call TSG for

The Legend of Shamballa
Shamballa, the “White Island” referred to in many
religious traditions, is said to be located in the Gobi
Desert. Shamballa functions as the head center of this
planet, where the Will of God is expressed.
Written in verse form, this book describes the leg-
end of creation, the function and make-up of Shamballa,
how Hierarchy was created, and how humanity is
helped in all the fields of endeavor by Great Ones. It
gives a great vision and hope for those working for
the betterment of mankind.
A profound, extremely beautiful and poetic work. A
book of hope and glory for the future.

Creativity & Culture

Hardcover, $18.00
ISBN: 0911794689
165 pages
1st pub. ‘76, 2nd ‘88

Hiawatha and the Great

Hiawatha was a heroic leader of legendary propor- Hardcover, $12.00
Softcover, $10.00
tions in the Native American traditions, who formed ISBN: 0911794255 (H)
the confederacy of the Great Peace to unite the In- ISBN: 091179428X (S)
dian tribes. Traditions tell us that he was overshad- 212 pages
Pub. date 1984
owed by a great Spirit who guided him in his daily
We see in this epic poem how the art of real diplo-
macy and psychology was used. We see the true value
placed on women as leaders in the family and in tribal
relations. We also see how the Great Peace inspired
the American Constitution.
Torkom Saraydarian’s deep research inspired him to
write this beautiful account of the life, philosophy, and
work that brought unity and integrity to many tribal
nations. Tribal elders of many Indian nations use this
book to uplift their people, but it is also a model for
right relations for all humanity.

Buddha Sutra
A Dialogue with the Glorious One
An intimate dialogue that reads like sacred music.
Each poem is a reflection, a question and an answer
to life’s most pressing challenges.
Torkom Saraydarian writes, “This book will help you
keep your spiritual equilibrium in the midst of the tur-
moil of life and help you be a point of light, service,
and loving understanding.”
“During my writing of this book, I was able to pen-
etrate into my soul a little more and into the meaning
of the Law of Compassion. I felt that the Lord Bud-
dha was teaching this Law of Compassion. I felt that
Creativity & Culture

the Lord Buddha was teaching this Law to humanity

Hardcover, $25.00
ISBN: 0929874366 through His every word and through every action in
448 pages Index His life.”
Pub. date 1994
(Gorgeous red cloth cover with ornate gold leaf de-
sign. Suitable for a special gift.)

I Was
An immensely intense dramatic work about the pro-
cess of becoming a wise and soul-infused woman.
Softcover, $5.00
ISBN: 0911794433 What happens when a mature woman finds she is
150 pages no longer a sex object and suddenly discovers that she
Pub. date 1981
needs to be honest and true to her inner self? This is
a moment of shock and intense internal questioning.
I Was is an intimate look inside the life of a film star
about to undergo the most stunning revelation of her
life. She has lived and loved, and now she finds her-
self in the dark night of her soul. She looks at her life
with the wisdom of a mature woman, and places her
actions and choices into a perspective that will afford
her the opportunity to live the remaining part of her
life as a mature, wise, and soul-transformed person.
Through this woman’s eyes, we look at our own life,
its meaning and direction, and set our sights on the
true purpose of our life.

Cosmic Shocks
In Cosmic Shocks we learn that the causes of cri-
ses can stem from conditions within the Cosmos as
well as within the individual.
You will learn how to identify the sources of crises
and then resolve them through a creative response. It
is possible to deal with crises effectively and use them
for growth and change, if we learn to develop the tech-
nique of response.
Whether crises are due to karma, zodiacal configu-
rations, human negligence, or a part of growth and
development, everyone, at one time or another, must
confront them and learn to be victorious.
Learn how to respond to life’s challenges so that

Critical Thinking
you can create real improvement in every level and in Softcover, $18.00
ISBN: 0929874099
every field of human involvement.
182 pgs, Gloss., Index
Pub. date 1989

The Psyche and Psychism

A monumental work on the origin, development,
power, and care of the human soul. Hardcover 2 vol. set
This masterpiece, of enormous and long-term value, $60.00
offers the reader a true explanation of the real defini- ISBN: 0911794069
1214 pages Index
tion of psychism. In addition, a clear explanation is Pub. date 1981
given about the creation of the solar system, the con-
stitution of man, the Ageless Wisdom, the centers and
senses of man, and a large section on the various types
of meditation. Another large section is devoted to the
specific virtues that are needed at every level of our
development. The Psyche and Psychism gives a ba-
sic and clear overview of the Ageless Wisdom Teach-
ings. Every basic topic needed to understand the Teach-
ing is contained in this book.
A supreme work and a priceless resource for any
serious student of the Teaching. This book is also a
great help as a teacher’s guidebook.

Thought & The Glory of
An enormously helpful and insightful work on the
mystery of the mind and thinking.
“Our future is built by our own thoughts. Not only
our physical body but also our future activities, our
future positions, our future talents, our future victories
and achievements all are built in the little, little thoughts
that have been accumulated throughout the ages. They
become huge and influential, and eventually they show
us that whatever we thought, that is what we are go-
ing to see with our eyes.”
“The Science of Thinking gives man the keys to open
Hardcover, $48.00
all the mysteries of Creation. As man creates integrity
Critical Thinking

Softcover, $38.00 within himself, enabling his nature to think harmoni-

ISBN: 0929874285 (H) ously, in the same way the nucleus of a nation or of
ISBN: 0929874277 (S)
656 pgs, Gloss., Index humanity must create integrity until all men and women
Pub. date 1996 in the nation think in harmony with each other for a
supreme goal, for each and for all.”

Commentary on Psychic
Softcover, $14.00 In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we are told about
ISBN: 0929874129
240 pgs, Gloss., Index heart energy and the fire of the heart. This is the es-
Pub. date 1989 sence of psychic energy. Psychic energy puts our heart
in contact with the distant Heart of the Cosmos, and
our heart is filled with the treasures of the Cosmic
Heart. This is how a human being finds right direction,
develops the virtues of the heart, and is able to heal his
bodies. Unless your heart is in contact with the elec-
tromagnetic field of the Cosmic Heart, you will be like
a wanderer in the desert and live in a way that is against
your own supreme interest.
Learn how to contact the Cosmic Heart, be in tune
with It, and use its psychic energy for healing, upliftment,
and energy to carry out your daily labor.

The Subconscious Mind &
the Chalice
If you can understand how your subconscious mind
operates, you will be able to unlock the mystery of
We each have a limitless capacity to grow and ex-
press talents never before dreamed of. What keeps
us from actualizing those talents? Our subconscious
What awaits us if we overcome negative elements
in the subconscious mind? The beauty and glory of
the Chalice, the real essence and future of man!
The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice defines

Critical Thinking
these two conditioning parts of our nature. It explains Softcover, $18.00
how to be free from the traps, fears, pain, and uncon- ISBN: 0929874188
446 pgs, Gloss., Index
trollable urges of the subconscious mind and how we Pub. date 1993
can learn to unlock the treasury of talents and beauty
stored in the Chalice.

The Science of Meditation Hardcover, $16.00

ISBN:0911794298 (H)
379 pages, Index
Meditation is clear thinking in the light of your Soul! 1st pub. ‘71, 2nd ‘76
The Science of Meditation offers the safe and sane Softcover, $15.00
ISBN: 0911794301 (S)
way to practice this ancient art. It clearly explains how 384 pages, Index
to meditate using the “seed thought” technique in think- 1st pub. 1971, 2nd 1976,
ing where the higher mind is trained to analyze an idea 3rd 1981, 4th 1993

from various perspectives. By practicing this method

of meditation, we build our “rainbow bridge” to higher
consciousness and we are able to connect our souls to
higher dimensions.
This book offers simple, step-by-step methods of
meditation. The author offers encouragements and
warnings. Special monthly meditations are discussed,
as are the major festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.
A primer on meditation, a must for any serious per-
son who is seeking a clear guideline in this timeless
and essential activity.

