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Michael W. Smith has a Bachelor's Degree in rehabilitation

and a Master's Degree in counseling and worked as a certified
counselor in Maricopa County, Arizona for 23 years and in the
field of rehabilitation for 25 years prior to entering the ministry
on Christmas Day 2005.
His prior certification credentials included work as a
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified General
Counselor, Certified Insurance Rehabilitation Specialist,
Certified Earnings Analyst, Certified Vocational Rehabilitation
Counselor, Certified Job Placement Specialist and Forensic
Vocational Expert. He was an expert witness in Superior,
Federal & Industrial courts in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and
Mr. Smith is a graduate of Anaheim High School and
Emporia State University in Kansas and he has two daughters
and two granddaughters living near Tucson, Arizona. He is
married to a career middle school teacher. Mr. Smith has been
on the radio for over 12 years and his current radio programs
and newsletters, which contain dramatic healing & deliverance
testimonies, can be accessed on
Mr. Smith's experience includes work as a jail preacher at
the Maricopa Country Sheriffs Office, prison preacher at the
Arizona Department of Corrections, Bible teacher at the Central
Phoenix Day Program, Bible teacher at the Phoenix Dream
Center, chapel teacher at the Casa Grande Home of Hope,
prison preacher at Correction Corporation of America.
drug/alcohol counselor at Teen Challenge, Bible teacher at
Streets of Joy, Bible teacher at House of Refuge, seminar
speaker at Aglow International, Bible teacher at Church on the
Street Prescott, missionary to Nigeria & Ghana, among others.
He ministers as a private Christian counselor, teacher and
evangelist. His ministry specializes in inner healing, counseling,
teaching seminars, healing & deliverance. Many of his
teachings can be accessed on .
Since 2005 Mr. Smith has personally seen hundreds of
born again Christians cured of mental and emotional illnesses
and physical sicknesses. He has seen thousands delivered from
spirits and has been a guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network
(TBN) and Joy in Our Town television shows in Phoenix
discussing mental health issues and how Christians can be
healed from addictions, mental illnesses, childhood trauma and
emotional illnesses. He currently operates the House of Healing
and Charity Counselors Assn. in Arizona and is available for
teaching, healing and deliverance seminars (602-636-5800).

Americans being diagnosed with mental illnesses has

increased dramatically since the 1950s. Incidences of childhood
mental illness have risen even faster. The computer and
information age has caused irreparable spiritual and emotional
damage to our nation's youth. The Internet is the most abused
invention in history. When Americans grew up in the 1950s and
1960s the main sources of violence and perversion were
Playboy magazine, a black and white TV that received 3 or 4
clear channels and John Wayne war movies depicting, by
today's standards, sheltered violence. Pornography was limited
to restricted movie theaters and stag films that were not readily
available to anyone, especially those younger than age 21.
The spread of readily available knowledge and sensual
fulfillments (Dan. 12:4) have also allowed children to mature at
a much faster rate than they did decades ago. Today, children in
grade school have much more exposure to human sexuality and
violence than adults did 50 years ago.
Now, the most graphic images of sex and violence
imaginable are readily available on social media, satellite, cable
TV and the Internet. Children regularly view hardcore
pornography and mutilation violence on the Internet, in video
games, social media and on DVDs. They commonly grow up in
single family homes as latch-key children with little supervision
or with both parents working full-time jobs. Satanic music is
destroying the morals of America's children. Hip Hop, Gangster
Rap, Punk, Techno, Metal, Glam. Hard Rock and Acid Rock
among others, are searing the consciences and the minds of
America's school children and initiating a nationwide wave of
childhood mental illness, medication abuse, crime and behavior
deficits. This form of child neglect is causing children to
become infected with spirits and to develop mental illnesses
earlier in life and at record levels, than ever before.
The immorality of America is readily reflected in our
political, social and entertainment leaders. It is almost
impossible to recall a period of time where political corruption,
sexual perversion, crime and dishonesty have paralleled our
current national situation.


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders
(DSM-I V) was published by the American Psychiatric
Association (APA) in 1994 and is considered the bible of
mental illness in the secular world. The DSM-I was originally
published in 1952.
It is used by clinicians around the world to diagnose and
treat mental and emotional conditions. It was compiled by
hundreds of professionals. The DSM-IV lists illnesses in five
axis or sections:
• Axis I: The formal psychiatric diagnosis.
• Axis II: Developmental disorders (apparent at birth or
early childhood) & personality disorders (affecting the
person's interaction with society).
• Axis III: Physical conditions (those that affect
conditions of I and II).
• Axis IV: Severity of psychosocial stressors (familial,
financial, legal or vocational issues impacting the
conditions listed in Axis I and II).
• Axis V: Highest level of recent patient functioning
(how the conditions of Axis I and II have affected the
person's ability to function in society currently and over
the last year. The DSM-IV breaks down the mental
illnesses into 13 categories (sexual, mood, eating, sleep
disorders, etc.). I have highlighted only eight.

1. Under anxiety disorders they list acute stress

disorder, agoraphobia, panic disorder, generalized
anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder
(OCD), phobia and post-traumatic stress disorder
(PTSD). These conditions lead to unusual, over reactive
or inappropriate levels of anxiety.

2. Under dissociative disorders they list amnesia,

fugue, dissociative identity disorder (DID) (formerly
multiple personality disorder) and depersonalization
disorders. These conditions lead to a significant
disruption in consciousness, memory, identity and

3. Under psychotic disorders they list brief psychotic,

delusional, schizoaffective, schizophrenic,
schizophreniform and shared psychotic disorder. These
conditions lead to unrealistic sensations of taste, sight
and smell and lead to auditory and visual hallucinations.

4. Under mood disorders they list bipolar,

cyclothymic, dysthymic and major depressive disorder.
These conditions lead to unrealistic and prolonged
mood disturbances.

5. Under somatoform disorders they list body

dysmorphic disorder (BDD), conversion disorder,
hypochondrias, pain and somatization disorder. These
conditions lead to physical symptoms of discomfort or
pain that have no organic cause.

6. Under sexual disorders they list dyspareunia, female

orgasmic, female sexual arousal, gender identity,
hypoactive sexual desire, male erectile, male orgasmic,
premature ejaculation, sexual aversion and vaginismus
disorders. Involving sexual dysfunction disorders they
include exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism,
pedophilia, masochism, sadism, transvestic fetishism
and voyeurism disorder. Homosexuality was removed
from the DSM-II and then altogether from the DSM-III
as a disorder.

7. Under personality disorders they include antisocial,

borderline and narcissistic disorder. These conditions
lead to significant dysfunction in at least two of the
following areas: thoughts, emotions, interpersonal
functioning and impulse control.

