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Curriculum Vitae

Personal information:

Name: Wejdan Fahad Almutairi

Date of birth: 25, Mar 1996
Place of birth: Jeddah
Citizenship: Saudi

Contact information:

Cell Phone: 0571245142

E-mail: wejdanfahad96@gmail.com
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/wejdan-fahad-986814162
GitHub: https://github.com/wFahad

- Arabic
- English
Seeking an opportunity in a place that can utilize my capabilities and give me an
opportunity for professional challenges. I am an enthusiastic Information Technology
senior student, willing to learn. Interested in AI, IoT and brain computer interface (BCI).

 2015 – Present: Bachelor’s degree of Information Technology specialist in database
from Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at King Abdulaziz University.
- GPA (4.64/5).
 2014: High school graduate, Jeddah
- Excellent degree (97.72/100)
 Savola company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Business applications department, Jul 2018 – Aug 2018.
I gained experience in many aspects about the business and Oracle ERP applications,
such as oracle E-Business Suite, oracle applications navigation, oracle setup, oracle forms
personalization, oracle account receivable module , oracle HRMS module, oracle GL
module, test environment and production environment, retail sales and wholesale, B2B
cycle, Oracle RMA process, oracle HTML-based applications and oracle forms-based

 Deep Learning(Saudi Scholarship) online course, Misk_Udacity, Mar 2019 – Jun 2019.
 Participated as an android developer in JUNCTIONxKAUST Hackathon, Thuwal at
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, 27 Sep 2018 – 29 Sep 2018.
 Participated as database analyst in Hajj Hackathon, Jeddah, 31 Aug 2018 – 2 Sep 2018.
 Data Analysis online course, Udacity, May 2018 - Jul 2018.
 HPC Saudi Conference at King Abdulaziz University, 12 Mar 2018 – 14 Mar 2018.

 2019: Guinness World Records official participant –Hajj Hackathon.
 2016-2017: Excellent certificate. For obtaining excellent GPA (4.5+/5) in 2 successive
semesters by KAU
 2017-2018: Excellent certificate. For obtaining excellent GPA (4.5+/5) in 2 successive
semesters by KAU

Personal skills:
- Enthusiastic & Fast learner.
- Problem-solving
- Teamwork.
- Leadership
- communications.
- UI Design
- Oracle E-Business Suite
Educational courses projects at KAU:

 2019
- Safety driving for epilepsy senior project based on BCI, AI and IoT technologies.

 2018
- Built an Epilepsy website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
- Apply data mining techniques on a huge brain signals dataset using R.
- Robot navigation project using ubuntu Linux (ROS) with Python.
- Design IP addresses and configure the complete network infrastructure for a new
company. Via integrates the various routing and switching concepts using Packet

 2017
- Design a prototype and UI for a Trip application using Proto.io.
- Built a school system with GUI, stored all entered information into an external file
using NetBeans with JAVA.
- Built two GUIs for image and audio processing using NetBeans with JAVA (Swing
- Solve a software design problem in a memory match game by using the software
design patterns with JAVA.
- Design a company network using Cisco Packet Tracer.
- Built a bank system with GUI, stored all entered information into SQL Oracle
database using JAVA.
 2016
- Design and create database for GYM-system using Oracle SQL PLUS.
- Built a digital logic clock for 24 hours system using Electrical circuits and other
- Built a drawing game for kids using Visual Studio with C++ (OpenGL lib).