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Career Exploration- Skills Confidence Assessment & Indiana In Demand Jobs

College & Career

Title of Lesson:
Career Exploration- Skills Confidence Assessment & Indiana In Demand Jobs
Grade Level: 11th & 12th Grade

ASCA Standards Addressed:

C:A1.1 Develop skills to locate, evaluate and interpret career information
C:A1.2 Learn about the variety of traditional and nontraditional occupations
C:A1.3. Develop an awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests and motivation

C:B1.2 Identify personal skills, interests and abilities and relate them to current career choice
C:B1.3 Demonstrate knowledge of the career-planning process
C:B1.4 Know the various ways in which occupations can be classified
C:B1.5 Use research and information resources to obtain career information
C:B1.6 Learn to use the Internet to access career-planning information

C:B2.1 Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals
Core and/or Indiana Standards Addressed:
CEP 6.2 Identify other variables in the college “fit” to include, but not limited to, academic
preparation, financial aid, scholarships, tuition, career choice, location, size, student faculty ratio,
student activities, etc.
Developmental Asset(s) Addressed:
Positive view of personal future, sense of purpose, personal power, planning and decision making

Differentiated Instruction/Cultural Awareness:

Students will use their own computers in addition to hearing from me, which will give opportunities
for both visual and auditory learners. All careers and multiple education levels will be discussed and
acknowledged as equally supported opportunities.

Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to use the Indiana Career Explorer website to explore
potential careers and educational paths. Students will be able to describe some of their own skills.
Students will know about the demand of their job interests and the education it requires to get there.

Collaborative Partners: I worked with the counselors at BDU, Stephanie Kaucher and Jennifer
Kahn, and spoke with the 9th grade counselor to determine what assessments and focus would be
the most beneficial for students.
Materials Needed:
 Chrome Books
Activity Summary:
1. Introduction to Lesson
a. Explain we are going to take an assessment on what skills you all feel confident in.
b. Remind students as you go into your college or applying for jobs it is important to be
ready to discuss your skills and what you feel confident bringing to the table.
c. Also remind students this assessment is not the end all be all. It is just a starting point
to get you thinking about what skills you think you have and what careers may fit in
with those skills.
2. Students will create a login on Indiana Career Explorer’s Website
a. Go to https://indiana.kuder.com/landing-page?Timeout=True
b. Click “Create an Account”
3. Students will then go to the Assessments page and take the “Kuder Skills Confidence
a. Remind students to take their time and answer as honestly as possible. Often this
means going with your gut answer.
4. Explore Top Career Pathways
a. Have students read their top career pathways and explore their top two.
b. Raise your hand if one of your top career pathways matches with your “major” at
c. Raise your hand if one of your top career pathways is something you are really
considering doing.
d. Ask students how they feel whether the career pathway matched or didn’t match.
5. How do we get there?
a. Have students go to the tab “Occupations to Explore”
b. Which jobs are the most in demand in Indiana that fit in with your assessment results?
c. Give students time to explore this
d. Explain the Indiana State Demand list the website puts out
6. Walk students through the “Sample Ed Plans” and “Majors to Explore”
7. INDemand Jobs
a. Navigate students to INDemand Jobs list
b. Discuss the top jobs on the list
c. Have students search for their dream job
8. Conclusion
a. Just like the assessment the INDemand Job list should not determine whether you
follow your dream career path or not. It is just something to make sure you are
thinking about.
b. Taking the Work Value Assessment would give you a good idea of whether it is
important to you or not to be in a job that is in high demand.
c. Encourage students to take that work values assessment on their own and continue
to reflect on what they learned today as they are making decisions for what college
they are going to or what track they are starting on.
Time needed for lesson: 40 minutes
Evaluation Plan:
Student will take a brief pre and posttest including the following question:
1. I have been on the Indiana Career Explorer website.
2. I have thought about what careers I am interested in pursuing
3. I know what my educational path may be in that career.
4. I know what skills I have or what I am good at doing that I could bring to a job or college.
5. I know what jobs are highly in demand in Indiana.
Follow-Up Plan:
Indiana Career Explorer will be used in future College & Career lessons and referenced with
students in individual sessions.
References/Resources Used: