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Doc No: PN
N 110
Revission No: 3.0
Date: 1 June
J 2014
The Cerrtification / Technical
Approval Pro
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o 4

1. We provid
de independ dent 3rd pa arty certifica
ation and technical
t appprovals off products,
processes, and servic
ces, includin
ng installerss, in the areas of:
• fire;;
• security;
• construction;
• envvironmental assessmen
nts of buildin
ngs and pro
2. Certificatio
on and tech
hnical appro
ovals are third party confirmation
c n and assu urance that
products, processes
p a servicess meet, and
and d continue to
t meet, speecified requ
3. Certificatio
on covers products, p processes and services to whicch British, European,
Internationnal or otherr recognisedd standards apply. In general, we producce scheme
documentss that set ou ut our requi rements forr certification.
4. Technical Approvals
A cover
c produ
ucts and sys
stems wherre there aree no directly
y applicable
d standards s, and are coommonly used for inno
ovative prodducts. In reesponse to
requests for
f approval of a partiicular produ uct, we devvelop propoosals that set
s out our
requiremennts for technical approvval.
5. Our certificcation and technical aapprovals are
a dependent upon ssatisfactory evaluation
(testing, factory
f aud
dit, examin nation, asssessment as approppriate). Ou ur scheme
documentss set out thet require ments. Site
e audits to
o review thhe installatio
on and its
maintenan nce may also be require ed.
6. Figure 1 sh
hows our ge
eneric certiffication and
d technical approvals
a p rocess.

Cerrtification Mark
7. For most schemes, once a cerrtificate has s been issued, the ow wner of the
e object off
n may use the appro priate certiffication mark as direccted in the publication
'Use of the Certificattion Mark' (publication
ns PN103, PN235, annd PN242) and in the e
appropriate e Scheme Document.

plications and
App a Furthe
er Informatiion
8. To apply for certificcation or ttechnical approval
a ple
ease compplete and return the
e applicatio
on form. Forr more inforrmation, or help
h with yoour application, please
contact us on 0333 32 21 8811 or e-mail custtomerserviices@bre.cco.uk.
9. Details off our schemes and certificates that we have issueed can be
e found at
www.redbo m and www. greenbookllive.com.

mplaints an
nd Appeals
We operate proocedures fo
or complaintts and appe
eals handlin
ng. Further ddetails are available
on request.

Uncoontrolled copy if printed.

© BRE Global
G Ltd 2014
d on day of prin
nting only.
Figure 1: The Certification and Technical Approval Process

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Notes on Figure 1

1. Application
Our application forms are designed to capture the required information about the
product/process/service so that we can provide a quotation or a proposal for testing
and certification / technical approval. Applications forms should be completed in full
with accurate information to ensure we can efficiently progress your application.

2. Application Review
We review the application to ensure, amongst other things, that the information
supplied is sufficient for the preparation of a quotation/proposal. In some cases,
further information will be requested or a meeting arranged to discuss the

3. Preparation of quotations or proposals

Either a certification quotation (including testing schedules if appropriate), or a
technical approval proposal is drawn up.

4. Evaluation
The object to be certificated must be evaluated against the requirements of the
standards or specifications detailed in the quotation or proposal. We will normally
arrange for the evaluation to be carried out; however by prior agreement, the owner
of the object to be certificated may arrange their own accredited evaluation.
Evaluation must be carried out by a facility accredited by UKAS or otherwise
approved by BRE Global.
Upon completion of evaluation, we will review the evaluation report to ensure that all
of the requirements have been met. Where evaluation is not satisfactory, additional
evaluation, or a re-application, may be necessary.

5. Certification
A certificate is awarded once:
• all activities have been satisfactorily completed;
• any non-compliances raised have been "closed out", and
• all outstanding payments have been received.
Where ISO 9001 certification forms part of the certification, a separate additional
certificate is issued.
Certificates contain the name and address of the owner of the object being
certificated together with a unique certificate reference number and the scope of
Certificate details are placed on the appropriate website - www.redbooklive.com or
Unless otherwise advised in the Scheme Document, the owner of the object of
certification may use the appropriate Certification Mark.

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6. Maintenance of Certification
Certificates are maintained and held in force through surveillance detailed in the
Scheme Document. Surveillance confirms that the object of certification continues to
meet the requirements.
Certification may be suspended or withdrawn where satisfactory performance of the
product, process or service is not maintained. Further details are available on

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