8. Under sleep disorders they include insomnia,

hypersomnia, narcolepsy, nightmares, sleep terror and
sleepwalking. They note that dyssomnias relate to the
amount, quality and timing of sleep and parasomnias
relate to the abnormal behavior or events that occur
during sleep.

The DSM-V was released in 2013. It included disorders

not contained in the DSM-IV:
1) Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder
2) Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
3) Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
4) Hoarding Disorder
5) Caffeine Withdrawal Affliction
6) Cannabis Withdrawal Affliction
7) Excoriation Disorder (skin picking)
8) Binge Eating Disorder
9) Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder
10) Restless Leg Syndrome
11) Major Neurocognitive Disorder w/ Lewy Body
Disease & Mild Neurocognitive Disorder
12) Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder
13) Central Sleep Apnea & Sleep-related
Hypoventilation Disorder.
In addition, there has been consolidation from the DSM-IV
to the DSM-V:
1) Autism Spectrum Disorder acquired: Autistic
Disorder, Asperger's Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative
Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS
2) Substance Use Disorder acquired Substance Abuse &
Substance Dependence
3) Intellectual Disability and Intellectual
Developmental Disorder acquired Mental Retardation
4) Gender Dysphoria acquired Gender Identity Disorder
5) Major Neurocognitive Disorder acquired Dementia
6) Somatic Symptom Disorder & Illness Anxiety
Disorder acquired Hypochondriasis.

I used the DSM III and IV in my 25 year secular

counseling career. However, I do not use it beyond a general
reference in my Christian counseling practice or in any
Christian clinical setting. The research is deficient because it
completely excludes the spirit world, the human inner man,
God, Satan, the supernatural, spirits, sin and the authority of
Scripture. The manuals frequently contain phrases like "causes
unknown" and "incurable," which is foreign to the Word of
The Holy Spirit knows the exact cause of every mental
illness and He is able to cure each and every condition,
regardless of severity. The DSM also notes that stress is a
significant factor in almost every mental illness with
medications recommended as treatment in most of the
Prior to entering the ministry I worked as a secular
counselor in Maricopa County, Arizona. I operated a profitable
counseling and rehabilitation practice. I held significant
educational accomplishments and multiple certifications which
allowed me to provide a range of services.
Unfortunately, after 25 years of professional service I
noticed that I had never actually seen anyone cured from a
serious mental illness through the accepted secular clinical
methods, except for minor or temporary conditions. However,
when I saw that the Holy Spirit was able to cure mental and
emotional illness, I closed my counseling office, laid off my
employees, retired from my lucrative career and entered the
ministry. Observing people being cured by the Holy Spirit has
been far more satisfying than my previous counseling practice
of "patching" them and helping them obtain disability benefits.
During my years of counseling in the ministry of the Holy Spirit
I have discovered that in most mental and emotional illnesses
there is a spiritual "root" cause that remains undiagnosed in
secular psychiatry.
What is the real cause of most mental and emotional
illnesses the psychiatrists overlooked in the DSM-II, III, IV and
V? What do most counselors and psychologists fail to consider?
They overlook the Biblical diagnostic and treatment model of
the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. If we apply the Word of
God and the healing power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus
Christ, the "root" cause of an illness is exposed, allowing
permanent and complete healing to take place.
In January 2010 the American Psychiatric Association
published research on spirituality in their publication;
Psychiatric News. They also published similar articles in August
2000 and July 2004. Their research noted that a patient's
spirituality could be important in the treatment of mental
A patient's positive religious and spiritual beliefs (hope,
love, integrity, faith, peace, value of human life, etc.) were
considered assets in the treatment process and should
reasonably be accentuated by the clinician. Many rehabilitation
centers, hospitals, church/religious treatment programs, mental
health centers and private non-profit programs like Alcoholic
Anonymous have found spiritual development to be productive
and include it as a part of the IWRP (Individual Written
Rehabilitation Plan) or overall treatment program for the
individual. For example, most hospitals and inpatient treatment
centers contain chapels and spiritual growth and development
(reading/audio/visual) materials.
In my counseling practice, I have expanded this concept of
including spirituality in the treatment of mental and emotional
disorders highlighted by the publications in Psychiatric News.
In my practice I use the Biblical spirituality treatment model
and I have seen hundreds cured.

In I Tim. 4:1 the apostle Paul mentions seducing spirits.

The Greek word for seducing is planos which means deceiving.
My experience has shown these spirits attack humans by
entering the frontal lobe of the brain, affecting the control and
judgment centers of the mind. When a person has been infected
with seducing spirits over a lengthy period of time, it is difficult
to affect a complete deliverance because the spirits have not
been properly identified, rejected and renounced.
Planos spirits that enter the brain in childhood blend into
the individual's personality and become a "normal" part of their
daily thought processes and are difficult to isolate and identify.
The person usually does not recognize them and in most cases
does not even realize they have them. Over a period of years a
spiritual dementia slowly takes hold of the person's mind, which
can prevent recovery. If unchecked, it can lead to a documented
mental illness, severe memory and brain deficits and even total

Can born-again Christians be "possessed" by demons? The

Bible does not specifically answer this question. However, the
Lord revealed to me that they cannot. The Holy Spirit resides in
the spirit man of the believer and the demons cannot get into the
spirit portion of the inner man.
Can Christians be "infected" with demons? The Lord
revealed to me that they can. Evil spirits can infect the brain and
body of a born-again believer and cause mental, emotional
and/or physical illnesses. In his letters to Timothy, the apostle
Paul illustrates the symptoms of a Christian infected with


A bishop must not be a novice, lest being lifted up

with pride, he fall into the condemnation of the
devil. They must also have a good report of them
who are without (the unsaved world), lest they fall
into the reproach and snare of the devil.

II TIMOTHY 2:24-26

The servant of the Lord must not strive but be gentle

to all, apt to teach. Patient, in meekness instructing
those that oppose them, if perhaps God will give
them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth,
so they may recover themselves out of the snare of
the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.
The following are the above KJV words translated with the
Greek meaning:
• The Greek word for condemnation (krima/judgment).
• The Greek word for report (marturia /witness).
• The Greek word for reproach (oneidismos/verbal
abuse or slander).
• The Greek word for snare (pagis/trap).
• The Greek word for acknowledge (epignosis/full
knowledge or complete understanding).
• The Greek word for taken captive (zogreo/to be
captured or imprisoned alive).

