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Table of Content

1.0 Introduction 2

2.0 Challenges in managing a healthy 3

2.1 Challenges in eating healthily 3
2.2 Challenges in exercising regularly 4
2.3 Challenges in managing stress 4

3.0 Ways to overcome the challenges 5

3.1 Healthy eating habits 5
3.2 Exercising in a fun way 6
3.3 Healthy mind equals to healthy body 7

4.0 Conclusion 7

5.0 Reference 8

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1.0 Introduction

I agree on the statement that health issues among Malaysian adults have been on the rise
in recent years.

What is a healthy lifestyle? According to WHO "A healthy lifestyle is a way of living
that lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early" (Healthy Living : World Health
Organization , 1999). In short, a healthy lifestyle is about our habits that make up our
lives that ensures we live illness free and healthily.

The purpose of this essay is to highlight the challenges faced by Malaysian adults in
sustaining a healthy lifestyle and what are the ways to overcome these challenges.

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2.0 Challenges in managing a healthy lifestyle

In today’s fast moving society maintaining a healthy lifestyle is significantly challenging.

The main challenges faced are in eating healthily, exercising regularly and also managing

2.1 Challenges in eating healthily

As the phrase "you are what you eat" says, our body grows in proportion to the food we
consume. Basicly when we talk about eating healthily, it comes down to the right – type,
portions and time.


The challenge that most Malaysians face in eating healthily is our unlimited choices of
food that is readily available anytime. It has become a culture for young adults to hang
out at 24 hours eatery. Furthermore our lack of knowledge on the correct portions or food
type to eat has also made it even more challenging.
“The practice of eating-out has health implications whenever it lands the practitioner to
over eating, irregular eating, late eating, imbalanced diet, eating at unclean premises,
etc. Important health issues in Malaysia are food related.” (Ali & Abdullah, 2012).

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2.2 Challenges in exercising regularly

There are several barriers that we seem to be facing to exercise regularly with the main
ones being time, boredom, injuries and self confidence (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016).
Exercising takes a back bench in comparison to working or social lives. In addition, we
also find it hard to maintain a fixed schedule to exercise as eventually it gets boring since
we don’t make an effort to be creative in motivating ourselves to continue exercising. We
also tend to use past injuries or a lack of self confidence as a point to demotivate and
convince ourselves that we cannot do it .

2.3 Challenges in managing stress

Life without stress seems to be a fairy tale in this age as we are constantly being
pressured and pushed to the limits of our ability to perform.“Due to the competitive
nature of the job environment most of the people in the world are spending their time for
job related work purposes resulting ignore the stressor those are influencing their work
and life.” (Ahsan, Abdullah, Fie, & Alam, 2009)

Many people find it common and do not feel the need to find a solution or even mitigate
the consequences of stress. Awareness of symptoms of stress is still low among
Malaysians and it is becoming a lower priority among those in workforce.

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3.0 Ways to overcome the challenges

It is quite challenging to manage a healthy lifestyle however there are ways to overcome
these and if an effort is made by the society in whole.

3.1 Healthy eating habits

Foremost we should always place an importance on eating a healthy breakfast as it is the

most important meal of the day. The classic Malaysian breakfast dishes such as ‘roti
canai’ and ‘nasi lemak’ should be once in a blue moon meal while healthier options such
as wholegrain bread, yogurts, boiled eggs and fresh fruits should be consumed instead
(Importance of Breakfast: Healthy Kids , 2017).

A disciplined eating habit is also necessary to overcome these challenges. Eating as per
the recommendation of the food pyramid is the best solution. The daily recommendation
for a man is 2500 calories while for a woman is 2000 calories (Estimated Calorie Needs
per Day - USDA, 2002). It is important to practice moderation. Last but not least, we
should always ensure that our water intake is adequate which is 8 glass or at least 2 litres
per day.

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3.2 Exercising in a fun way

How to exercise in a fun way? – should be the question on our minds when we plan our
daily exercise routine. Foremost we should make sure to allocate adequate time –
minimum 30 minutes for exercising daily. Secondly we can also try varying exercises
(Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016) such as jogging, swimming and even attend self-defence or
yoga classes as these might give you the motivation needed.

Furthermore, we can also join with our work peers who have low self-esteem and become
partners to encourage each other (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016). This will not only enhance
your work life but also put you into a position where you have the responsibility towards
each other to get healthy in a good way.

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3.3 Healthy mind equals to a healthy body

Eating healthily and maintaining a good exercise routine will indirectly ensure our mind
stays in a balanced state. Yoga and meditation seems to be a good way for us destress
while also exercising our body.

In addition, we can also attend counselling or just talk our problems out with family
members and find a solution to a problem rather than worrying or stressing by ourselves.
Building a close relationship with family members and friends by spending time by
holidaying or even just having coffee with them will work wonders on stress.

4.0 Conclusion

In conclusion we can agree that managing a healthy lifestyle has its own challenges such
as eating healthily, exercising regularly and also overcoming stress. Likewise, each of
these challenges has a set of solution that we can readily follow and ensure that a healthy
body is within our grasp. It is mind over matter issue that requires willpower and
continuous effort from us.

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