Joy and Healing
“Joy is a state of beingness in which all evil currents
in you are arrested, all attacks of dark forces are re-
pulsed, a shield is built around you, and the watchman
in you is alert.”
We have all had experiences of joy in our life which
have been locked away and encapsulated. We can be
uplifted and healed when we bring out this joy. Joy
and Healing is a must for anyone who works in stress
related jobs, who is bothered by the lack of true hap-
piness and wishes to make a real effort to overturn
these patterns.
Joy is not the absence of problems and tensions. A
Hardcover, $15.00
state of joy is one in which our true being shines out
and overcomes all obstacles with grace and dignity.
Critical Thinking

Softcover, $12.00
ISBN:0911794603 (H) Joy helps us pay our karmic debts and links us ever
ISBN:091179459X (S)
156 pages, Index
more closely with the Divine Energy of Love.
Pub. date 1987 ✶ (Meditation course on Joy & Healing is available
through TSG.)

New Dimensions in Healing

This comprehensive volume describes the entire heal-
ing process, both inner and outer. The premier book in
Hardcover, $50.00
Softcover, $40.00 the field on the constitution of man, the etheric body,
ISBN:092987420X (H) and the centers or chakras in each body. Also included
ISBN:0929874218 (S)
916 pgs, Gloss., Index
are chapters on the various modalities of healing. Many
Pub. date 1992 exercises, visualizations, and meditations are given.
A textbook on the psychological and spiritual healing
“We are of the opinion that taking a few pills and a
few injections will solve our problems. In reality this is
not true.”
“Healing is not an outer phenomenon only, but es-
sentially it has to do with our emotions, thoughts, mo-
tives, expectations, aspirations, and attitudes. Our bod-
ies must be oriented toward the ideal, through the pu-
rification process and through the payment of our

The Science of Becoming
Torkom Saraydarian clearly explains the physiologi-
cal and psychological foundations for understanding
oneself and for becoming the true person you are by
identifying and overcoming the physical, emotional, and
mental obstacles.
This book explains what is true freedom, how to find
it and maintain it. Each chapter gives exercises and
visualizations that will build our character based on
benevolence, purity, and doing good.
Chapters include
• Toward Freedom
• Toward Purity

Critical Thinking
Hardcover, $16.00
• Harmlessness and Detachment Softcover, $15.00
ISBN:0911794263 (H)
• The Sea of Emotions ISBN:0911794271 (S)
• The Principle of Conflict 335 pages, Index
• The Conscience 1st pub. 1969, 2nd 1976,
3rd 1982, 4th 1996
• The Meaning of Silence
• The Self
✶ (Meditation course on The Science of Becoming
Oneself is available through TSG.)

Methods for the Transformation of Life Softcover, $25.00
This book is a transcription of an intensive seminar 430 pages, Index
on the topic of Transformation given by Torkom Sa-
raydarian in Agoura, California, in November of 1986.
“The seminar was planned and presented so that
the participants would have certain inner experiences
that would help them establish contact with the Higher
Self and with the Divine Presence in the Universe. It
was intended to be a period of deep experience. Book
knowledge and information are collected in the lower
mind. Sometimes we cannot use this knowledge until
we have “supernatural” experience, something that
hits our soul and makes us realize that we are not
human animals but angels - that we are very advanced
souls and citizens of the Universe.”

Cosmos in Man
“Man is Infinity. When we know man, we will know
the Cosmos. Man is not only a replica of Cosmos, but
a living indicator of all that transpires in Cosmos. In
the future, man will be able to use a living human form
to forecast coming events on the planet and in Cos-
mos. Man is the most sensitive instrument ever cre-
ated in the Universe τhough his mind records only a
small part of all impressions that come from Cosmic
events and reflect themselves in the mirror of his
etheric, astral and mental form.”
Torkom Saraydarian describes his search for the
Humanity & Higher Worlds

Ageless Wisdom, monadic evolution, defines the con-

Hardcover, $15.00
ISBN: 091179431X
stitution of man. Included are meditations on the Seven
278 pages, Index Rays, how to contact the Masters, and many more
1st pub. ‘73, 2nd ‘83 exceptional chapters for serious and heavy thinking
men and women.

The Avatar of Sacrificial Love
Hardcover, $16.00
Softcover, $12.00 A deeply moving account of the life and message of
ISBN:0911794700 (H) Christ from the tradition of the esoteric Teachings.
ISBN:0911794697 (S) Christ was an Avatar who presented to humanity
302 pages, Index
1st pub. ‘74, 2nd ‘94 the power of unconditional love. His message embod-
ied a life full of deep compassion, beauty, a sacrificial
life of service, simplicity, humility and total fearless-
Torkom Saraydarian shows how the life of Christ
forms an integral part of the Purpose and Plan of our
planetary life and how Christ is part of cyclic appear-
ances of great Saviors. We get deep insight into the
identity of Mother Mary, the three Kings, and how the
co-workers were gathered to help the new-born sav-
ior. Then we journey through the days and years, see-
ing the training, the initiations, and the sacred mes-
sages given to humanity.

The Hidden Glory of the
Inner Man
For those who have experienced something of the
soul within them, which the Tibetan Sage calls “a
beauty and a power, an active liberating force, a wis-
dom and a love…,” this book will speak to their hearts
and will enlighten their understanding.
The basics of the Ageless Wisdom are presented in
this gem Torkom Saraydarian’s first book on the hu-
man soul and its relationship with the Solar Angel. The
difference between these two has been made clear

Humanity & Higher Worlds

for the first time.
Understand the phases of development that the hu-
Hardcover, $10.00
man soul undergoes until it reaches the Spiritual Triad Softcover, $8.00
and becomes fully aware of its Divine Will. We rec- ISBN:0911794158 (H)
ommend this joyous survey of the spiritual path we all ISBN:0911794166 (S)
150 pages, Index
must travel to discover our hidden glory, the Self. 1st pub. ‘68, 1 st rev. ‘75,
(First printed as The Magnet of Life.) 2nd rev. ‘85

Karma & Reincarnation

“Karma” means cause and effect.
“Reincarnation” is the belief that the human soul is
eternal and lives many lives on its journey to return to Softcover, $25.00
its Divine Source. ISBN: 0929874234
Karma is not punishment for ill-deeds but a supreme 440 pages, Index
Pub. date 1999
way for nature to heal wounds created by our actions.
“Sometimes karma works in the following way: sup-
pose you went close to a porcupine and he projected
ten needles into your body. Karma is like taking them
out of your body, one by one, and releasing you from
the pain that afflicts you.”
The concept of reincarnation shows us that nothing
is ever lost in the Universe. We have continuous op-
portunities to put our life on the right path. Eventually,
through trial and error, we learn our lessons and move
on to higher levels of service. Reincarnation shows
that our soul in universal. There is no religious, ethnic,
nor time separateness.