These passages clearly teach that a born-again Christian

can be judged, trapped, verbally slandered and taken captive by
evil spirits and Satan if they backslide, walk in the flesh or
allow sin and pride to have dominion over them.
Paul's description is an excellent illustration of the
condition of a Christian who is infected in their body or brain
with spirits. These are the hike warm and carnal Christians of
our day. They typically lead unproductive, powerless and
dysfunctional Christian lives.
A born again Christian can be oppressed and be infected
with spirits in their body or brain but cannot be possessed by
Additionally, in II Cor. 11:1-4 Paul warns the Christians
not to "receive" another Jesus (Gk: allos/another that appears
similar in kind & quality), another spirit (Gk: heteros/non-
similar or different), another gospel (Gk: heteros/non-similar or


Would to God you could bear with me a little in my

folly & indeed bear with me. I am jealous over you
with godly jealousy. I have espoused you to one
husband that I may present you as a chaste virgin to
But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled
Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be
corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if
he that comes preaches another Jesus, whom we
have not preached, or if you receive another spirit,
which you have not received, or another gospel,
which you have not accepted, you might well bear
with him.

This proves that it is possible for Christians to receive

demonic spirits, demonic gospels and a satanic Jesus after their
born-again experience.
In James 3:13-15 the apostle warns the born-again
Christians that any "wisdom" that they have received which
does not come from above (God), is actually earthly, sensual
(Gk: psuchikos/emotional or soulish) and devilish (Gk:
James 3:13-15

Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge

among you? Let him show out of a good
conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.
But if you have bitter envying and strife in your
hearts, glory not and lie not against the truth. This
wisdom descends not from above, but is earthly,
sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is,
there is confusion and every evil work.

In the book of Luke, Jesus mentions that it is possible for

someone to have the light of God mixed with darkness. The
following are the Greek definitions for the passage below:
• darkness (skotos/shadiness, a mixture of light and
dark). It does not mean complete darkness or pitch
• evil (poneros/perverted).
• body (soma/human physical body).

LUKE 11:34-36

The light of the body is the eye. Therefore when your

eye is single, your whole body is also full of light. But
when your eye is evil, your body also is full of
darkness. Take heed therefore that the light which is
in you be not darkness. If your whole body therefore
be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall
be full of light, as when the bright shining of a
candle does give you light.

Jesus is saying that within a person there can be both the

light of the Holy Spirit (in the spirit man) and the perversion of
demonic spirits (in the body or brain).
This section of text illustrates the spiritual dichotomy of
man. As we all know, humans can have both good and bad in
them at the same time.

In my years of counseling, I began to recognize that the
aforementioned process is the root cause of almost all mental
illnesses. In the case of the SMI the process is more
complicated and the treatment more extensive and invasive. In
the SMI (schizophrenia, DID, severe bipolar, etc.) the patient is
typically infected with spirits in childhood or through severe
trauma and they grow to develop two personalities as
mentioned in the Bible.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

The Greek word for double minded, is dipsuchos, which

means someone with two souls. The spirits enter the brain of the
human and create a fake or imposter soul in the inner man. This
demonic soul attaches to the real soul and houses other spirits
that develop personalities separate from the individuals God
given personality. This God given personality is referred to by
Rev. Ida Hammond in Pigs in the Parlor as "the real self." The
real person becomes buried under these demonic personas. If
these spirits are not removed they can infect the person with a
very serious mental illness causing a debilitating loss of reality
or consciousness (see photo, back cover). This second soul can
cause the person to lose their true identity or true self.
These pseudo-personalities are noticed by others. Family
members and friends observe these two souls reacting in the
person and frequently comment on them. The person
themselves, may also notice they seem to possess other
• "He acts and talks like a totally different person when
he gets mad."
• "Something comes over her and she is not herself
• "I don't know what happens to her. She acts crazy."
• "She just won't listen to anything half the time."
• "He acts like he has lost his mind." "His eyes
• "He looks like another person sometimes."
• "What's wrong with me?"
• "Why did I say that?" "That was not me."
• "It's like some other voice comes out of me."
• "I don't remember what I did. I said that?"
• "What was I thinking?" "I blacked out."
• "Am I losing my mind?"
• "I didn't do that, did I?" "I don't believe what I just
• "I did not say that!" "I don't remember any of it."
• "It seems like I am talking to another person."

The person may attempt to correct the problem thru

psychotherapy, counseling, self help books, motivational tapes
or medications which, unfortunately, never actually cure the
problem. They constantly search for relief and try multiple
methods to improve their condition: healing oils, hypnosis,
positive thinking tapes, increased church attendance, Bible
studies, retreats, seminars, boot camps, prayer meetings, diet
modifications, cleansing routines, mentoring programs,
exercise, love and romance, marriage, holistic methods, etc.
Unfortunately, nothing seems to work on a permanent basis and
the person frequently relapses in exhaustion and frustration.

How do people become infected with spirits? It usually

happens in childhood through dysfunctional families. The
spirits typically enter through trauma, abuse, neglect or
abandonment. Verbal, physical and sexual abuse, place the child
in a weakened condition without appropriate spiritual
protection. As a result, spirits are able to gain entrance into their
bodies or brains which allows them access to the child's minds.
Although there are thousands of different types of evil
spirits, I have noticed they fall into three basic categories:
1. seducing (Gk: planos).
2. unclean (Gk: akathartos).
3. familiar (Heb: obe).
Seducing spirits are the cause of most mental illnesses
while unclean spirits cause most physical illnesses and
addictions. Familiar spirits are the strongest and most intelligent
of all demons and can cause both physical and mental illnesses.
Principally, familiar spirits infect humans through religion,
church denominations and occult practices of witchcraft and/or
sorcery, psychic readings, cults, narcotics, hallucinogens and
extreme or violent fantasy electronics (video/computer, Internet,

The spirit of rejection is the most dangerous and populous

spirit of childhood. These spirits can help create the 2nd soul
noted in James 1:8 and allows in other demonic entities into the
mind and body at a later date. Rejection spirits will also draw in
spirits of lust, insecurity, jealousy, self-accusation, depression,
suicide, guilt, shame and loneliness. They cause poor self-
concepts, self-hatred and deep-seated insecurity. They also let in
fear spirits that cause phobias and anxiety disorders. Rejection
spirits are very intelligent, persistent and manipulative.
Rejection spirits usually enter the child's brain during
periods of trauma or great disappointment. After entering the
brain, they lead the child thru a specific debilitation process.

Phase I: They flood the child's mind with negative

thoughts until the child learns to receive the demonic thoughts
as their own.
Phase II: They bring the child to a point of self rejection.
They teach the child that there is something wrong with them
and they develop low self esteem and a low self concept in the
child's soul.
Phase III: They let in a fear spirit and the child develops
an anxiety disorder related to the fear of being rejected by
Phase IV: They teach the child that love and performance
are related and that they will be accepted if they perform
properly for others and become a "people pleaser."
Phase V: When performing for others does not work the
rejection spirits lets in a rebellion spirit and the child develops a
victim mentality and deep seated anger at various sections of
Phase VI: They let in spirits of Infirmity, among others,
that gradually develop strange illnesses in the person's body as
they age. Usually in the form of joint pains, womb issues, organ
problems, auto-immune disorders and illnesses that do not
respond to conventional medical or psychiatric treatment.

