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Terms and Conditions to become distributor of Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Kolhapur to be accepted

Eligibility 1. Retail shops,

2. Food product marketers,
3. Product selling agents
4. Vegetable supplier and
5. Individual person who want to do
marketing of mushrooms and
mushroom products.
6. If you don’t have shop or selling firm.
We suggest you to get Shop act
licenses which can help you to sell
Area wise Selection 1. Company is trying to decide few
distributors in each city of
Maharashtra and some parts of
2. We will monitor the distributor in first
three months.
3. If necessary we can appoint other
distributor in the same region.
4. We are open to various locations.
However, we can reject
distributorship applications
depending on Location.
5. We will appoint distributors and will
keep specific distance in between
two distributors. For example 50-70

Investment/Deposit 1. Deposit value depending on the

product requirement of Distributors.
2. Security amount: 50,000 INR
3. We will not supply our products
more than the deposit amount.
4. If someone decides to cancel
distributorship of our products. Sign
Security amount will be refunded
within 4 Months.
5. No instant refund will be given in
that case.
Brand Fee 1. Free for First year.
2. From Second year-10,000 Rs/Year

Space required and conditions required Fresh mushrooms-Refrigerator requirement

for our products to be stored Dry mushrooms-dry place
(normally it depends on how much Mushroom products-as per directions
quantity and what type of product you
Discount rates for distributors Discount rates will normally range between
5-10 % depending on products.
Price for distributors 1. Price list for our products and
collaborated distributor is different
than customers.
2. Our Prices offers discount to
distributors for products.
3. We do not decide distributor’s price.
However, you can get our advice for
deciding prices.

Delivery costs 1. Delivery costs will be added to

the price of product.
2. We are trying to minimize
delivery costs for our distributors.
Shelf life of products 1. Some of our products are having
shorter shelf life. Such as fresh
2. We suggest you to store our
products carefully with given
3. For fresh products we suggest you
to use suitable facility.
4. For dry products you need dry place
for products.

Payment options for our distributors 1. 10 days after receiving our products.
2. We will give you 10 days once you
receive our products at your
3. In these 10 days you have to clear
our payment of products purchased.
4. If we don’t receive payment it will be
minimized from security amount.

Quality Over Quantity 1. We are more interested to offer you

quality as compared to quantity.
2. Our products are of High quality
value. Which means you can add
more prices depending on your
3. However, we suggest you to get our
advice for deciding your prices.
Why Biobritte? 1. We are rapidly growing mushroom
research and growing company.
2. We have our own production or
manufacturing of products.
3. Collaborating on our distributor
program means you can use our
reputation for sale of our products.
4. Our marketing will help you directly
because we are not interested to
reach customers locally.
5. Other benefits will be given to our
distributors if they sale more
6. We are also expanding our business
operations in South East Asia area.
It means in near future you will be
part of International Company.
7. We are also thinking to supply
marketing material to our distributors
for free of the cost. (Printed)
8. If you need guidance for marketing
our products we will give your
1. I accept all the terms and conditions mentioned above by Biobritte
Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur.
2. I am ready to deposit security amount to Biobritte Agro Solutions
Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur.
It is---------------------------as per rules defined by Biobritte Agro
Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur.
3. I understand security deposit is refundable but if I decide to cancel
of distributorship Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur has
right to refund within 04 months.
4. I accept I am not official representative of Biobritte Agro Solutions
Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur. I am part of its distributor network.
5. I accept that, breaking any rules of this distributorship which are
defined by Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur. I am liable
for legal action by Biobritte Agro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur.

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