One Hundred Names of
A beautifully touching and meditative book!
“How profound it is to be occupied with the names
of God!”
“His names are words of power. They are challenges
for us. They are an invitation for us to develop the
attributes of God, to cultivate the essence of the names
in our life.”
“Yet each name of God opens a new window within
our consciousness to look at Infinity, hear the call of
Humanity & Higher Worlds

Infinity, and respond to Infinity through striving toward

Softcover, $13.95
As you read this book, you feel the loving and nur-
ISBN: 0929874498 turing presence of a Great Being, urging us on toward
264 pages, Index a life of continuous joy and striving.
Pub. date 1995

The Eyes of Hierarchy

How the Masters Watch and Help Us
There is a magnificent group of superior beings
watching over us. There are experienced Masters and
Softcover, $10.95
ISBN: 0965620336 Teachers Who register our every word, thought, emo-
200 pages, Index tion, and action. The Hierarchy is composed of Those
Pub. date 1998
people who succeeded in mastering Their physical, emo-
tional, and mental natures. Their goal is to enlighten
humanity so that each of us fulfills our unique and ulti-
mate destiny. Contact with Hierarchy carries with it a
tremendous magnetism and power to transform. This
book will put you on the path of conscious cooperation
with the Masters.
You will learn
• How disciples are tested
• Ways to serve Hierarchy
• How Masters guide and protect us
• How to contact your Master
Once you make a contact with Hierarchy, your life
will never be the same.

Shield of Protection & Glory
Contains detailed information about the aura and its
role as the protector and nourisher of the entire human
body. Describes what the aura is, what it looks like,
what colors it has, how various zodiacal signs, colors,
and sounds affect it, and how we can strengthen our
aura so that it can protect and nourish us.
“The glorification of the aura begins with purification
of the aura, in which the colors achieve their maximum
translucency and stability… This is called ‘the shield’

Humanity & Higher Worlds

in some esoteric literature. It protects the person from
any kind of psychic attack… When it reaches its pure
tonality, it releases the fires of the etheric, astral, and Softcover, $15.00
mental centers and the Chalice, which radiates as twelve ISBN: 0929874064
224 pages, Index
ray colors from the heart, around the entire aura. This Pub. date 1999
is what glory is.”

Battling Dark Forces

A Guide to Psychic Self-Defense
This book describes who the dark forces are, where
they come from, and what purpose they serve. Most
Softcover, $18.95
importantly, it shows us how we can gain victory over ISBN: 0965620328
these forces and become true servers of light. 430 pages, Index
Pub. date 1997
You will learn:
• How the dark forces use alcohol and drugs
to work their evil
• How to shield and protect yourself from
dark attacks
• How to discriminate between good and evil
• How to distinguish between inner and outer
• What are the subtle forms of attack
• When we are susceptible to attack

Other Worlds
What exists beyond our physical world? What hap-
pens after we die?
What can we learn from near death experiences?
Where do we go when we sleep?
Other Worlds describes, in detail, every level of ex-
istence beyond the physical plane. It answers ques-
tions about life that we ask, such as: How do we die?
How should we perform last rites and memorial ser-
vices? How do we reincarnate?
Other Worlds teaches us how our world operates
and who inhabits its many levels. It teaches how we
Humanity & Higher Worlds

can have conscious contact with higher worlds, and

Hardcover, $38.00 what sort of contacts to avoid.
Softcover, $27.00 Other Worlds teaches us to recognize that every
ISBN:0929874048 (H)
ISBN:0929874056 (S)
single action taken, word spoken, emotion felt on indi-
648 pgs, Gloss., Index vidual, group, and national levels in our physical world
Pub. date 1990 has direct and immediate consequences on every level
of existence.

Dialogue with Christ

2nd Revised Edition
Softcover, $25.00
This book represents a personal yet universal yearn-
ISBN:0929874307 ing to contact Christ and understand His true mes-
288 pgs, Index
1st pub.’79, 2nd
sage. Torkom Saraydarian’s questions are our own;
rev ‘99 his doubts, ours; his anger, ours; his recognition, ours.
This dialogue presents a measure, an inspiration, a
striving, an expanded sense of spiritual responsibility.
A dialogue lets the reader enter the very intimate
moment where a person of deep philosophical in-
sight “wonders” about what it all means. The reader
and the speaker become one — and in a rare mo-
ment, the reader has the opportunity to ride the
thought-waves of the deep thinker, becoming one with
the questions, answers, and realizations.
You will deeply appreciate the Mystery of Christ
and His true vision like never before.

Obsession and Possession
“Some people may ask why we should write about
such dark, painful subjects as obsession and posses-
sion. We bring these subjects to light because in know-
ing who our enemies are and how they can attack us,
we can try to create more health, happiness, joy, suc-
cess, and prosperity in our lives. When people have
clarity and simplicity in their minds, hearts, and bodies,
they become successful, victorious, prosperous, cre-
ative, beautiful, and joyful.
“The main obstacles on our path to success are in-
truders from and inside and outside of us who create
short-circuits in our systems.”

Humanity & Higher Worlds

A very important and penetrative look at a very seri-
ous epidemic that ails so many people all over the
Softcover, $25.00
world. You will learn how to identify the causes of ISBN: 0929874293
obsession and possession and how to protect yourself 360 pages, Index
Pub. date 2000
from them.

Dynamics of the Soul

Each of us is a Spark related to our Source through a
thread of light. It is part of the Spark which eventually
will be the path through which the Spark will travel
back to Its Source. That is why we are told that man
is the path itself. Softcover, $25.00
ISBN: 0929874013
The Spark has different names on Its path of devel-
344 pages, Index
opment. For example, when It is really captured in the Pub. date 2001
physical body and totally identified with it, we call It
the “sleeping spark,” or the reflection. When It awak-
ens and wants to be aware of Its powers and destina-
tion, we call It the “pilgrim.”
When It arrives on the mental plane and has highly
organized the three bodies we call it a “personality.”
When it further advances and harmonizes all Its ac-
tivities in the light of the Inner Guide, we call It the
unfolding human soul.
When It releases the Solar Angel and stands on Its
own, we call It a Soul or an Arhat.
When It advances to higher realms, we call it the
Spiritual Triad, then the Self or the Monad or the Di-
vine Spark.

The Sense of Responsibility
in Society
The sense of responsibility must be the guiding prin-
ciple in our life because it is the key to human and
planetary survival.
The author presents a blueprint for specific actions
that need to be taken by everyone in order to become
socially responsible and creative adults.
Using simple and direct explanations, this book shows
you how to be a responsible person, how to shine your
light and let others do the same. It tells us what it
means to recognize others and why this is one of the
Social Responsibility

crucial methods of healing people, how to create bet-

ter relations, and even how to prevent crime.
Softcover, $12.00 An especially important book for educators, parents,
ISBN: 0929874072
176 pgs, Gloss., Index business leaders, as well as young people.
Pub. date 1989 ✶ (See also Booklet section for a chapter reprint.)

The Psychology of Cooperation

and Group Consciousness
In this farsighted book, Torkom Saraydarian gives
Softcover, $12.00 the elements that are needed for cooperation and glo-
ISBN: 0929874110 bal unity.
168 pgs, Gloss., Index The Ageless Wisdom Teachings give the fundamen-
Pub. date 1989
tal qualities needed for true and righteous globaliza-
tion. In the future, it is cooperation and responsibility
and not competition that will drive our interactions with
each other.
“Every time we fail to establish cooperation, we prove
our own intellectual, spiritual, and moral failure.”
Torkom Saraydarian reveals, through the eight prin-
ciples of group consciousness, how to stop seeing our-
selves as separate from others and begin seeing our
link to all humanity.
If you are seeking better relations and communica-
tion with everyone—friends, a spouse, family, and
larger groups—you will love this book.
✶ (See also Booklet section for a chapter reprint.)