Many parents infected with rejection spirits cannot

properly express love, nurturing and affection to their children
and raise them "at a distance." Rejection spirits can even enter
the child in the womb if the parents speak negatively over the
fetus (word curses) or about the timing of the pregnancy or sex
of the child, etc.
Individuals with rejection spirits are usually starved for
love and feel insecure, deficient, alone, slighted, victimized,
abandoned or inferior. They frequently fantasize about happy or
successful lives, which they have never actually experienced
and probably never will. They usually have several childhood
fantasy playmates and engage in frequent phantom speech
(deeply conversing with self or imaginary personalities). Quite
often these self-talking behaviors will carry into adulthood. The
person may create an entire network of non-existent friends and
As adults, they frequently live in lust and selfishness in an
attempt to placate their desperate need for the love they never
received. They often develop promiscuous lifestyles (affairs,
sexual experimentation, swinging, multiple lovers,
pornography, etc.) while "searching for love in all the wrong
places." In some cases they develop sexual perversions
mentioned under the sexual disorder section of the DSM. They
frequently experience guilt, shame and frustration over their
failed attempts to "fix" themselves or find the love they never
received as a child. The spirits in the brain constantly influence
them to feel anger, frustration, loneliness, insecurity, rebellion
and inferiority.
The spirits frequently influence them to engage in sinful
behaviors, negative thoughts and fantasies of love and romance
in an attempt to placate the internal heartache of their soul. If a
child is sexually abused, the rejection spirit may draw in
unclean spirits of sexual perversion, allowing bi-sexual,
promiscuous or homosexual desires to develop during puberty.
As the child matures they develop additional insecurities
because of a lack of attraction to the opposite sex. They feel
ostracized or rejected by their peers and classmates and
frequently isolate themselves from friends and loved ones. They
may develop many "gay" or "bi" friends who understand their
tendencies and social isolation. The unclean spirits often plague
them with depression, loneliness, guilt, self-loathing, hatred,
rebellious exhibitionism and anger. They feel they were "born"
homosexual because they don't ever remember being attracted
to the opposite sex. This sensation feels real because the spirits
entered their bodies and brains when they were children and
morphed their sexual desires and development during puberty.
Rejection spirits cause self-accusation and inject negative
and condemning thoughts into the mind in an attempt to tear
down the person's self worth and self-concept. They cause them
to engage in excessive talking and frequent confessing of sins
and failures to gain attention in an attempt to overcome their
feelings of insecurity, loneliness and inferiority.
Rejection spirits frequently cause the person to criticize,
reject and judge others while blaming everything and everybody
else for their painful, lonely, dysfunctional life.
Degrading others allows the person's self esteem to
temporarily improve; however, the Rejection spirit re-institutes
the self-negativity process thereafter and the person continues to
spiral downward in a perpetual "catch-22" existence of un-
fulfillment and desperation.
Rejection spirits inspire jealousy and envy over the
benefits of others. They frequently get mad at God because He
did not give them a wonderful ministry, a nice family, a good
career, loving relationships or material possessions like He did
others. They see God as someone who plays favorites and is
partial, unfair, uncaring, indifferent and distant.
They also blame God for their sexual orientation,
addictions and uncontrolled sexual desires. They are usually
uncomfortable with positive testimonials of other Christians.
They feel anxious during true worship and while listening to
blessing sermons or messages on the unconditional love of God
because of their "unworthiness" emotions caused by spirits.
Rejection spirits cause the person to have perfect memories
of hurts, wrongs and injustices done to them in the past. They
can recall incidents that happened many years ago as if they
happened yesterday and they can relive the pain in a moment's
notice. You will see them cry suddenly and then switch to
laughter in a few seconds. They go from grief to joy in
The person often says that they have ""forgiven" everyone
but they still hold ought (Gk: tis/something or anything) and
deep seated resentments (Mt. 5:23, Mk. 11:25) in their heart,
which they will not acknowledge. This ought is usually held
against spouses, church members, family members and co-
workers who they see as their critics and perpetrators of
injustice toward them, which keeps them in the state of a
Rejection spirits cause the classic "church hopper"
syndrome. This person is typically a critical "nit-picker" who
ingratiates themselves with every congregation they join. They
are eventually rejected or insulted in some way and move on to
another church to start the process anew until they receive
another series of "'offenses."
They commonly switch churches dozens of times over
their lifetime, always searching for the right "move of God" and
a person to give them a "true word" or a pastor who really
"teaches the truth of the Word." They are very critical of
ministries and ministers and hold themselves up as experts in
spiritual warfare, church administration and evangelism even
though they rarely, if ever, win someone to Christ or see them
healed or delivered.

The other powerful spirit that typically enters a person's

mind during childhood is rebellion. After he takes a stronghold
in the mind he frequently draws in other spirits (pride, self-
delusion, selfishness, retaliation, criticalness, frustration, etc.).
The Rebellion and Rejection spirits always implant a root
of bitterness (Heb. 12:15) into the victim's soul and it attracts
other spirits to live with them (rage, anger, hatred, resentment,
un-forgiveness, murder, violence, manipulation, etc.).
God hater spirits (Rom. 1:30) can enter the brain and
cause the person to blame all their problems on others and/or
God in an attempt to avoid accepting responsibility and further
damaging their poor self concept and deep seated insecurities.
Rebellion spirits cause the person to become stubborn,
self-willed and short tempered because of the individual's
internal pain related to rejection and loneliness. They will
commonly attack the ones who they perceive have starved them
of love or cheated them out of benefits. They will become
aggressive, bitter and vengeful. They retaliate at a world they
perceive has rejected them. They grow up never being truly
loved, never able to accept love and are unable to truly love
others. The person resents the success of others and the
blessings God has given them. They are angry, embittered,
vengeful and jealous.
Rebellion spirits will actually manufacture childhood
abuse incidents when there is no objective evidence it ever
occurred. They convince the person they were abused even
when there is no objective medical, familial, personal or
testimonial evidence. This allows the person to justify their
resentment of their parents, caregivers, teachers or others. They
will readily receive negative information from a pastor or a
prophet regarding incidences of childhood abuse, even when
they or other family members cannot recall it. They are frequent
dreamers and seek constant "interpretations" from "gifted"
people in the church who give "words" to the flock. They rarely
read or follow the Word of God and commonly seek "prophetic
words" or "impartations" or "'mantels" or "downloads" instead.
They usually have no patience when reading the Word and
frequently fall asleep when they start to read.
Congregants are often amazed at the infected Christian's
behavior and attitudes. They can be godly, charitable and
helpful one minute and then enraged, frustrated and sinful the
next. The church people frequently remark:
• "Where did that come from?" "What's wrong with
• "What causes them to act like that?" "Where did they
• "Do they need therapy?" "Why won't they repent?"
• "Why is their flesh so out of control?" "Where have
they been?"
• "Why do they attend church and then quit for awhile?"
• "Why do they act like hypocrites?" "Who was that

