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assyst Product suite 1

Designed from inception

to integrate all ITIL processes into a single application

Service Desk & Incident Management

The Service Desk is the public face of IT and the heart of IT support. It performs a Typical Incident
critical role in the business by ensuring the productivity of personnel across the Management Lifecycle
organization and communication between IT and the business. To enable this, IT
Incident Detecting & Recording
organizations need a Service Desk solution that supports ITIL best practices for
IT Service Management (ITSM), consolidating the Service Desk function with the
processes that underpin the efficient delivery and support of services. Initial Classification & Support

ITIL Process Integration Self-service Investigation & Diagnosis

Dashboards Service Desk Knowledge Management Resolution & Recover

Monitoring & Tracking Process Automation Incident Closure

Keep Users Productive

Can you track user issues from end-to-end?
Do you have visibility of the cost and impact of service outages?
Is the burden of operational support holding back your IT department?
The assyst solution is a market-
leading enterprise solution for
Service Desk and ITSM. It empowers
customers to tackle the challenges Incident Monitor to show
of ITSM by combining all service all incidents at-a-glance.
delivery and support processes
within a single integrated toolset
to drive rapid improvements in IT
maturity, agility and efficiency.

Dashboard can be configured to show many

reports including Service Desk operator
Service Desk & Incident Management
productivity and call levels.

“With the help of assyst Incident Management,

we can now benchmark ourselves against other
organizational units. Another great advantage
is the ability to use Incident Management with
minimal configuration effort, both in terms of
process and application, for other products or Service Desk & Incident Management
services.” Change Management • Problem Management
Swisscom Configuration Management • Asset Management
Service Level Management • CMDB
For Service Catalog • On
or SaaS offering

Service Desk and IT Service Management Software

Service Desk & Incident Management
Key Features CMDBMain Benefits
GoEnd-to-End The CMDBƒƒ is the foundation
Consistent the assyst
of logging
processes for call and resolution
Incident Management
Incident Logging Record incidents rapidly through solution, providing a central store for all the
ƒƒ Reduce costs through increased first time fix rate
ƒƒ Improve service response, communications and
information required to support best
easy-to-use logging forms, or create a pre-populated
incident template record for common or routine resource management
in g

retention and morale

incidents. S

e work queue

Incident Monitor A flexible, prioritized, ƒƒIncrease confidence in IT systems and services

Federation assyst
- Thecustomer satisfaction
CMDB gateway
ice D

ces M

og ƒƒ
management tool ensuring technicians
rv have full
ta al and priorities at-a-providesƒƒ
graphical visibility of workloads out-of-the-box
Rapid adapters
resolution through for rapid
centralized knowledge base


ic e integration between the CMDB and external
erv Quickly map

Rapid Business Rule Builder rules

CMS S e r y sources (discovery tools - such as

which are important to the businesselinto

D iv the incident

process. v i c e assystDiscovery – asset register, directory

Major Incidents Serious service Ser failures are managed
effectively with functions such as repeat incident and
sources, and other 3rd party monitoring
group actions. Service Retirement systems). This ensures information in the
Investigation and Diagnosis Identify workarounds CMDB is kept up-to-date.
and resolutions by searching Conthetin knowledge base
and utilizing infrastructure Ivisualizations stored in the
Visualization – Improve root cause analysis
assyst CMDB. ement
Event Lifecycle Management Full Service Desk and change impact assessment with the
visibility of the incident-problem-change-release assyst Impact Explorer – a visual

lifecycle. isp representation of the entire IT infrastructure.





Automation of Processes
Reconciliation - The CMDB gateway is an

Automated Incident Logging Create incident records


automatically by integrating assyst with your systems intelligent interface that automatically
monitoring tools. reconciles duplicate data entries from
Resource Manager to view planned work
Routing and Alerting
Automated routing of incidents
multiple data sources. Each reconciliation is and tasks.
t Lresolution
and e by affected application, service,
ife c ycltasks for incidents, problems, changes
user or other attribute. stored by the gateway to ensure rapid
Automatic Notification Configurable e-mail alerts synchronizing of the CMDB with external
of defined events, such as new tasks allocated or sources.
True Service Desk Consolidation Through
service level status changes. Powerful Integration
Model Incidents Minimize time spent on repetitive
tasks, such as password resets. assyst offers unrivalled connectivity via a wide range of plug-
Prioritization Incidents linked to services/assets/ in adaptors which enable assyst to interface to any external
users and prioritized by business impact. application. For example, assyst can interface with network

Service Desk & Incident Management

and systems management software by automatically accepting
Real-Time Management Reporting incidents triggered by such systems. By bridging the gap
Trend Analysis Identify ‘fragile’ components and between business and technical management of networked IT
incidents introduced by change. systems, assyst offers an unprecedented level of cohesiveness.
Tracking and Compliance Incident records link to As a result, Service Desk staff can proactively manage network
problem records and to the resulting change records and system events, and pre-empt problems before they result in
to create a full lifecycle view. All actions performed service degradation.
on incidents are recorded for full audit reporting.
Dashboards and Reporting Real-time dashboard
reporting of Incident Management Key Performance “The Service Desk can resolve more incidents first
Indicators (KPIs), plus detailed infrastructure, time as assyst accurately displays the user’s asset
efficiency and intelligence reporting. details on logging the call without time consuming
manual updates.”
Standard Bank

Service Desk and IT Service Management Software

Established in 1988, Axios Systems is the world’s leading independent provider of Service Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Its
software, assyst, is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution, available in on-premise and SaaS models, which helps organizations optimize IT
infrastructure efficiency, reduce overheads and lower the total cost of IT ownership.