Spring of Prosperity
“Everybody in the world wants abundance, pros-
perity. Some want it in the form of money, property
and belongings. Other want to be rich and prosper-
ous with their creativity, ideas, and beauty. Still oth-
ers want to be prosperous in love, in compassion.
Others want to be rich in their heart qualities, vitality,
and enthusiasm.”
This book describes how a person can be prosper-
ous and keep the prosperity flowing in terms of both
material and spiritual wealth.
All that exists belongs to man. If a man frees him-

Social Responsibility
self from the limitations of the physical, emotional,
and mental bodies, he has the Universe. He can en-
joy all that he wants. In that state of consciousness, Softcover, $8.95
the sense of “mine and yours” disappears. In the do- 144 pages, Index
main of Infinity, all that is mine is yours, and what is 1st pub. ‘82, 2 nd rev 95
yours is mine. Poverty is separatism. Abundance is
in unity.
✶ (Meditation course on The Spring of Prosperity
is available through TSG.)

Breakthrough to Higher
Psychism (Vision Series #1)
An essential introduction to understanding the de-
velopment of the human soul, its psychic abilities and
its challenges.
Breakthrough clearly differentiates what is true
higher psychism as compared to lower psychism.
Lower psychism consists of mediumship, channeling,
and other such practices. Lower psychics are in dan-
ger of being controlled by entities, astral corpses, im-
pure bodies, and vices.
Higher psychism is the ability to use your own pow-
ers, developed to such a degree that you are able to
exist in various planes other than the physical, and you
Softcover, $10.95
are able to contact higher sources of knowledge di-
ISBN: 0929874153
rectly instead of being led by corpses and entities.
Vision Series

136 pgs, Gloss., Index

Pub. date 1991 Only in higher psychism is your soul able to contact
the depth of the Ageless Wisdom mysteries.

The Year 2000 & After

(Vision Series #2)
A great Sage stated that in May of the Year 2000 a
Softcover, $10.95
ISBN: 0929874145 fiery stream of energy will be released toward human-
220 pgs, Gloss., Index ity from the highest Center on this planet. Torkom
Pub. date 1991
Saraydarian reveals what this means to all of us. He
states that we can do ONE of three things:
First, totally disregard this energy and continue our
pollution, hatred, greed, and destructive behavior.
Second, increase our own individual or national will
to such a degree that we cause great destruction on
Earth through wars.
Third, respond to the energies by using them to build
a better life and using our creative energies to resolve
all the problems facing us.
Most importantly, the author shows how we can go
about preparing and improving ourselves in order to
meet the demands of the coming decades, well be-
yond the year 2000.

The Purpose of Life
(Vision Series #3)
If we do not know the purpose of our life, we live a
life that is confused, full of crises, nonproductive, and
frustrating. It is never too late to ask and find out what
is the real purpose of life.
Torkom takes a simple and logical approach to this
dilemma and gives concrete directions on how to re-
solve it. He shows how all of us have one supreme
purpose: to become truly one with our Divine Source.
We also have a purpose in each lifetime, and it is very
important to find it so we can live a goal-fulfilling life.
In this book, Torkom Saraydarian show you how to
define purpose, how to find it, how to organize your Softcover only
life so that you can meet your obligations, how to make

Vision Series
224 pages, $10.95
sure you have the right purpose, and how to accom- ISBN: 092987403X
224 pgs, Gloss., Index
plish what you set out to do. By actualizing the guid- Pub. date 1991
ance given in this book, we can find purpose and di-
rection in our life.

The Flame of the Heart

(Vision Series #4)
Softcover only
This book is about the Heart, about the Core of our 264 pages, $10.95
ISBN: 0929874021
being in which there is the Life, there is our Essence. 264 pgs, Gloss., Index
The political conditions and economic problems of Pub. date 1991
the world, as well as the problems in our families and
societies are due to the fact that our heart has been
left behind. Its whispers are not considered safe ad-
vice, and they are easily neglected.
In the coming ages, the importance of the heart will
be discovered all over the world. As we build univer-
sities to develop the mind, we will also build universi-
ties where the heart will be developed to balance the
The Flame of the Heart tells how to listen to, heal,
develop, and use the heart in our family, business, na-
tional, and global relations. It shows us how to unite
our heart with our mind.

Dynamics of Success
(Vision Series #5)
“…You must be physically successful—have money,
health , a home, clothing, and all that you need to be
happy. But all things will work against your ultimate
success if you do not have spiritual success.”
“What is spiritual success? You are going to deepen
your sensitivity, increase your knowledge of the natu-
ral laws, purify your heart, organize your mind, and
build those bridges that put you in contact with higher
sources of energy and knowledge.”
Dynamics of Success is an integrated approach on
how to achieve success in whatever you want to do in
life. Torkom Saraydarian reveals the three avenues of
Softcover, $10.95 success: the physical and material requirements, the
ISBN: 0929874269
136 pages, Index
spiritual qualities needed, and the specific hindrances
Vision Series

Pub. date 1992 that must be eliminated to have true and everlasting
success in your life.
✶ (See also Booklet section for chapter reprint.)

The Mystery of Self-Image

(Vision Series #6)
A book that shakes you to your roots and helps you
Softcover, $10.95
ISBN: 0929874382
build yourself in your true image.
192 pgs, Gloss., Index “People think that changing their voice, changing their
Pub. date 1993 manners and way of dressing, and using their vocabu-
lary in certain ways will make them charismatic, suc-
cessful, and attractive to good fortune. Nothing is more
erroneous than such thinking.”
“An artificially built voice, mannerism, charisma, or
self−image—when hit by the hard events of life—
leaves the subject like an unfaithful guard to the dev-
astating forces of life.”
• The causes of a good and bad self-image
• To identify limiting self-images
• How to destroy ancient self-images
• How to build good images

The Mysteries of Willpower
(Vision Series #7)
We have intelligence, we have love, but we lack spiri-
tual will.
“Willpower is the energy of the Creative Principle in
the Universe. It is the power that creates, sustains,
and destroys. Because everything is emanated from
this principle, the Core of every atom, cell, form, en-
tity, and soul has its own willpower. It is this inner
Core or inner Divine Spark that is a portion of that
energy of the Creative Principle of the Universe. It is
this willpower that gradually paves the way for you to
direct your steps toward Home, toward the source of
the Creative Principle.”
Softcover, $14.95
Learn how to develop and maintain your spiritual

Vision Series
ISBN: 0929874412
willpower and use it effectively. Specific examples are 288 pgs, Gloss., Index
Pub. date 1995
given throughout the book.
This book puts you in charge of your life. It helps
you see your link to the greater will and use this link in
the betterment of life.

Teaching the Ageless
This workbook represents a collection of Torkom
Saraydarian’s letters to lecturers as well as specific
lectures on communication skills, given over a period
of several years.
Torkom Saraydarian was a master communicator.
These pages show the depth of his love for the Teach-
ing and his passion to communicate it in the most fit-
ting way possible.
These pages will show you how much responsibility
we must have when we communicate, and especially
when we speak of profound Truths.
Spiral bound, $45.00
ISBN: 0929874676 You will be amazed at the directness, depth, beauty,
330 pages, Index and love contained in these letters and lectures. You
Pub. date 1998
will love the honesty and profound challenges pre-

Hidden in these pages you will find the key to the

treasury of communicating as a soul.
✶ (Soul-to-soul communication course is available at

A Concordance of Torkom
Saraydarian’s Works
Spiral bound, $75.00
This manual represents several year of labor by dedi-
ISBN: 092987482X cated co-workers. Organized in alphabetical order, it
474 pages, Index contains thousands of words and phrases that have
Pub. date 2000
been used by Torkom in his writings and speeches.
The explanation of each entry is taken directly from
his books so you will be reading his words and see the
context in which they were used. This will give you a
brief introduction to a word or a phrase and, if you
wish to read more, you can easily go to the sources
for more information. These entries can be used as a
learning tool, as a quick reference, as seed thoughts
for meditation, and as a teaching tool.
We hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of
words and phrases of the Teaching, compiled as
Torkom himself used them.