Rebellion spirits influence Christians to live "bi-polar"

lives with many frustrations, spiritual tips and downs, temper or
rage incidents and social confrontations. This typically occurs in
between periods of solid ministerial activities helping others
and promoting the gospel and church related activities. Their
"yo-yo" Christian life eventually devalues them and they
typically experience multiple periods of backsliding, burn out
and depression.
A person with rejection and rebellion spirits living in their
brain will commonly switch from one personality to the other in
a moment of time. They will be happy one minute and
depressed the next. They will be kind one minute and insolent
or inconsiderate the next. They will be weeping one minute and
laughing hysterically the next. They are appalled at the sin of
others and are unable to see the iniquity within themselves.
They are frequently confused on basic Bible doctrine and often
wonder if they are actually saved. The seducing spirits cause
them to question God's existence and the spirits tell the person
no one likes them and they have committed blasphemy or the
sin unto death. They often feel like they are going to hell, can't
be forgiven and they are frequently legalistic in their approach
to the gospel and God.
Rejection & rebellion spirits are experts at heaping guilt,
shame and condemnation into the person's soul and mind. When
they attack the soul the negative emotions erupt and the person
develops deep-seated depression, self-hatred and disgust of self
and others. The person frequently sees themselves as a "victim"
in life, chosen by God to suffer. They have frequent trust issues.
They see themselves as having a "thorn in the flesh" and must
"grin and bear it." In spite of their pain being "God's will" they
frequently seek medical and pharmaceutical cures to end their
suffering while blaming others in the process. Their entire
spiritual lives eventually become a surreal contradiction as their
behavior and thought patterns gradually worsen into an
embittered existence.

HEBREWS 12:14-15
Follow peace with all and holiness, without which no
man will see the Lord. Looking diligently lest any
man fail of the grace of God and a root of bitterness
spring up and trouble you and you become defiled.

The root of bitterness will not allow the person to release

childhood pain, marital hatred and emotional abuse. The spirits
scar a wound into their souls.
This allows the person to become spiritually defiled and
emotionally wounded. They frequently hold hidden resentments
toward their parents, relatives, ex-spouses and church members
they can't or refuse to forgive. These spirits cause the person to
take offenses (John 16:1, Mt. 18:6-7) which in turn, allows
more demonic entities to enter the brain and body, allowing the
fake or pseudo soul to strengthen into full double mindedness.
Infected Christians are frequently relocating and never
seem to develop lasting friendships or consistent ministry
service. They often find fault with ministerial staffs and criticize
pastors regarding how the service is managed or the quality of
the preaching and how the church finances are administered.
They become chronic "fault finders."
These exceptionally powerful seducing spirits must be
identified, rejected and removed before the person becomes
SMI (seriously mentally ill). Over time, these spirits can cause a
documented mental illness if not removed. These spirits cause
almost all the mental illnesses listed in the DSM. They can also
cause the person to lose touch with reality, pursue a life of
crime and ruin almost all of their personal relationships.
These spirits can create voices in the brain, multiple
personalities and cause the person to become impoverished,
anti-social and isolated. The spirits on the inside of the brain
allow the person to see and sense demonic entities outside the
body. They allow entrance of other spirits into the brain
frequently described to me as dark shadow figures with ugly
faces and hairy or shaggy bodies with unusual, burning or fiery
The person is frequently confused and unable to discern
between the suggestions of the spirits in the mind and the
messages from the Holy Spirit, speaking to them from their
spirit-man. Religious delusions are common for patients with
mental disorders. They often have a strong faith in God. but
experience little improvement in their disastrous lifestyles or
destructive behavior patterns toward themselves or others.
Many can extensively quote Bible verses, but are unable to
apply these truths to their own lives (2 Tim. 3:7). They are ever
learning, but never coming to the knowledge of truth.

Anxiety disorders are caused by spirits of fear and

cowardice. In my counseling practice I have seen numerous
Christians healed of anxiety related illnesses. I have never seen
a person with an anxiety disorder that was not also infected with
other spirits.
Spirits of fear, spirits of anger and lying spirits usually
work together. The process is simple. The lying spirit injects a
negative thought from the brain into the mind. If the person
receives the negative thought then the fear spirit launches a
strike or a fiery dart (Eph. 6:16) into the soul generating
negative emotions or an adrenaline rush. Later, anger or
depression spirits attack the soul and the person senses a sudden
surge of rage or frustration which ruins the individual's personal
relationships and allows the others spirits to stay in the body.
To mercilessly continue the cycle, the lying spirit strikes
again with another negative thought or fabrication and then the
fear spirit strikes again causing negative emotions in the soul.
This debilitating cycle is repeated numerous times during the
day, week or month. It is a dysfunctional and debilitating
pattern the person cannot consciously seem to abort.
Fear and coward spirits (GK: deilia) always work
together. The fear spirit gives the person the terror or anxiety
over the subject. The coward spirit keeps the person from
correcting the issue or seeking help.
These spirits attacked Job and he suffered severe
soul/emotional pain and even wanted to die over his physical
JOB 3:20-22,24-25
Why is light given to him that is in misery & life to
the bitter in soul; Which long for death, but it comes
not & dig for it more than for hid treasures;
Which rejoice exceedingly & are glad, when they can
find the grave? For my sighing comes before I eat &
my roaring is poured out like the waters. For the
thing which I greatly feared is come upon me & that
which I was afraid of is come to me.

The fear of death is a major issue for humanity. The cure of

this is one of the great benefits of the Gospel:

HEBREW 2:14-15
Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of
flesh & blood.
He also Himself likewise took part of the same. That
through death He might destroy (GK:
katargeo/abolish) him that had the power (GK:
kratos/dominion) of death, that is, the Devil &
deliver them who through fear of death were all
their lifetime subject to bondage.

God has not given us the spirit of fear (GK:
deilia/cowardice); but of power (GK:
dunamis/supernatural power), love (GK:
agape/unconditional divine love) & a sound mind
(GK: sophronismos/orderly or disciplined).

In my career as a Christian counselor I discovered how

mental illnesses can be cured. The treatment modality can be
found in Scripture. In my experience every mental illness can
be cured by the process outlined in the book of James.

JAMES 4:7-11
Submit yourselves to God and resist the devil and he
will lice from you. Draw near to God and He will
draw near to you. Cleanse your hands from sin.
Purify your hearts you double minded (Gk:
dipsuchos/two souls) and be afflicted and mourn. Let
your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to
heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the
Lord and Lie will lift you up. Speak evil of no one.