At the Threshold of the
New World by Helena Roerich
A compilation of Helena Roerich’s letters and mem-
oirs of spiritual and practical instruction that she wrote
to her students all over the world. These writings give
a rare insight into the life, visions, and fiery experiences
of this great spiritual Teacher. Softcover, $14.95
ISBN: 0962443921
254 pages
Pub. date 1998

Discovering Torkom’s
Teachings by Harold Balyoz

Other Authors
An adventurous search by Harold Balyoz for a spiri-
tual Teacher culminating in the discovery of Torkom
Torkom’s Teachings changed the lives of all who
found him, orienting them toward a life of service for
Softcover, $21.00
the benefit of all humanity. His Teaching expresses joy, ISBN: 0960971033
compassion, and tolerance toward all. This journey 420 pages
Pub. date 1997
contains Mr. Balyoz’s personal quest for Truth fol-
lowed by excerpts from lectures given by Torkom Sa-
raydarian that profoundly answer each part of the

Nicholas Roerich
by Garabed Paelian
“In beauty we are united, through beauty we pray,
with beauty we conquer.”
Nicholas Roerich — an artist, scientist, poet, phi-
losopher, diplomat, Nobel Prize nominee — was one
of the most inspiring cultural leaders of his day. He Softcover, $10.00
believed knowledge, beauty, and culture will lead men ISBN: 0911794344
142 pages
into the path of universal brotherhood. 1st pub. ‘74, 2nd rev.

Three Remarkable Women
by Harold Balyoz
The development of Western science in the nine-
teenth and twentieth centuries had nearly overshad-
owed the existence of the much older, more profound
and complete Eastern, or spiritual, science. This spiri-
tual science was brought to the attention of the west
Softcover, $15.00 by three remarkable women: H.P. Blavatsky, Helena
ISBN: 0960971017
285 pages Roerich, and Alice Bailey. The work of Torkom Sa-
Pub. date 1986 raydarian was founded on these writings.
This book contains brief biographical sketches of each
woman, followed by excerpts from their writings.

In the Hours of Meditation

Other Authors

by Frank Alexander
“The Spiritual consciousness dawns in these silent,
sacred hours. The soul is close to its source. The
streamlet of personality expands in these hours, be-
coming a mighty, swift-moving river, flowing in the
direction of that true and permanent individuality,
which is the Oceanic Consciousness of God.”
112 Pages Contains instructions on living from the Teacher to
the student

The Serene Life by a pupil

There is a healing quality to this little article which
has proved very useful to thousands of people in the
time of stormy seas.

22 Pages

Sound, Rhythm and Healing
by Souren Malkhasian
Sound, Rhythm and Healing is based on a lecture
given by Souren Malkhasian at the TSG Center.
Mr. Malkhasian explains how to tap into the natural
harmonies and rhythms that surround us and aid our
body in healing itself naturally. The author reveals the
different natural cycles of our bodies and how to Softcover, $15.00
effectively use them to our benefit. ISBN: 0960971017
285 pages
This booklet is an invaluable tool to all health conscious Pub. date 1986
people who are looking for a way to improve their body’s
natural healing abilities.

Other Authors
The Jewel and the Fawn
by Valarshak M. Galoostian
This is the story of Jelladin Mohammed Akbar, the
greatest and wisest of the Mogul emperors of India.
Akbar succeeded to the throne in about 1560.
This play is about Akbar’s love, his trials, and conflicts
within his court and his judicious handling of life’s
problems. Softcover, $15.00
We bring you this book as a tribute to a wonderful ISBN: 0960971017
285 pages
leader and a lover of unity for all peoples at a time Pub. date 1986
when such beliefs were truly scarce.

Agni Yoga and Alice A. Bailey Books

• We carry all the Alice A. Bailey and the Agni Yoga books.
• For introductory materials on the Teaching of Agni Yoga see the
Talks on Agni series by Torkom Saraydarian.
• Contact us for titles and ordering information.

Angels & Devas
“Psychic energy is… transmitted by angels. They
are powerful transmitters or even sources of psychic
energy. When a person is charged with psychic en-
ergy, he turns into a source of creative, healing, and
enlightening energy.”
Compilation on Angels and Devas collected from
Torkom Saraydarian’s writings.
$6.00, 44 pages
ISBN: 0929874-86-2

The Art of Visualization

A fundamental approach to the art of visualization. A
transcription of a series of classes that Torkom Sa-
raydarian gave in August 1996. Each chapter takes
you step by step into the art of visualization. A practi-

cal and essential tool for every striving student.

You will learn how to visualize, what to visualize, and
what sequence of symbols to use. This booklet gives
$6.00, 78 pages you the power with which you can master your bodies.
ISBN: 0929874-61-7

The Chalice in Agni Yoga

Torkom Saraydarian’s learned and impassioned com-
mentary on a series of excerpts on the Chalice taken
from the Agni Yoga literature. Uplifts and inspires the
reader to make a conscious contact with the Treasury
within, the seat of our Soul — the Chalice.

$5.00, 48 pages
ISBN: 0929874-59-5

Cornerstones of Health
This booklet is a transcription of a seminar by
Torkom Saraydarian held in October 1993. Simple
and practical guidelines for everyday health issues.
Topics include:
• Health and Cleanliness
• Exercise 42 pages
• Health and Thinking ISBN: 0911794-76-X
(1st ed. limited
• The Conscience quantities: $4.00)
Print on demand:
Free online

“Courage is a great transformer.”

“Growth only exists when there are obstacles and
you conquer those obstacles by courage. If there are
no obstacles, there is nothing to conquer. If there are
no difficulties, life is so uninteresting. It is the difficul-
ties that temper the spirit and make it invincible.”
70 pages
ISBN: 0911794-52-2
Print on demand: $5
Free online

A Daily Discipline of Worship

Provides you with five daily periods of prayer based
on the five basic principles of the Teaching: Beauty,
Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom. A short
explanation follows each prayer.
An easy and inspiring way to start your daily contact
with your Higher Self! $3.00, 28 pages
Experience the power of pure, evocative prayer.

Daily Spiritual Striving
There are simple daily practices that help us focus
our consciousness on the Creation and the Creator.
Prayers and mantrams are tools by which we can com-
municate and have a dialogue with our Soul, or with
Higher Worlds.
The Gayatri, The Lord’s Prayer, and The Great
Invocation are discussed in detail. Further prayers
$6.00, 80 pages
ISBN: 0929874-57-9
and mantrams are given that can be used throughout
the day. This little booklet brings the sacred into our
daily life.

Discipleship in Action
Explains what the Teaching is in the life of a disciple.
It describes the events we face when we enter the
Path, what signs are visible when we fall away from

the Path, and what is a New Era disciple.

Included are detailed descriptions, question and an-
swer sections dealing with a wide range of practical
$6.00, 82 pages issues facing people on the Path. In our changing times,
ISBN: 0929874-58-7 this booklet is an inspiring and solid guide on the path
of discipleship.