The aforementioned verse holds the key to deliverance

from the powerful controlling spirits in the brain and provides
the IWRP for almost all the mental illnesses listed in the DSM.
When followed carefully, this 8 Step procedure has never failed
to cure any form of emotional or mental illness I am aware of. It
is foolproof and will lead to complete recovery.
1. Submit yourself to God: You must surrender the
control of your life to the Holy Spirit. You are no longer in
charge. You must step down and submit your will over to the
Lord. Self-centeredness must end.
2. Resist the devil: You must declare war on the spirits and
sin in your body, brain and life. You must develop hatred
(Lukel6:13, Eccl. 3:8) for anything of Satan.

3. Draw near to God: You must thirst for God's presence

and desire Him more than anything else in your life. The
presence of the Holy-Spirit is your key to victory. You go first,
God moves second.

4. Cleanse your hands and your life from sin: Sin is the
food the demons feed on in the brain. You can starve them out
and weaken them to the point that they will collapse if you
change your behavior. You must refuse to continue to listen to
negativity and lies, for the kingdom of darkness is founded
upon them (John 8:44).

5. Purify your heart of iniquity: Internal sin such as

resentment, bad feelings, anger, frustration, bitterness, jealousy,
envy and lust must be forsaken completely (2 Cor. 7:14).

6. Be afflicted and mourn: The demons in the brain can

cause you to develop a casual attitude toward sin and may have
blunted your emotions and your remorse for the pain you have
caused the Lord, yourself or others because of willful sin. They
can cause you to develop defense mechanisms, such as
laughing, acting foolishly or making jokes about sinful
behaviors or the misfortune of others (Rom. 1:21,1 Tim. 1:6,
20). You must have remorse for what you have done and
confess your sin and failures (1 John 1:9, James 5:16).

7. Humble yourself: Pride will keep any form of sickness

or evil spirit in your body permanently. Narcissism will prevent
your recovery. The key to deliverance is a humble and broken
heart with a contrite spirit (Ps. 34:18.51:17, 147:3, Isa. 57:15).

8. Do not speak negatively about yourself or others.

Spirits in the brain spend most of their time degrading you and
causing you to "nit pick'' and criticize yourself and others. They
will also use factual negativity against you by reminding you of
past failures and poor choices. Only the truth can set you free
(Jn. 8:32). Agreeing with the spirits will allow them to remain
in your brain until you die.

You must remove all forms of ought (negative feelings)

from your soul and release all those who have damaged you in
any way. Forgiveness alone will not work. The negative
emotions, thoughts and attitudes regarding others must also be
removed through daily practice of mind renewal and releasing
them to Christ.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but
mighty thru God to the pulling down of strongholds,
casting down imaginations & every high thing that
exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing
into captivity every thought to the obedience of

Planos spirits inside the brain hijack the person's mind and
thought life in an attempt to control the person's will. Their
work can be dismantled by following the specific instructions in
II Cor. 10.
• Carnal: (sarx/ fleshly).
• Mighty: (dunamis/supernatural power or energy).
• pulling down/casting down: (kathairesis/to overthrow
or dismantle).
• Strongholds: (ochuroma/ fortress).
• Imagination: (logismos/mental reasoning).
• high thing: (hupsoma/elevated ideas).
• Thought: (noema/designs or ideas of the mind).
II Cor. 10: 4-5 has been interpreted by some to mean a
person can dismantle spiritual principalities hovering over
geographic areas, such as cities or states. The text actually
refers to the war between the Holy Spirit in the spirit man and
the ungodly, demonic or disobedient thoughts in the mind. The
true "war of the worlds" actually occurs in the brain.
1. Pull down (Gk: kathairesis/over throw) your mental
strongholds (Gk: ochuroma/fortresses). This can be
accomplished by renewing your mind by studying God's Word,
meditating, praying, worshiping interceding and consciously
rejecting negative thoughts injected into the brain by spirits. As
the untruths in the brain are dismantled, the spirits lose their
power and collapse. Many times they will leave the brain
without any specific prayer or deliverance.
2. Cast down (Gk: kathairesis/over throw) your
imaginations (Gk: logismos/mental reasoning). Evil spirits will
give you ideas that seem reasonable in an attempt to stay in the
brain. Even if a thought in the natural seems rational, it is to be
rejected if it contradicts the Word of God, your faith, your
conscience or your peace of mind.
3. High thing (Gk: hupsoma/elevated) things against God's
knowledge. Pride and ego centered thoughts that make the
person feel important, accepted, intelligent, capable and
valuable must be eviscerated. Your identity is not in the power
of positive thinking or secular encouragement. It is not in vain
babblings or instructions from friends or relatives or a
codependent parent or spouse. Your identity is in Christ (Eph.
1). You have been accepted into the Beloved, sealed by the Holy
Spirit and redeemed by the precious Blood of Jesus. Flattering
or encouraging words from a planos spirit will lead to deeper
bondage. Narcissism will ruin your deliverance.
4. Take your thoughts (Gk: noema/mental designs or
ideas) captive to obey those of the Lord Jesus Christ. Evil spirits
can inject thoughts into the mind from the brain causing
confusion and dementia.

If they have been in the person's brain since childhood, the

thoughts seem "normal" and a familiar part of the person's
personality. The vast majority of thoughts from seducing spirits
are negative. If the thought is negative it is probably from
Satan, not the Holy Spirit. EACH thought must be detected,
rebuked and removed.

• Sinful or inappropriate behavioral patterns that do not

clear up even after participating in Bible studies, church, home
groups, prayer, fasting, conferences, retreats, mentoring and

• Odd changes in behavior or thought patterns after sustaining

significant emotional or physical trauma.

• Uncontrolled periods of racing thoughts, curse words or

music passing thru the mind without an apparent trigger or

• I Tim. 4:1-3: Religious legalism which maintains a

significant attachment to standards of clothing, food, feasts,
forms, rituals, holidays, festivals, etc. while also harboring
internal iniquity.

• Sudden spells or surges of anger, jealousy, frustration or lust

in the soul (emotions) with no significant trigger or stimulus.

• The inability to completely remove all traces of un-

forgiveness or negative feelings regarding others or self, in
spite of attending forgiveness seminars, grace Bible studies and
cleansing programs.

• The inability to remain awake to read or comprehend the


• The development of a sudden chronic fatigue pattern when

attempting to work, maintain the home or read the Word.

• Chronic fascination with the "end times" or apocalyptic


• A powerful urge to share religious ideas with others while

living a secret sinful lifestyle.

• Chronic nightmares or repetitive bad dreams.


The Holy Scriptures illustrate cases of mental illness

specifically caused by evil spirits. These cases demonstrate the
ability of spirits to cause disabilities and mental impairments.
Notice how rapidly the individuals recover when the spirits are


LUKE 9:37-43; MARK 9:14-20,26;
MATTHEW 17:15-21

A desperate father brings his son to the 9 disciples for a

deliverance service and they are unable to cast the spirits out of
him because of their unbelief. The Scripture indicates the
patient is suffering from the Greek word seleniazomai
(moonstruck lunacy or insanity). It is revealed that the boy has a
deaf and dumb spirit. Alalos is the Greek word for dumb and
means a total loss of speech. Kophos is the Greek word for
deaf and means a partial impairment. The symptoms the spirit
caused the child are similar to illnesses seen today. Notice the
Greek definitions:
1. He is sore vexed: pascho/suffering emotionally
and/or mentally.
2. He is taken: lambano/received or hijacked.
3. It tears him: sparasso/mangle or seizure.
4. He foams: aphrizo/froth at the mouth.
5. It bruises him: suntribo/crush or smash.
6. It rarely leaves him: The condition is chronic.
7. He pines away: xeraino/to waste or shrivel up.
8. He gnashes his teeth: trizo/grind.
9. It casts him into the water and fire: ballo/throws.

This disability exhibits symptoms directly related to a wide

range of mental illnesses listed in the DSM-IV & V.
It also appears the patient may have had epilepsy, grand
mal seizures, suicide ideation, clinical depression, anorexia,
chronic pain and self mutilation. The child recovered quickly
after Jesus removed the demonic spirits.


MARK 5:1 LUKE 8:26
A man, suffering from symptoms of what appears to be
severe paranoid schizophrenia, of his own free will "runs" to the
Son of God for "treatment." The text reveals the clinical
1. The condition was chronic.
2. He was naked and homeless.
3. He was pushed or controlled by spirits.
4. He had unclean (Gk: akathartos/morally impure)
5. He possessed unusual strength.
6. No one could tame him (Gk: damazo/to be out of
7. The man had severe sleep deprivation and insomnia.
8. He had severe clinical depression (crying all night).
9. He had a severe anxiety disorder and was a self
mutilator (cutting).

Subsequent to the removal of the spirits the citizens of the

town found the man "seated, dressed and in his right mind (Gk:
sophroneo/sane mind). The citizens of the community were
afraid (Gk: phobeo/alarmed or frighten) when they saw his
remarkable recovery. Probably similar to the fear Christians
have today of spirits, demons, Satan and deliverance.


LUKE 11:14
A man suffering from a speech deficit, probably chronic
stuttering, is instantly cured after a spirit with the same
condition is removed by Jesus. The man had absorbed the traits
of the spirit which infected the speech centers in the temple
areas of the brain. The spirit had (GK: kophos/stutter) a speech
impairment (DSV-IV code 307) and transferred the condition to
the patient. Subsequently, the man exhibited the same
These kind of seducing spirits can cause additional
impairments in the Christian. These spirits frequently cause the
person to fall asleep while reading the Word or block them from
receiving their Gift of Tongues (1 Cor. 14). If the Christian does
receive the gift of Tongues, the blocking spirits then try to limit
it to a few words or one or two short repetitive phrases:

LUKE 11:14
One day Jesus was casting out a devil (GK:
daimonion/demon) and it (autos/he) was dumb (GK:
kophos/speech impediment). It came to pass when
the devil was removed the dumb man spoke & the
people wondered (GK: thaumatizo/to be utterly


Lycanthropy is derived from two Greek words, lukos "wolf
and anthropos "man." In folklore and superstition it is applied to
a human being who has changed into an animal, or is capable of
assuming the form of a wolf while retaining human intelligence.
In psychiatric literature, lycanthropy is an unusual belief or
delusion that one has been transformed into an animal or a
behavior suggestive of such belief.
The capability of the human being to transform into an
animal is a phenomenon that has been described in many
cultures since early history. Lycanthropy is actually a severe
mental illness caused by powerful seducing spirits that enter the
person's mind causing insanity with psychotic delusions. In
Africa they are called "animal spirits." Many clinicians use the
term "madness."
There is a case recorded in the Old Testament. It was
instantly cured by-God after a disability period of 7 years:

DANIEL 4:33,34
The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon
Nebuchadnezzar: He was driven from men. and did
eat grass as oxen & his body was wet with the dew of
heaven, until his hairs were grown like eagles'
feather & his nails like birds' claws. At the end of the
days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up my eyes to Heaven
& my understanding returned to me & I blessed the
Most High. I praised and honored Him that lives for
ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion &
His kingdom is from generation to generation.

When Jesus came to the other side, into the country of the
Gergesenes. There met him two possessed with devils
(daimonizomai/to be demonized or under the control, to a
greater or lesser degree of spirits), coming out of the tombs,
exceeding fierce (chalepos/dangerous), so that no man pass by
that way.
These two mentally ill patients had no residence and lived
in groups, like many American homeless do (skid row/LA,
south Phoenix, etc.). They were probably criminally insane or
sociopathic and violent. Once the spirits were removed from
their brains they were cured and sober minded.

I SAMUEL 21:12-14
David laid up these words in his heart & was sore afraid
of Achish the king of Gath. He changed his behavior before
them & feigned himself mad in their hands and scrabbled on the
doors of the gate and let his spittle fall down upon his beard.
Then said Achish to his servants, "Lo, you see the man is mad
(Heb. Shaga/raving). Why have you brought him to me?"

"The LORD shall smite you (disobedient Jews) with
madness (Heb. shiggaon/craziness), blindness &
astonishment (Heb. timmahon/consternation) of
heart. You shall grope at noonday, as the blind
gropes in darkness. You shall not prosper in your
ways. You shall be only oppressed & spoiled
evermore & no man shall save."
"In that day, says the LORD, I will smite every
horse with astonishment & his rider (Gentiles in the
Millennium) with madness (Heb.
shiggaon/craziness). I will open My eyes upon the
house of Judah & will smite every horse of the
people with blindness."

1 SAMUEL 16:14-16
"The Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul & an
evil spirit from the LORD troubled him. Saul's
servants said to him, "Behold now, an evil spirit
from God troubles (Heb. baath/terrifies) you. Let
our lord now command your servants to seek out a
man, who is a cunning player on a harp. It shall
come to pass, when the evil spirit from God is upon
you, that he shall play with his hand & you shall be


"Satan stood up against Israel and provoked (Heb. sut/to
stimulate) David to number Israel."
How did Satan stimulate David to number Israel when he
already knew it was wrong to number the citizens? He did it by
putting thoughts into his mind.


MATTHEW 16:22-23
"Peter took (GK: proslambano/aggressively took aside)
Jesus and began to rebuke Him, saying, "Be it far from you,
Lord. This shall not be to you." But He turned and said to Peter,
"Get behind me, Satan. You are an offence to Me. You savor not
the things that be of God, but those that be of men."
Where did the thoughts come from that led Peter to say
what he said? It came directly from thoughts Satan put into his

"The serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die.
God knows that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall
be opened and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
When the woman saw that the tree was good for food and
pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise,
she took of the fruit did eat and gave to her husband with her
and he did eat."
What caused Eve to become beguiled (GK.
exapateo/completely deceive)? The serpent audibly put thoughts
into her mind that she received as true while she visually
examined the beauty of the fruit.