Earthquakes and Disasters

What the Ageless Wisdom Tells Us
Explains what causes earthquakes and disasters.
Provides the esoteric reason behind many of today’s
disasters. Gives encouragement and hope by show-
ing how these crises can be handled and even avoided.
A wonderful booklet to prepare all of us for the
$5.00, 74 pages changing and challenging times ahead.
ISBN: 0911794-63-8

Entering the New
A transcription of two lectures given by Torkom Sa-
raydarian in 1991 and 1994. He presents a vision for
a better future for all humanity. His words touch the
depth of our souls because we know they are true.
There is no NEW unless a new consciousness and
beingness take the place of the old. This booklet is a $5.00, 62 pages
ISBN: 0929874-81-1
call to action for the spiritual warrior. The time to labor
is now. Let us labor selflessly until we achieve the con-
sciousness of the soul.

Fiery Carriage and Drugs

Gives a clear understanding of the effects of drug

use in this life and in future lives, and explains how to
eliminate this corrosive pest.
Explains how drugs do NOT expand our conscious-
ness and shows the significance of our “Fiery Carriage.”
It contains a great question and answer section which
debunks reasons for drug use.
$3.00, 78 pages
Along with this booklet we recommend the video ISBN: 0911794-33-6
“Why Drugs are Dangerous.” See the video section
for details.

First Steps Toward Freedom

Excerpts from Challenge for Discipleship on the
subjects of ego, glamors, illusions, and vanity. Dis-
cusses what these are and how to be free of them.

$5.95, 67 pages

Hierarchy and The Plan
“Hierarchy is composed of those human beings who
succeeded in mastering their physical, emotional, and
mental natures and expanding their consciousness.”
Their job is to help everyone reach their divine nature.
This booklet describes the members of Hierarchy
and how They operate. Also included are signs that
characterize those who are Hierarchial workers.
$5.00, 110 pages
ISBN: 0911794-67-4 Presented are many practical steps of the Plan. The
Plan is a formulation of goals and directions by the
Hierarchy in respect to the Purpose given to our planet.

How to Find Your Level of

If you are stuck and unable to meditate because you

feel it is too difficult, this booklet is for you. There are

many forms of meditation. Anybody can meditate.
Choose the method and style that works best for you
and start on the path of contacting the real joy and
$6.00, 94 pages beauty of a life of spiritual meditation.
ISBN: 0929874-62-5

Inner Blooming
“Man progresses by identifying himself with a higher
state of being, but the process of this identification
goes step by step. On one step he identifies, and on
his next step he detaches himself from the former step,
just as he climbs a ladder.”
“Identification is assimilation. You assimilate some-
thing, some state of being, and you grow. Detach-
22 pages
ISBN: 0911794-73-5 ment is the sign that you need a higher level of being,
(1st ed. limited so you leave behind the former state of being. This
quantities: $3.00)
Print on demand: goes on perpetually if you are developing or if you
$5.00 are unfolding your inner glory.”
Free online

Irritation, The Destructive
One of the greatest causes for disease is irritation.
A reprint of the chapter from the larger work, The
Psyche and Psychism, with additional information on
A practical self-help manual. In our stressful envi-
$5.00, 64 pages
ronment, it is crucial to understand just what irritation ISBN: 0911794-17-4
does and, most importantly, how to combat it.

Mental Exercises
Full of visualizations, exercises, purification meth-
ods that can help each student to release the inner
pressure and ready himself for deep, inner growth.

Topics include:
• Three Powers of the Soul
• Purification of the three bodies in a Waterfall
• Use of AUM and sound and color $6.00, 93 pages
ISBN: 0929874-53-6
• Recreating Yourself

What are we willing to renounce to achieve immor-
Inspired by a story in the Upanishads, this is a mov-
ing tale about a man who wanted to have conscious
immortality and was willing to give up everything in
order to attain it, even his only son, Nachiketas. $5.00, 80 pages
ISBN: 0929874-43-9
A small booklet with a powerful message on becom-
ing soul conscious and being able to detach fully from
all material life.

New Beginnings
“The idea of new beginnings means to make a new
effort every day to release the potentials within your
“With new beginnings, days, months, and years
change because you look at and relate yourself to life
from a new level, from a new viewpoint, from a new
28 pages relationship, from a new dimension.”
ISBN: 0911794-74-3
(1st ed. limited
quantities: $4.00)
Print on demand:
Free online

Practical Spirituality
An introductory booklet that gives practical advise
on four very important parts of our life: meditation,

sex and health, self-image, and visualization.

Practical Spirituality is an honest and open discus-
sion of these issues that every striving student thinks
and wonders about. A great introduction to the prin-
$6.00, 75 pages ciples of the Ageless Wisdom.
ISBN: 0929874-54-4

Prayers, Mantrams, and

This booklet contains over 100 Prayers, Mantrams,
and Invocation collected from many sacred writings.
These selections are words of power that can be
used in meditation and contemplation to calm your
emotions and your mind and help you understand the
$10.00, 111 pages deeper meanings in life.
ISBN: 0929874-87-0

Questioning Traveler &
This booklet is divided into two sections. This first
consists of a series of basic questions one may ask
about what life is; how to handle our emotions, our
mental and physical bodies; how to improve these bod-
ies; how to improve the qualities inherent in each per-
son. The second section deals with a very clear ex- $3.00, 44 pages
planation of Karma. The author explains how to un-
derstand the events that occur in our lives and how to
eliminate Karma.
We also recommend the larger book: Karma and

Saint Sergius

“The images of saints were rare sources of inspira-
tion for the general people. They were the symbols of
purity, transformation, labor, dedication, devotion,
gratitude, and sacrifice. They symbolized the bridge
between the world and the supermundane world, the
subjective world of love, joy and transcendence.”
19 pages
(1st ed. limited
quantities: $3.00)
Print on demand $5
Free online

“People can prevent themselves from falling into the
abyss only by increasing their contact with the Higher
Worlds. This is done through striving, prayer, medita-
tion, intense aspiration and increasing the fire of the
heart through focusing their whole being in beauty, so-
lemnity, and magnanimity.”
62 pgs, Compilation
(1st ed. limited
quantities: $5.00)
Print on demand $5
Free online

“Every age has its keynote...the keynote of the
Aquarian age is synthesis.”
Explains clearly what synthesis is and how it relates
to every aspect of life, man and his relationship with
his entire surroundings, and the essence of life. There
are 28 practical steps to develop synthesis and be in
$3.00, 32 pages tune with all of creation.
ISBN: 0911794-18-2

The Unusual Court

A beautifully illustrated and timeless book that
appeals to children and adults alike. It depicts, in
verse form, the trial that humanity would face if
only animals could talk and present their case in

$5.00, 32 pages “court.” A sincere and timely appeal is made to

Dramatic poem
ISBN: 0911794-44-1
man from our most cherished friends of the ani-
mal kingdom.

Family Values Series
These handy booklets are excerpted from the writings of Torkom
Saraydarian on family relations. They have been formatted for use as
introductory materials on the use of values and higher principles in relat-
ing with others. These booklets provide a wonderful guide for building

a sound basis for family living. $4.50 each.