Several years ago the Holy Spirit told me to provide
extensive counseling and mentoring services to a young man in
his mid-20's. He was infected with a legion of spirits and they
had almost total control over him in 3 basic illness areas:
paranoid schizophrenia, addictive personality disorder and
narcissism. The Holy Spirit used this patient to teach me four
important doctrines regarding treatment of the mentally ill and
the SMI (severely mentally illness): God's unconditional love,
God's supernatural grace, team treatment approach and the
importance of human free will in healing and deliverance.
This patient had a voluminous history of extensive sexual
perversion, alcoholism, drug addiction, cigarette addiction,
pornography addiction and familiar spirits of religion acquired
from his cooperation in a satanic cult. He had an average IQ,
was very manipulative and had a high level of "street smarts."
He had excellent interpersonal "people" skills acquired during
his years of seduction hook ups. manipulation of others and bar
The 4 teamwork approach included myself, my wife, one
of my ministry associates at the House of Healing and the
loving support of his mother.
The Holy Spirit taught me the treatment concept of
Isolation thru this client. Isolation involved placing him in 48 to
72 hour voluntary "lock down" situations in a hotel. During
isolation he would never leave the room and would spend
almost 24/7 in self-deliverance, worship, repentance, rest and
study of the Word. After 5 Isolations he was dramatically
The Holy Spirit taught me the treatment concept of free
will. By the end of the first year he was cured of smoking,
alcohol, drugs and schizophrenia. It took almost three more
years for him to be cured of sexual sin and pornography. After
four years he was cured of everything except narcissism. After
4.5 years he left the House of Healing and started his own
ministry. The Holy Spirit used the James 4 process with
Isolation to effect a dramatic improvement in this severely ill
The Lord taught me that the client was cured in the order
of his personal desire, free will and motivation. He truly hated
schizophrenia, using drugs and smoking. He disliked sexual sin
and pornography but did not truly hate it enough to be cured
until over three years into the program. A traumatic legal
incident occurred which led to his deliverance. His narcissism
never was cured because he had no desire to be delivered from
Fortunately, this was an extreme mental illness case and
the dozens of other mentally ill cases that we have seen cured
over the years did not require this level of time, energy or
cooperative resources.
The key to recovery from mental illness is Jesus' own
words in Mt. 6 and Lk. 16; '"You cannot serve two masters. He
will hate the one and love the other or hold to the one and
despise the other." If the mentally ill Christian will hate and
despise the illness, sin, iniquity, negative thoughts and the
spirits behind them and love the Word of God and hold on to it,
they will be cured, as in the aforementioned case studies. The
process in James 4 works every time. The "gift" of hate is a
wonderful blessing.

Mental illnesses have made dramatic inroads into churches

in America. It is common to meet a church attendee, missionary,
pastor or minister with depression, bipolar, anxiety disorder or
addiction. The illnesses can be very debilitating and are as, or
more painful, than physical illnesses. In my counseling practice
I frequently work with pastors, ministers, evangelists,
missionaries and lay ministers who need deliverance from
mental and emotional illnesses. All of them are cured that
follow James 4.
Not all mental and emotional illnesses are caused by
spirits, but in my experience all the chronic cases are at
minimum, exacerbated by them. If spirits can stay in the brain
and body of their hosts, then the individual will never
completely fulfill their God-given call or destiny for their lives.
They will never attain their desired level of anointing or gifts of
the Spirit in their ministries. They will always be relegated to
living a "yo-yo" Christian life, living by their emotions.
Mental illnesses are not crosses to bear but a direct attack
of Satan to steal, kill and destroy the spiritual life of the child of
God (Jn. 10:10). I have personally seen the Holy Spirit heal a
wide range of mental illnesses (schizophrenia, depression,
bipolar, phobias, etc.) in my counseling practice.
The keys to health are the Word of God, the Blood of
Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit, the steps of James 4,
repentance, faith in the Cross of Christ and the unconditional
love of God.
The Holy Spirit wants you well and living in freedom. Like
the maniac of Gadera in the gospel of Mark, I hope you will run
to Jesus today and receive your supernatural healing and be
willing to make any sacrifice to get it. I hope you will submit
your free will.
You do not have to live with a mental or emotional illness
and neither do your children. Bipolar, anxiety disorders, clinical
depression, etc. were put on Jesus at Calvary when he paid for
your deliverance and was sent by God for your miracle healing
(Isa. 53, Luke 4).
Jesus' incredible Crown of Thorns (Mt. 27:29) was for the
cure of human mental illness.
Deliverance is for Christians and is described by the Lord
Jesus as the Children's Bread (Mt. 15, Mk. 7). Casting demons
out of sinners is dangerous if a qualified spiritual support
system is not in place. The spirits will come back and will
probably re-enter the person. Their condition and symptoms
may become worse than before they received ministry (Mt. 12,
Lk. 11).
Deliverance is appropriate inside the church (Mk. 1, Lk.
13). A full I /3 of all Jesus' healings involved deliverance and
we are to replicate His work (Jn. 14:12, Mt. 28:20, Mk. 16:15-
18). By using these valuable insights into human psychology
you will see dramatic patient improvement. Every born again
human service professional should have this insightful study
guide. Hear the compassion of the Lord for the mentally and
emotionally ill:

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love
of God and the communion of the Holy Ghost be
with all of you. Amen.
Beloved, I wish that you may prosper and be in
health even us your soul (emotions) prospers.

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, Rejoice.
Let your moderation be known to all men. The Lord
is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in every thing
by prayer & supplication with thanksgiving let your
requests be made known to God and the peace of
God, which passes all understanding, shall keep
your hearts & minds through Christ Jesus. Finally
brethren, whatever things are true, honest, just,
pure, lovely, of good report, of virtue & if there be
any praise, then think on these things (use the mind).
Those things, which you have learned, received,
heard & seen in me, do & the God of peace shall be
with you.

MATTHEW 6:31-34
"Take no thought (GK: merimnao/don't be anxious)
saying, "What shall we eat? What shall we drink?
How shall we be clothed?" For after all these things
the Gentiles seek. Your heavenly Father knows you
need all these things. Seek first the Kingdom of God
& His righteousness & all these things shall be
added to you. Take therefore no thought
(merimnao/don't be anxious) for tomorrow.
Tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself.
Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof."

They that are after the flesh do mind (GK:
phroneo/mentally focus one) the things of the flesh.
They that are after the Spirit, the things of the

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