The Family Values Series consists of the following:

1. Duties of Grandparents (ISBN: 0929874-60-9)
2. For Men (ISBN: 0929874-75-7)
• How Men Affect Women
• How Men Can Build Rapport with Women
3. For Women (ISBN: 0929874-76-5)
• How Women Can Attract Good Men
• How Women Affect Men
4. Ideal Marriage (ISBN: 0929874-73-0)
5. Responsibility (ISBN: 0929874-78-1)
6. Responsibilities of Fathers (ISBN: 0929874-71-4)
7. Responsibilities of Mothers (ISBN: 0929874-72-2)
8. Success (ISBN: 0929874-79-X)
9. Cooperation (ISBN: 0929874-77-3)
10. Women as Torchbearers (ISBN: 0929874-80-3)
11. The Heart of Your Partner (ISBN: 0929874-74-9)
12. Family Relations (ISBN: 0929874-70-6)
• Building Family Unity
• Enemies of the Family


We invite you to experience the beauty of these mas-
terfully composed and performed music by Torkom
Saraydarian. Suitable for meditation, relaxation, in-
terpretive dancing, and general listening, these
rhythms and harmonies of higher worlds will shift
your consciousness toward a higher reality.

Dance of the Zodiac

Piano selections
• Wild Horses on Himalayas
• Metamorphosis • Hiawatha and the Tree of
• Joy Joy Peace
• Flowering Trees • Colorado Rapids
Sacred Music

• Migrating Birds • “I Will Attain”

Tape $10.00 • Dance of the Zodiac
• Contemplation

Far Horizons
Piano selections
• Unveiling of Isis • The Great Pyramid
• Aspiration • Dance of Ecstasy
• Gathering Flowers • My Mother, In Tears, I
• Forgive me, my Miss You
Lord • I Walk Toward the
Tape $10.00

Fire Blossom
Piano selections
• Melody of Dawn • Pilgrimage to a
• Shooting Stars Mountain
• Toward Far-Off Worlds • Nebulae
• Fiery Eagle • Mystery of Sirius
• On the Threshold • Farewell
Tape $10.00

Piano selections
• Infinity • The Grand
• Dance of Stars II Canyon
• Sedona • At the Gates of
• Message from Sirius the Tower
• Spring of Colors Tape $10.00
CD $14.00

Lao Tse
Piano selections
• Lao Tse Princess
• Beyond • Mary Magdalen
• Dance of Corn Meets the Lord in
Tape $10.00
Stalks the Garden
• Comet • Dance of Moun-

Sacred Music
• Dance of the taineers
• Joyful River

Light Years Ahead

Piano selections
• Labor • Dimensions
• The Lonely Path • Efforts
• Steep Path • Wandering
• Dance of Innocents • Free Bird
• Songs • I See Light in Darkness
• Flight to Higher • My Faults
Tape $10.00

Lily in Tibet
Piano selections
• Gesar Khan • Girl in Love
the Commander • Little Lamb
• Lily in Tibet • The Welcome of Gesar
• Golden Fish Khan
• Quail • Everest of Striving
Tape $10.00 • Lotus Pond

Misty Mountains
• Tornado on the • Star in My Soul
Ocean • Mountains in China
• You Came to My • My Heart in the
Tape $10.00
Dream Stars
• Misty Moun- • Deer on the Hori-
Piano selections
tains zon
• Rapids in the Gorge
• Gesar Khan • Armenian Shepard
• Dust Devils
• Gypsy Dance Dance

Piano Compositions
Piano selections
• Eagles in the Sky • Bygone Days
• Gesar Khan (Part I, • Dance of Joy
II, and III) • Horseman Riding
• White Eagle Toward the Future
Sacred Music

Tape $10.00

• Search in the • Dance of Two
Caves of My Soul Brothers
• Climbing to the • In the Ray of
Summit Pleiades
Tape $10.00
• The Threefold • Waterfall
Piano selections Rainbow of My • He is Coming
• My Dream Beyond Joy • Deodar Tree
the Ocean of Life • Sunset Shadows
• Dance of Gratitude of Mountains

Spirit of My Heart
vocal & instrumental
• Prayer to • Dance of Stars
Shamballa • Dance of Devas
• Jemberim • The Self
• Kalagiya • Three on the Mountain
• My Dream • Great Invocation
Tape $10.00

Sun Rhythms
Piano, oud, and drum selections
• Hari Lo • Carefree Dance
• Admiration • My Mother’s Song
• My Vision • Far Off Mountains
• Dance of Love • Moments of Fear
• Sorrow • I Build a Palace
• Devotees • On the Knees of My Tape $10.00
• Meadow Dance Father

Tears of My Joy
Piano selections
• I Miss The Hand • Future
Holding My Hand • Freedom
• Blue Flame • Gypsy

Sacred Music
• Winds on Meadows • Waterfall
• Rapids
Tape $10.00

A Touch of Heart
Piano selections
• Symphony of the Sunset • Bees in Cherry
• Dance of Knights Blossoms
• I Miss You • Unfolding
• Deer in the Forest Tulips
• Candlelight of Joy • Longing of the CD $14.00
Soul for the
• Birth of a Star
• My Dreams are Ahead • My Heart in Deep
of Me Highest

Toward Freedom
Piano selections
• Riding the Ridges • Love Dance
with My Teacher • King Arthur
• In Front of a • Om Mani Padme Hum
Statue of Buddha • Dance of Deer
• Spring is Here • Bride Dance
Tape $10.00 • Good Bye Torkom

Torkom Saraydarian was renowned for his lectures.
He captured the attention of thousands with his fiery speeches and laugh-
out-loud stories. A master communicator who spoke on multiple levels.
He had a unique way of speaking that conveyed even the most compli-
cated concepts to the listener, and allowed him to bring Truth to so
many. Now you can enjoy his legacy of lectures on both audio and
video tape.

Video tapes
We have over 300 of Torkom Saraydarian’s lectures available on
video. You can order VHS or PAL. Many titles are available in stock.
A complete list is available online, or you can request a printed copy
for $2.
$20 each VHS video. $25.00 each PAL video.

Audio tapes

We have over 3000 of Torkom Saraydarian’s lectures available on

audio tape.
Some examples of the subjects covered are:
• Agni Yoga
• Bhagavad Gita
• Buddha
• Christ
• Fathers
• Mothers
• Living Ethics
A complete list of all lecture audio tapes is available for free online, or
you can request a printed copy for $2.
Selected audio lectures are available online for free.
Cassettes are $8 each.

Gita Saraydarian’s lectures are also available on cassette tape. Contact

us for a list. $8 each.

The Torkom Saraydarian University
There is an increasing need for leadership in the field of esoteric
knowledge. More and more people are becoming disillusioned with
the teachings given to them by opportunists, by people who have
good intentions but are full of glamors and vanities, or by people
who want to use the Teaching as a business to raise money.
Great damage is done to people who approach the Teaching
with sincerity in their heart and are caught in groups, institutions,
or organizations that are only for social activities or that function
as traps for exploitation. Some of these searchers gradually forget

Spiritual Training Courses

about their quest and adapt themselves to their environment. Some
of them totally suppress their aspiration and spiritual striving
because of their disillusionment. Only a small percentage, through
discrimination, continue their search to find the proper field where
they can grow and serve.
The number of true searchers is increasing. We must prepare
ourselves to meet their need and at the same time safeguard
ourselves from the dangers of falling into vanities, glamors, or of
using the searchers for our own interests.
Torkom Saraydarian, Leadership I, p. 16.

We specialize in training the teachers and leaders of the future by

using primarily Torkom Saraydarian’s works. Our focus is on practical
self-transformation as well as the academic study of the Ageless Wisdom.
We firmly believe that Torkom’s creative expressions of the Ageless
Wisdom Teachings are the ideal form for spiritual training in the 21st
Century since they represent a true synthesis of all spiritual foundations.
Students will focus on his works and slowly add readings from the works
of other great teachers such as Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, H. P.
Blavatsky, as well as from world classics in religion and philosophy.
The University offers a variety of courses to suit your individual needs.
These courses include meditation lessons, personal enrichment
programs, undergraduate and graduate programs as well as
Teacher training.
These are offered both on site at our Cave Creek Center as well as
by correspondence via mail or through our website.
Complete catalog available online, or call us to request a copy.

We carry the finest AAA grade essential oils. They are available in
a number of sizes to suit your needs. Sizes available include 1/2 oz,
1 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz. Free brochure on oils is available upon request,
or see our website.
• Bay Oil • Pine
• Cassia • Rose otto (clear color)
• Deodar • Rosemary
• Eucalyptus • Sandalwood
• Frankensense • Siberian Fir Needle
• Lavender • Tea Tree
• Lemon Oil • Wormwood
• Peppermint

Other Items

We carry a variety of top quality incense that are perfect for purifying
your home and meditation area. Available in small (25 grams) and
large (100 grams) bundles.
• Sandalwood (25 gram & 100 gram) • Frankencense (25 gram)
• White Sandalwood (25 gram) • Vedanta Special (25 gram)
• Rose (25 gram & 100 gram)

Prayer cards
A packet containing 12 different prayer cards that make perfect gifts,
inspirational bookmarks, etc. The package includes the following
• Prayer to Shamballa
• Affirmation of a Disciple
• Mantram of Unification
• The Great Invocation
• The Gayatri
• Five Points of Worship (5 cards)
• More Radiant . . .
• Let my prayer be . . .

We carry a number of titles in languages other than English. Armenian,
Portuguese and Spanish are available in stock. Other languages are also
available upon special request. Contact us for more information and or-

• Ageless Wisdom
• Cooperation
• The Soul
• Leaves of Morya’s Garden, vol. 1
• Science of Becoming Oneself

Foreign Translations
• The Ageless Wisdom • Irritation, the Destructive Fire
• Breakthrough to Higher • The Questioning Traveler and
Psychism Karma
• Christ, the Avatar of Sacrificial • The Psychology of Coopera-
Love tion and Group Conscious-
• A Commentary on Psychic ness
Energy • The Science of Meditation
• Cosmic Shocks • The Sense of Responsibility in
• Daily Discipline of Worship Society
• The Fiery Carriage and Drugs • Symphony of the Zodiac
• The Hierarchy and the Plan • The Year 2000 and After

• A Commentary on Psychic • Joy and Healing
Energy • The Mystery of Self-Image
• Cosmic Shocks • The Science of Becoming
• Challenge for Discipleship Oneself
• The Flame of Beauty, Culture, • The Science of Meditation
Love, Joy • Symphony of the Zodiac
• The Hidden Glory of the Inner • Woman, Torch of the Future

TS Book Club
For the Serious Reader and Student
If you wish to have every new book automatically sent to you hot off
the press AND get a 20% discount, then the TS Book Club is for you.
The TS Book Club is a free membership club that entitles you to
receive 20% discount on all books and videos by Torkom Saraydarian.
When you join, you automatically receive each new book that is re-
leased at the 20% discount rate. You can also enjoy the 20% discount
on all subsequent purchases. This is a great way to complete your
Saraydarian Collection!
Membership entitles you to:
Outreach/Book club

• 20% discount on all books and videos, new and previously

released by Torkom Saraydarian.
• You will automatically receive each new book release at the
20% discount rate.
• No billing hassles, we will charge your credit card when we
ship the item(s).
• Special sales throughout the year for members only.
To become a member or receive further information contact us.

Newsletter for the Future
Outreach is a free bi-monthly publication of T.S.G. Publishing Foun-
dation, Inc. that provides practical tools for ethical living using the Higher
Principles of the Ageless Wisdom.
Each issue is filled with informative articles from the writings of Torkom
Saraydarian, Gita Saraydarian, and other contributors. It also includes a
calendar of events and information on new releases, books, music, semiars
and workshops, and more.
If you wish to receive the free Outreach newsletter contact TSG.. We
can either mail you a printed copy or we can put you on our Outreach e-
mail list so you can automatically receive each new issue over the web.
See our website for back issues: www.tsgfoundation.org/outreach


TSG Online: www.tsgfoundation.org
Gateway to the Works of Torkom Saraydarian and
the Ageless Wisdom
TSGFoundation.org is your complete, up-to-date source for all of
Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works, information on all aspects of the
Ageless Wisdom, and current events at TSG.
We now offer our bi-monthly newsletter, Outreach, online. You can sign
up to receive notification whenever a new issue is released.
We are also continuously adding new content, including chapters of
Torkom’s books, introductory booklets, and lectures by Torkom available
to download for free.
Our Full Moon Celebration section has a meditation for each full
moon. With an increased public awareness of the power that full moon
meditations can have to improve one’s life, they are popular choices.
We are continuously adding information on such important topics as The
Great Invocation. Continue to visit our site for fresh information on topics
that are important to you. We welcome suggestions on additions to our site.

The biggest event has been the creation of the online division of The
Torkom Saraydarian University. You can sign up for classes online and
get your own personal account where you can download your lessons,
submit them for review, and get important information to help you in your
We offer courses on a variety of subjects for all levels of students, in-
cluding introductory lessons on meditation, advanced courses for those
wishing to become spiritual teachers, and everything in between.

The next major project we have embarked upon is the enormous and
very important task of archiving all of Torkom Saraydarian’s works. We
have begun with the books and are creating a fully dynamic database
that will be an invaluable tool to any student of the Teaching. Students and
Scholars will be able to search all the books for any subject and obtain a
comprehensive resource related to the Ageless Wisdom and Torkom’s
works. This project will be a continuous work in progress, with new infor-
mation and sources being added every month.


Gita Saraydarian is the daughter
of Torkom Saraydarian and the
Founder and President of TSG
Publishing Foundation, Inc. and
The To rk o m Sa ra y d a r i a n
University. She is also the Trustee
of The Creative Trust Copyrights.
Her educational background
includes a Master of Arts degree in
Law and Diplomacy from Tufts
University (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy); a
Master of Arts Degree in History; a Bachelor of Arts degree
in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics from Cal State
University Northridge. Her focus in academic training was
on China and its relations with the United States. She lived
in Taiwan in order to do research, teach, and study Chinese.
After graduating from Tufts, she decided to follow her
passion for the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and founded the
TSG Publishing Foundation, Inc. in 1987.
Gita is involved in carrying out Torkom’s legacy by
publishing the remaining manuscripts, teaching classes and
meditation courses, giving seminars and workshops,
overseeing the translation of books, and building a library
which will house the archives of the Creative Trust.
Gita Saraydarian is available for lectures, seminars, and
workshops on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Contact us
for further information.
gita@tsgfoundation.org | www.tsgfoundation.org
Torkom Saraydarian
Book Publishing Fund

Torkom Saraydarian had the unique wis-

dom and dedication to write all of these
magnificent books in one lifetime. Now it is
our turn to do the work. Together we can
make his dream a reality and bring his legacy
to fruition.
We depend on contributions for the pub-
lishing of the books. A special fund, The
Torkom Saraydarian Book Publishing Fund has
been established for the completion of this
legacy. Contact us for details about the Book
Fund and an update regarding remaining
manuscripts. You can contribute funds for an
entire book, or give any amount you wish on a
continuous basis or a one-time contribution.
Thank you for your loving and continuous
Contact and Ordering Information

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P.O. Box 7068
Cave Creek, AZ 85327
United States of America
Tel: 480-502-1909
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Website: www.tsgfoundation.org

- All orders must be prepaid

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- International orders indicate whether air or surface shipping
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Prices are subject to change without notice.
T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization.



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